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					   Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants

A Topical Group of The American Physical Society                                                             No. 25 May 2003

2003 APS April Meeting                                                 “Superconducting Transition Edge Sensors,”
                                                                       Blas Cabrera (Department of Physics, Stanford
in Philadelphia, April 5-8.                                            “Precision Measurement of Low-Level Radioactivity in
Our annual meeting was held in conjunction with the                    Environmental and Forensic Samples,” Leticia Pibida
APS April meeting in Philadelphia, April 5-8. Our group                (National Institute of Standards and Technology),
co-sponsored two sessions. The focus session on “Phe-
nomenology of Quantum Gravity,” was organized by Ron                   “National Needs for Appearance Metrology,”
Walsworth and chaired by Ted Jacobsen. The talk:                       Maria E. Nadal (National Institute of Standards and
“Prospects for Lorentz and CPT Violation,”
Alan Kostelecky (Indiana University)                                   “The Measurement of Optical Nonlinearities in
                                                                       Telecommunication Fibers - A New Approach Anthony
began the session and was followed by several shorter                  M. Johnson (Physics Department, New Jersey Insti-
invited contributions. The invited session on “Preci-                  tute of Technology).
sion Measurements for Industry” was organized by Jim
Faller and chaired by Katharine Gebbie. The titles and
speakers were:                                                         APS Fellows
“Ultrafast measurements of optoelectronic device phys-
ics,” Steven Cundiff (JILA/NIST and Univ. Colorado),                   The fellowship committee of GPMFC is chaired by our
                                                                       group’s Vice-Chair. Each year the fellowship commit-
                                                                       tee reviews and forwards the nominations of candi-
                                                                       dates whose work has significantly impacted the field
2003 Election Results                                                  of precision measurement and fundamental constants.
                                                                       Follow the fellowship links on the APS web site for
                                                                       procedures if you wish to nominate a candidate. This
The results for the 2003 election are as follows: Carol                year, congratulations to our new APS Fellow:
Tanner is elected to Vice-Chair, while Harvey Gould
and Protik K. Majumder are elected to begin their terms                Carol Elizabeth Tanner (University of Notre Dame), “For
as executive committee Members-at-Large. Terms                         her contributions to the understanding of atomic struc-
begin with the end of this year’s Annual Meeting at                    ture through precision measurements of atomic
Philadelphia.                                                          lifetimes and transition amplitudes.”

We thank the nominating committee of Ron Walsworth
(Chair), Eric Burt and Linda Young.
                                                                         2003 Frances M. Pipkin Award to
                          INSIDE                                         Eric A. Hessels
  2002 Annual Meeting ..................................... 1            Congratulations to 2003 Frances M. Pipkin
  2003 Election Results ..................................... 1          Awardee Eric A. Hessels of York University. His
  APS Fellows .................................................... 1     citation reads: “For a wide range of high precision
  2003 Frances M. Pipkin Award ....................... 1                 measurements to test fundamental interactions
                                                                         in atomic physics, especially fine structure
  Travel Support for Young Scientists ................ 1
                                                                         splittings in helium as a measure of the fine struc-
  Electronic Newsletter ..................................... 2          ture constant, and for an innovative experimental
  Current Executive Committee ....................... 2                  technique to create atoms of antihydrogen.”
Travel Support for                                          Electronic Newletters
Young Scientists                                            At the 2002 annual executive and business meetings
Each year, the Topical Group provides partial travel        it was discussed and decided that our group newslet-
support to several graduate students, post-docs, and        ters would be posted, on a trial basis, on the Web (pdf
recently graduated physicists to present contributed        and html format), and not sent out in hard copy. The
papers in the area of precision measurement and             annual savings would then be used to fund student
fundamental constants. In 2003, five awards were            travel grants. The executive committee welcomes feed-
given to students presenting both at the annual             back on this approach.
meeting in Philadelphia and at DAMOP. Check the
group web site for details (
pmfc educ at.html).

                          PMFCTG Executive Committee (2002-2003)
    Chair:                              Secretary-Treasurer:                  Steven L. Rolston (2004)
    Blayne Heckel                       David Shiner                          100 Bureau Drive
    Department of Physics               Department of Physics                 National Institute of Standards and
    University of Washington            University of North Texas             Technology
    Seattle, WA 98195                   Denton, TX 76203-1427                 Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8424
    Phone: (206) 685-2401               Phone: (940) 565-3874                 Phone: (301) 975-6581
    Fax: (206) 685-0635                 Fax: (940) 565-2515                   Fax: (301) 975-8272    E-mail:                E-mail:

    Chair-Elect                         Members-at-Large (Year term expires   David P. DeMille (2003)
    James Faller                        in parentheses):                      Department of Physics
    JILA                                                                      Yale University
    University of Colorado              Jens H Gundlach (2005)                New Haven, CT 06520-8120
    Boulder, CO 80309-0440              Nuclear Phys Lab                      Phone: (203) 432-3833
    Phone: (303) 492-8509               Univ of Washington                    Fax: (203) 432-9710
    Fax: (303) 492-5235                 Box 324290                            E-mail:
    E-mail:   Seattle, WA 98195
                                        Phone (206) 543-4080                  John D. Prestage (2003)
    Vice-Chair                          Email:       JPL 298-104
    Ronald L Walsworth                                                        Caltech
    MS 59                               David Scott Weiss (2005)              4800 Oak Grove Dr.
    Harvard-Smithsonian CFA             Dept of Phys                          Pasadena, CA 91109
    60 Garden St                        Pennsylvania State Univ               Phone: (818) 354-3515
    Cambridge MA 02138                  104 Davey Lab                         E-mail:
    Phone: (617) 495-7274               University Park, PA 16802
    Fax: (617) 496-7690                 Phone (814) 863-3076                  Committee Chairs
    E-mail:                             Fax (814) 865-3604                    Program Committee: James Faller          Email:           Nominating Committee:
                                                                               Ronald Walsworth
    Past Chair:                         Luis A. Orozco (2004)                 Fellowship Committee:
    Peter J. Mohr                       Department of Physics and              Ronald Walsworth
    Bldg 225 Room B161, MA 8401         Astronomy                             Pipkin Award Committee:
    NIST                                SUNY-Stony Brook                       Gerald Gabrielse
    100 Bureau Dr                       Stony Brook, NY 11794-3800
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8401         Phone:(631) 632-8138
    Phone: (301) 975-3217               Fax:(631) 632-8176
    Fax: (301) 975-4578                 Email:


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