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Apple Mummy Project


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									      Apple Mummy Project Name_____________________
      Period ____ Group_____

1. Story: With your group you will be creating a story about your Apple
   Mummy. Using research from the library, you and your group will create
   the following:
       o A story about your Apple Mummy’s life. It should include
         information about the mummy’s:
                        o -Family
                        o -Job
                        o -Religion
                        o -Activities he or she enjoyed

2. Artifact: You will work on part of this project individually. Each member of
   your group will create an object to include in the Apple Mummy’s tomb.
   Some items you may want to think about are:
       o Furniture                                 o Statues
       o Clothing                                  o Pets
       o Food                                      o Canopic jars
       o Games
       o Anything else you find in your research

*I am researching ________________________________ to include in my group’s
Apple Mummy tomb.
3. Research: You will use your note cards to organize your notes about your
   research. You must use 3 total sources (only 2 can be the same type).
          o Bibliography Page: Each source you get information from will have
            a Bibliography page.
          o Facts: On each bibliography page you will include facts you found
            from that source.
4. Report: Each member of your group will be responsible for writing two
   paragraphs (you can write three but that is all) about why they have decided
   to include their chosen object in the tomb, why Egyptians thought it was
   important to include it in a tomb, and what it will be used for in the afterlife.
   Use the format below to guide your paragraph:
  I.     First Paragraph (5-6 Sentences)
         a. Topic Sentence (the point you are trying to make)
           Example: Egyptians included pets in their tombs to keep them
           company when they reached the afterlife.
         b. Body (4-5 Sentences)
           Describe the item that was included in the tomb.
           Explain why the item was important to include in the tomb.
           What will it be used for in the afterlife.
  II.    Concluding Paragraph(3-5 Sentences)
         a. Restate what the object was, why it was included and what it will be
            used for.
  III.   Works Cited Page
         a. Using the example works cited page, format the resources you used
            in a works cited page.
         Book example: Allen, Thomas. Vanishing Wildlife. Chicago: Ziff-Davis, 1995.
       Apple Mummy Project Name________________________
       Period ____ Group_____

                    Achievement and Effort Rubric
Strongly Disagree      Disagree          Not Sure           Agree       Strongly Agree

       1                   2                 3                  4                 5

    1. I worked as hard as I could in my group.             1       2   3     4       5
    2. If I was not doing part of the activity with my group I was paying
       attention the entire time.                  1   2   3    4   5
    3. I was socializing too much in my group.              1       2   3     4       5
    4. I took over other people’s jobs when it was not my turn.
                                                            1       2   3     4       5
    5. Even if I didn’t agree with everyone in my group, I tried to get along with
       everyone.                                     1      2     3     4    5
    One thing I am doing well with my group is:____________________________________
    One thing I need to work on with my group is:_________________________________
    I will judge my improvement by:_________________________________________________

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