afternoon-tea by linfengfengfz


									                     Coffee                                             Jersey Cream Tea
      Cafetière of rich roast Colombian                        Homemade fruit scone served with Bonne Maman
     Cafetière of deca einated Brazillian                          strawberry jam and Jersey clotted cream

       Cappuccino        .   Espresso      .
               (also available deca einated)
                                                                together with your choice from our selection of
                                                                                teas and co ee
                                                                                    £4.50 per person
                                                                               (Inclusive to all hotel residents)

Pot of traditional English tea or deca einated
                                                                       Sandwich Selection
                                                                   Fresh picked crab, wild rocket and lemon
 Darjeeling from the Himalayas, it has a muscatel                    mayonnaise served on granary bread
             aroma and delicate avour
   Assam from North East India. This rich and full               Traditional oak smoked Scottish salmon with
           bodied tea has a malty avour                          black pepper and chopped shallots served on
     Earl Grey a blended China and Indian tea                                    granary bread
           avoured with bergamont fruit oil
  China Green a fragrant tea low in ca              eine and      Mature Jersey farmhouse cheddar with
                 rich in anti-oxidants                         homemade apple chutney served on white bread
   Lapsang Souchong a large leaf tea with a
             distinctive smokey avour                            Our home cooked Wiltshire ham with a grain
  Camomile helps relieve tension, sleep inducing                 mustard mayonnaise served on white bread
              and helps nervous upsets                                                   £6.95
         Peppermint to aid digestion                              All served with tossed salad leaves and salted crisps
  Red Berry Tisane is wonderfully aromatic with
          full fruit avours and ca eine free
                                                               Why not treat yourself with...
                                                                A quarter bottle of sparkling Prosecco extra dry
    Full Afternoon Tea                                                                £5.95
                                                                        A glass of House Champagne
   We also o er a full afternoon tea selection                                        £8.95
 inclusive of sandwiches, fresh baked pastries,
cakes and scones with tea at £15.00 per person
                  24 hours notice required
            Please see reception for reservations

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