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					Asset Management Practices

8      Asset Management Practices

This section outlines the systems and processes used to make decisions on how the
stormwater assets will be managed. Business practices are broken down according to the
Data, Information Systems and Processes to help identify the information needs of the
stormwater activities.

              •     Data: Data available for manipulation by information systems to produce the
                    required outputs.
              •     Information systems: The information support systems used to store and
                    manipulate the data.
              •     Processes: The necessary processes, analysis and evaluation techniques
                    needed for life cycle asset management.

The Asset Management Improvement plan appearing in Section 9 details development
priorities, timetables, resources and some costs.

Taupo District Council                                                    Asset Management Plan Stormwater
Version May 2009

                                               Page 8-1
Asset Management Practices

 8.1 Asset Management Data
Table 8.1 summarizes the asset management information data currently captured by TDC, as well as planned improvements to data capture.

           Data                      Current Business Practice                               Desired Business Practice                             Progress / planned tasks                    Timing                 Resource

 Asset                   Stormwater network and plant assets divided into         More complete asset categories and standard          A draft document has been produced that details the   2009/2010       Asset        Management
 Classification          categories.                                              numbering system for all stormwater assets.          asset breakdown structure, as well as the asset                       System      Officer    is
                                                                                  Ref. Table 8.4                                       number system that will be used                                       developing a database to
                                                                                  Asset registers are being updated to assign unique                                                                         overcome this.
                                                                                  locations based asset identification numbers.

 Asset                   Unique ID numbers allocated in AMS for stormwater        Unique ID numbers for all assets         using   a   Unique asset identification numbers being assigned.   Plant assets    Water operations team
 Identification          network & plant.                                         standardized numbering system.                                                                             will start in   assisted by a student.
                                                                                  Plant assets labeled.                                                                                      2011.           Asset         Management
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Systems Officer
 Asset Attributes,       GIS - Stormwater network                                 Stormwater supply network                            Taupo currently being validated contract 673 in       2009/2010       Asset Manager
 Spatial Data            70% populated                                            100% populated                                       progress                                                              Asset         Management
                         20% verified.                                            80% verified. (80/20 rule)                                                                                                 Systems Officer
 Future Prediction       Predicted population/property growth data in             Catchments modeled and       transfer to InfoWorks                                                         2010/20011      Asset Manager / Asset
 Data                    identified growth areas available via Structure Plans,   CS.                                                                                                                        Management        Systems
                         TAUPO DISTRICT 2050 and the TDC Growth Model.                                                                                                                                       Officer.

                                                                                                    Table 8.1 - Asset Management Data

Taupo District Council                                                                                                                                                                                         Asset Management Plan Stormwater
Version May 2009

                                                                                                                   Page 8-2
Asset Management Practices

 8.2 Asset Management Systems
Table 8.2 summarizes the asset management information systems currently employed by TDC, the extent to which they are employed, and planned improvements.
         System                      Current Business Practice                            Desired Business Practice                             Progress / planned tasks                     Timing             Resource

 Asset Registers         Currently recorded in spreadsheet form with plant     A tailored “in house” formal core AMS integrated    The basic AMS has been developed and is being           Ongoing     Asset        Management
                         and consolidated network information derived from     with the GIS database as well as the NCS and        populated.    The valuation module has been                         Systems Officer.
                         “as built” records.                                   Laboratory management databases.                    developed. Further development of the AMS software
                                                                                                                                   is on going.
 Financial System        Reconciliation of separate Asset Register spread      Fully integrated valuation module.                  The software has been developed and is being            Ongoing     Asset        Management
                         sheet recorded costs by way of one line entries to                                                        populated.                                                          Systems Officer.
                         appropriate scheme accounts within the NCS
                         financial system
                         Depreciation based on age of asset and actioned
                         within spread sheets.
 Condition               Pipe condition noted on fault report sheets & files   Condition data from log sheets loaded into AMS.     Nil – validity of paper based records to be reviewed.   2010/2011   Asset   Manager    Asset
 Monitoring              when repair carried out.                              Predictive modelling capability available in AMS    Condition grading system to be developed and                        Management      Systems
                                                                                                                                   implemented.                                                        Officer
                                                                                                                                   Predictive modelling algorithms to be developed.
 Customer                Faults noted on “fault sheet” held by contractor.     Electronic record of customer enquiries.            AMS integration with customer enquiry database.         2010/2011   Asset Manager
 Enquiries                                                                     Property (spatial) and asset (attribute) links to   System to be implemented to automatically track and                 Asset        Management
                                                                               customer enquiries.                                 report TDC responses (including timing) (in an                      Systems Officer.
                                                                               Customer enquiry database linked to AMS for         auditable manner) to customer enquiries
 Forward Works           Maintenance and renewal forward programmes            10-year     forward   maintenance    and renewal    Ongoing process                                         2010/2011   Asset Manager
 Program                 based on historical trends and recognised through     programme for stormwater supply network from
                         the LTCCP process.                                    AMS.
                         Development based on assessment of needs
                         identified during the Structure Plan process and
                         TAUPO DISTRICT 2050 growth model.
 Plans and records       Plans & records used to populate the AMS. Via         Plans and records linked in AMS.                    It is an ongoing process                                2011        Asset        Management
                         GIS/AMS data flow process. In process of verifying                                                                                                                onwards     Systems officer
                         linear data.
 GIS System              ArcGIS system being used, providing 70% of asset      Mapping functionality in AMS.                       Basic data integration complete.                        2011/2012   Asset Manager
                         spatial attribute                                                                                                                                                             Asset        Management
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Systems Officer GIS & IT
 Collection              InfoWorks CS fully working network model for          Full suite of models for all catchments to allow    Currently being developed by consultant.                2010/2012   Asset   Manager     Asset
 Systems models          Taupo                                                 operational modelling as well as growth planning                                                                        Management       Systems
                                                                               modelling.                                                                                                              Officer
                                                                                        Table 8.2 - Asset Management Information Systems

