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					                        INTERNET SCAVENGER HUNT

Using the internet and this document, complete each question fully. Answer
                  the questions using a different color font.

  1. Find a book about the Internet at
        a. Book Title: The Internet for Dummies
        b. Price: $14.95

  2. List one of the top new stories at
         a. New Story: Obama’s NOLA visit to be first as president

  3. Find a car you like at or
         a. Car Type: Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SVCUPE
         b. Price: $450,000
  4. How far is it from Sioux Falls to Branson, Missouri? Use –
     driving directions.
         a. Miles:578.93

  5. Go to and find the cost for Amoxicillin – 30 capsules.
        a. Cost: $15.99

  6. Go to and pick out a product you might like to purchase at an
     auction site.
        a. Item: Apple MacBook Pro MB991LL/A 13.3-Inch
            Laptop Cost: $1474.00
  7. Go to and find the new of a new animal at the San Francisco Zoo.
        a. New animal: gorilla

  8. Find a toy at you would like to buy
        a. Toy: Nintendo will Cost:$199.99

  9. Find the headline news story of the NYTimes at
                Bank Earnings Reveal Shifting
         a. Headline:

            Landscape of Wall Street
  10. Go to and find the cost of a vacation you would like to go
          a. Location: Miami Cost:$120.00

  11. Find the weather for Pennsville using
         a. Forecast: sunny 53F
  12. Translate “How are you?” in French from
         a. French Translation: Comment allez-vous?

  13. Go to and name the number one movie of the week and what it
      grossed last weekend.
         a. Movie: where the wild things are Grossed:32.5 million

  14. Go to and list a news story from there.
         a. New story: __________________________________

  15. Go to and find a recipe you like
         a. Name the recipe: PORK CHOPS WITH FENNEL AND CAPER SAUCE
  16. Go to and name one of the top most wanted fugitives.
         a. Fugitive Name: Robert William Fisher

When you are finished

  a. Go to FILE: SAVE AS
  b. Save your document as your name-ISH

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