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By: Xander Hardt
                About Me
 Born April 7th, 1984 in St. Louis, MO
 I currently attend Eastern Illinois University
 I grew up in Belleville, Illinois and O’Fallon,
 I have one older sister, Ashley
 My parents divorced when I was 7 and I
  adjusted okay
 Currently, I have a step-mother and a step-
 I also have a step-sister (17) and a step-
  brother (13)
               Growing Up
 Growing up, I quickly learned that I loved to
  wrestle. I wrestled for 6 years
 I also learned to play chess at the young age
  of 7
 I loved to run track, but only sprints
 I also took a big interest in science, especially
  in high school
 Currently, I love to duck and goose hunt
 I also love to shoot trap and skeet
 I love to be active and work out at least three
  times a week
 I enjoy all different kinds of music such as
  classic rock, techno, country, and modern
 I love to watch sports such as: baseball,
  football, and hockey
Bang Bang
                 More interests
   I have recently taken
    up the sport of
    billiards, also known as
    pool. I play at least 2-3
    times a week
   I also have a new liking
    for darts as well. But I
    only play with metal
    darts and a cork board
 Currently I attend Eastern Illinois
 I am an elementary education major with a
  concentration in science
 I hold 2 jobs
     I work at a pet store
     I also work for Eastern Illinois University
 I get along with everybody and hang out with
  a lot of different people
 I also love meeting people and I am a very out
  going person
 I’ve learned that there are two things in life
  that will never leave you: close friends and
  your dog
Fun Times!
 I have a big love for animals and, as state
  earlier, work at a pet store
 I currently own a 55 gallon fish tank that has
  about 20 residents in it
 I also own 2 baby crested geckos and a black
  and white tegu
 After college I will get a few more animals
  including a dog, cat, and a salt water reef
• I plan to start teaching in spring of 2007
• I don’t think I want to teach in the state of
• I want to become a junior high science
• Further more, I plan to get my M.S. & Ph.D
  and use that degree to become a school

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