at the cinema by linfengfengfz


									                                       AT THE CINEMA

Daughter : Daddy, we are very bored.
Son        : Yes dad. I agree. There is nothing on TV. I feed up from staying at home.
Dad        : Aha, so what?
Mum        : Why don’t we go to the cinema?
          Alltogether they shout ‘ yuppie’
          Ok, let’s go to the cinema
At the cinema

Daughter : What is on the cinema?
Son        : I don’t knowbut I want to watch scary movie.
Daughter : Nooo, I want to watch comedy movies.
Mum        : I want to watch romantic one
Dad        : Ok please be quite, let’s have a look at it.

         Twilight, The wizard of OZ, Eyvah Eyvah

Mum        : Which one would you like to watch?
Children : we decided to watch……….
Dad        : Ok, now it is time to buy tickets.
Mum        : Allright, excuse me we want to buy tickets

Seller      : Ok, the movie starts at 19:30. You have 5 minutes, it is starts 5 minutes later.
Dad        : Ok
Seller      : Here are your tickets
Dad        : How much do the tickets cost?
Seller      : $ 25.50
Mum         : Thanks
Seller      : Have a nice time

Daughter : I want to eat popcorn
Son        : Me too.
Mum        : I want to eat crisps
Dad        : Ok, we want to buy popcorn, crisps and 4 cans of cake.
Seller    : Sure, here you are.
Dad       : How much ?
Seller     : $ 17,50 cents
Mum        : Thank you

         They watch the movie

Mum        : What do you think?
Dad        : So so. But it was boring.
Children : Thanks daddy It was really good.

Boy 1 : Friends, do you have any time to g oto cinema?
Girl 1 : It is a good idea.
Boy 2 : I think so. We have an english exam today. So, I don’t want to go home to study.
Girl 2 : Let’s look at movie programme. What movie should we see?
Boy 1 : My favorite cinema actor is Nicholas Cage. I am movie fun of his film like Con Air,
City of Angels, Face of Face, Ghost Rider.
Boy 2 : Did you here that Nicholas Cage has shot the Gost rider 2 in Cappadocia region.
Girl 1 : Why don’t we watch a comedy film? It makes us to feel happy.
Girl 2 : Look at the cinema chart. Twillight is at the theater please we shall watch it.
Girl 1 : Twillight ! My favorite film character is Robert Pattinson called Edward.
Boy 2 : Oh yes. I read it. It is really good.
Boy 1 : Ok boy and girls, we must be in hurry because the films are about to start.
Girl 1 : Ok, let’s watch Oz.
Seller : Welcome did you decided?
Boy 2 : Ok. We would like to watch OzHow much is this?
Seller :It’s 40 liras for four people.
Boy 1 : Ok. Here you are.
Seller : Thanks , enjoy the movie.

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