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									INSIGHT ASP Modification Summary for March 2003

Universe Changes
FS030215 (Flex Sales)
Enhancements: N/A
JGAR-5JNJWQ - Previously, the code description was the dimension and the actual
code was the detail object. This was reversed on the following objects:

Sales Frequency Code (dimension); Sales Frequency Description (detail)
Payment Frequency Code (dimension); Payment Frequency Description (detail)
%Rent Charge Type (dimension); %Rent Charge Type Description (detail)
Sales Category Code (dimension); Sales Category Description (detail)
Tenant Class Code (dimension); Tenant Class Description (detail)
Sales Group Code (dimension); Sales Group Description (detail)
SIC Code (dimension); SIC Code Description (detail)
UBC Code (dimension); UBC Code Description (detail)
Space Type (dimension); Space Type Description (detail)
Lease Status Code (dimension); Lease Status Description (detail)
Lease Type Code (dimension); Lease Type Description (detail)
Space SIC Code (dimension); Space SIC Code Description (detail)
ICSC Code (dimension); ICSC Code Description (detail)
Unit Number (dimension); Unit Description (detail)
Unit Type Code (dimension); Unit Type Description (detail)
Unit Status Code (dimension); Unit Status Description (detail)
Unit Location Code (dimension); Unit Location Description (detail)

Special Instructions: If you have existing reports that utilize this object, it will be
necessary to refresh the report.

AP030130 (Accounts Payable)
Please refer to the AP Universe Design and Specifications document for further
information (AP030130 change log).

FB030115 (Financial Base)
Project ID predefined condition (filter) has been enhanced to allow for *all in the prompt
value. Please see change log FB030115 for further information.

To improve the performance of the SPF’s in the Financial Universe, the GLAMT
keyword has been enhanced to remove the ‘rcvtdate’ date function from the SQL. This
will allow the users to key the date as normal mmddyy and then SPF program on the
AS400 will convert this date for the retrieval. In the past, if you ran a report that used 2
SPF’s (Activity and EndBal which included date prompts that would basically call the
rcvtdate SPF) this would cause a call to the GLMPF file one time for each SPF resulting

INSIGHT ASP Modification Summary for March 2003

in 5 calls to the file (2 for EndBal with to date) & (3 for Activity with from/to date).
Depending on the number of records in the GLOMF this could cause a performance
issue. Please see change log FB030115 for SQL statements.

The following keywords have also been enhanced to allow for prior year reporting using
the +/- functions. You would create a new object called ‘Activity – Last Year’ and use –1
in the keyword as shown below to get last years data. In effect, you could compare this
year to last year and you would key the dates as 010103-123103 to return last years
data in one column and this years data in another column.

GLAMT (*BEGBAL-1)           -1 deducts a year, -2 deducts two years, etc.
GLAMT (*CURBAL-1)           -1 deducts a year, -2 deducts two years, etc.
GLAMT (*ACTIVITY-1)         -1 deducts a year, -2 deducts two years, etc.
GLAMT (*ENDBAL-1)           -1 deducts a year, -2 deducts two years, etc.

Please see change log FB030115 for sample SQL statements.

JGAR-5HSUHR & JGAR-5FFQTL - To improve performance when using the Detail
Class GLPD records, the coding block has been added. We recommend when writing
reports over the Detail Class you will need to utilize the Project, Account, Job, Cost
Code, Category, Book, Inter-company, and Company) that reside in the Detail Class.
We have created shortcut joins to the GLPPJ, GLPGL, GLPJB, GLPCC, GLPCM,
GLPCO, and GLPBK to obtain the descriptions.

JGAR-5HNM7B - When creating a report with the Entry Date field from the Detail folder
if you select Entry between x and x if you prompt on the x values the report. If you key
a date in as mmddyy, it returns no results. If you key in mm/dd/yy, it appends a time
stamp of 12:00:00 to the date displaying 01/01/01 12:00:00.

If you use the entry date filter and key mmddyy, you get no results. If you use the
cyymmdd, then it returns the correct values (even thought the prompt is designed for

The Entry Date predefined condition (filter) has been modified to include the
RCVTDATE. We recommend that you do not use the Entry Date object as a prompt
value, as this is not a key field and a new temporary file would have to be built during
the fetch phase of the retrieval. The Entry Date filter should be used to extract the data
based on a from/to date.

Please see change log FB030115 for SQL statements.

INSIGHT ASP Modification Summary for March 2003

WebIntelligence (WEBI) Release Updates
The ASP WEBI server will be upgraded to version 5.1.6 of Business Objects.

WebIntelligence (WEBI) Customer Service Patches (CSPs) (not applicable)
New INSIGHT ASP Features (not applicable)
PRM Updates (not applicable)
CTI Real Estate System PTFs
R70RI009 Enhancement
The GLAmt special function (SPF) has been enhanced so that a relational date value
can be specified on the keyword parameter. For example, if you would like to use the
‘*ENDBAL’ keyword to specify activity for the previous year, then code the keyword as

R70RI010 Enhancement
Please refer to the Universe Documentation, Version AP030130, for specific information
related to this Realm Insight AP Enhancement.


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