Taupo District Council                                                                                                                                                                                   Asset Management Plan Stormwater
Version May 2009

                                                                                                                  Page 8-3
Asset Management Practices

 8.3 Asset Management Processes
Table 8.3 outlines the processes relevant to TDC’s management of assets.

         Process                    Current business practice                             Additional desired practices                                      Progress                            Timing             Resource

 Level of Service        Customer consultation undertaken in 2005               A full set of meaningful measurable levels of          This AMP has set a core set of Levels of Service and   2010        Asset Manager
                                                                                service that are reported on regularly (preferably     an identified Improvement Plan Task to review the
                                                                                automatically)   to   help   identify  areas    of     Levels of Service
                                                                                improvement to operational efficiencies and
                                                                                customer satisfaction

 Knowledge of            GIS Administrator capturing new “as-built” network     AMS in place to maintain asset maintenance history     Input provided through the Stormwater Maintenance      2009/2010   Asset Manager
 Assets                  data.                                                  Processes for collection of data (maintenance,         Contract.                                                          Asset        Management
                         Limited amount of network condition information        condition, new assets, renewals, performance etc)                                                                         Systems Officer, GIS
                         collected from maintenance activities undertaken       clearly defined and efficiently administered.
                         by staff and contractors.

 Condition               Limited   condition   information    available    in   A comprehensive risk based plan of regular             Input provided through the Stormwater Maintenance      2009        Asset Manager
 Assessment              spreadsheet and report format.                         condition monitoring for all categories of assets.     Contract.                                              onwards
                         Feedback requirement in service delivery contract

 Performance             Monitoring program has been signed off by EW           Environmental Monitoring Program for stormwater        First Stormwater Monitoring Report to be submitted     ongoing     Asset            Manager
 Monitoring                                                                     quality                                                to EW                                                              Environmental Scientist
                                                                                Full suite of hydraulic models for all catchments
 Optimized Life          Long-term planned program for stormwater               Develop 20 year renewal program with budgets           Stormwater contract providing condition assessment     ongoing     Asset Manager
 Cycle Strategy          network replacement                                    based on predicting failure for critical assets and
                         Renewal program subject to annual plan approval        replacement on failure of non critical assets – for
                         A rehabilitation program to optimize capacity          each scheme – based on scheme specific
                         upgrading requirements                                 community expectations and affordability criteria
                                                                                Life cycle and risk costs considered in optimization

                                                                                                Table 8.3 - Asset Management Processes

Taupo District Council                                                                                                                                                                                      Asset Management Plan Stormwater
Version May 2009

                                                                                                                 Page 8-4
Asset Management Practices

                             Asset Identification - UnitID Coding Conventions

                                                        UnitGroupID               Description
                                                   CH                  Channel
                                                   CX                  Complex
                                                   EQ                  Equipment
                                                   FC                  Facility

                               D                   IN
                                                   MN                  Main
                                                   ND                  Node
                                                   PS                  Pump Station
                                                   VL                  Valve

                                                          Where YY is the location code
                                                         Where XXXX is the asset number.

                                  Example :                            DMN011234                Taupo Stormwater Main number 1234

                                                          Table 8.4 Table showing Stormwater Asset Coding

Taupo District Council                                                                                                              Asset Management Plan Stormwater
Version May 2009

                                                                                  Page 8-5
Asset Management Practices

                                                         AMS/GIS Asset Recording

            Spatial Information in SHP,
            DXF, CSV following Asbuilt

                                                                                                                  Information in SHP, DXF,
                                                                                                                  Contracts, Projects Asset
            requirements format.

                                                                                                                  requirements format.
                                                                                                                  CSV following Asbuilt

                                                   GIS                                    AMS

                                                                       * Process run monthly



                                      Figure 8.1 - Asset Management System / GIS Data Recording Flow

Taupo District Council                                                                          Asset Management Plan Stormwater
Version May 2009

                                                                Page 8-6