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									March 1st, 2013                                                                                                Published by: Don Anthony

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                                                                      If the answer is no to these questions then what you need is a
Do You Really Need To Be                                              better system. The answer to do you really need to be creating
“Creating A Website?”                                                 a website is NO!
By Don Anthony on March 1st, 2013                                     Honestly you only need to be doing three things which can be
Now when we are creating a website we want to be able to              done in a single sales page, capture page, or in this case a blog.
engage who we are creating the website for.                           When searching for content it does not matter to Google if its
We are sitting in front of a computer for hours and hours trying      through a “website”, simple capture page, or blog.
to add all kinds of content in order for our site to rank high         Content is content, value is value. What you need to do
enough in Google to even get one set of eyes on the site.              is the 3 C’s. Create more traffic, Capture more leads,
We are continuously told that the more content you have using          and Convert more sales, that’s it.
certain highly searched keywords, the easier it is to ultimately      I know its easier said then done, but if you have a system for
rank your site and get you visitors.                                  doing this it’s a lot easier then you think.
This is true to a degree.                                             Remember earlier when we talked about higher rankings get
You also need to find other ways of sharing that content              you more trust, more engagement with you target market and
through social networking, articles, blogs, search engine             in turn more sales.
optimization (SEO) landing page optimization, etc.                    Well how are you going to get a higher ranking in Google when
                                                                      your just starting out?
Compelling Content For Creating A
                                                                      How are you going to be able to engage your potential audience
Website                                                               if you don’t know where to start?
The search engine is where over 90% of all buying cycles begin        Well don’t worry there is a way, its called the Empower
online, so the higher your website ranks in Google, the better        Network.
you can use that organic traffic for “free” brand awareness.
                                                                      As of this post is ranked according
Over 80% of traffic comes from just plain searching for things        to number 179 out of literally billions of pages
online. What is left over usually always goes to paid keywords        Globally!
or pay per click (PPC).
                                                                      This fact gives you as a beginner an edge to rank your pages in
You see the higher you rank in the search engines the more            Google under the umbrella of a site with authority.
people can trust in what you are selling or providing in content.
                                                                      Through their funnel system you can create more traffic,
Keep this in mind when creating a website, higher rankings            capture more leads, and convert more sales. And its under $70
means more trust and leadership.                                      a month to get started.
People want to be engaged with the site owner before trusting         What do you think its going to cost you to set up your own site,
and buying from you.                                                  its already done.
People want to build a relationship with your                         What will it take you to get ranked in Google through ppc or
company because they want to feel like they know who you are          just organic searches, its already done.
and want to be able to trust what your telling them.
                                                                      Who will set up your hosting account, and your merchant
These facts are very important for long term customer                 account, its already done.
relationships and lead lists. Great content is the key.
                                                                      What will it take for you to set up your own auto responder
The better the content you provide the better the sales. Great        to automatically email your clients who give you their info
content will sustain a website for years. But hold up a minute,       without you even seeing the email with your on personalized
wait a second! Is this the only way?                                  messages, its already done.
Do You Really Need To Be Creating A                                   Listen I have said enough, just get started today, RIGHT
Website?                                                              NOW!! Here’s How…
Well let’s really take a look at this question, you have a website,   Step 1-Click on this link: Ready To Release
you have your products on the site, you have paid for keywords        Step 2-Enter your best Email in the field provided and watch
you are using, you have eyes on the sight.                            the video presented
Now what? Are you continuing to market your site everywhere           Step 3- Join the Empower Network and get your business
you can, do you know how to capture your leads, do you know           started in the best possible position you can because the set up
how to convert those leads into sales?                                is done for you.

March 1st, 2013   Published by: Don Anthony


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