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									IE251 Manufacturing Process Innovation (3-1-3), Fall 2006
Class: Mon/Wed, 10:30 – 11:45AM, (Lab: Evening Hours as needed) Lecturer: 최병규 교수 (Rm: 2108; Tel: 3115; bkchoi@kaist.ac.kr) TA: 이호열 (Rm: 2107; Tel: 8313; iamhere@vmslab.kaist.ac.kr) Homepage: http://vms.kaist.ac.kr/  Quick Link -> IE251 Menu Office Hours: Mon/Wed, 1:30 – 2:30 PM Course Description: (Text: 21st Century Manufacturing, and Other References) It is an introductory course on manufacturing processes, systems, and innovation methods. The course aims to 1) provide a broad understanding on manufacturing industry, 2) expose students to manufacturing processes and automated systems in major manufacturing industries, and 3) introduce practical process innovation methods being used in Korean industry. Accompanied with lectures are lab practices involving processing equipment, automation facilities, and software systems.

Lecture Topics:
Part-0: Understanding of Manufacturing Industry - Historical Development and Issues of Manufacturing (Chapter 1 + ) - Driving factors for Growth (Samsung Electronics Co) - Strategy for Production Engineering Innovation (Hyundai Motors Co) Part-1: Manufacturing Processes and Systems - Manufacturing Analysis (Chapter 2) - Product Design and Rapid Prototyping (Chapter 3) - Electronics Manufacturing Processes/Systems (Semiconductor & LCD) - Mechanical Manufacturing Processes/Systems (Automobile & Die) Part-2: Manufacturing Automation and Information Systems - Automated Manufacturing Systems & Industrial Robot - Manufacturing Information System Part-3: Business Process Innovation - Principles of Scientific Management (Taylor) - 6-sigma and 5S - Korean-type Manufacturing Process Innovation Strategy (at Samsung)

 Invited Speakers from Industry:
 Manufacturing company (Samsung LCD: 박범철 책임)  Consulting company (LG-CNS: 정구환 선임)  Tech-Venture company (Dukin: 김성철 차장)
 

Lab sessions: CAD(SolidWorks), Welding, Robot Grading: Quiz (30%), Exam (30%), Team Project (20%), HW (15%), Other(5%)


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