Second Six Weeks Calendar Fall 2012-13

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                               AP Macroeconomics

                          Second Six Weeks 2012-13
                                Day-to-Day Schedule

                                                        Quiz /
     Date       Day         Topic / Content              Test               Homework

     Oct 8     Monday         Student Holiday
     Oct 9     Tuesday      Practice AS/AD Start
                           Consumption and Saving
     Oct 10   Wednesday    Consumption and Saving        Quiz
     Oct 11   Thursday      Marginal Propensity to
                               Consume, Save
     Oct 12    Friday             Multiplier

     Oct 15    Monday     Multiplier (Cont.)/Review
     Oct 16               AS/AD, Multiplier, MPC,        Test
               Tuesday    MPS Test EITHER FRQ
                             or Multiple Choice
     Oct 17   Wednesday   PSAT Senior Late Report
     Oct 18   Thursday     Go over test/Investment
                              Demand Curves
     Oct 19    Friday              Review

     Oct 22    Monday               Test                TEST                 Study for Test
     Oct 23    Tuesday       Money and Investing                             Chapters 7,8,
     Oct 24   Wednesday      Money and Investing
     Oct 25   Thursday       Money and Investing
     Oct 26     Friday       Money and Investing

     Oct 29    Monday               LAB                                       Read Ch 10
     Oct 30    Tuesday       Money and Investing
     Oct 31   Wednesday      Money and Investing         Quiz           Chapter 10 key terms due
     Nov 1    Thursday       Money and Investing
     Nov 2      Friday       Money and Investing

     Nov 5     Monday               LAB
     Nov 6     Tuesday        Test Chap 10-11            Test             Chapters 10 and 11
     Nov 7    Wednesday    Economic Measurement                             Read Chapter12
     Nov 8    Thursday     Economic Measurement
     Nov 9      Friday        Early Dismissal                           End of six weeks
                          Homework will be added to enhance learning.

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