Service Asset Management Suite - Administration and Configuration by oas1s


									Service & Asset Management Suite - Administration and Configuration

Learn to install and configure many of the features, functions, and processes of Altiris® Service & Asset Management

Suite™ software in the Altiris Service & Asset Management Suite - Administration and Configuration class. This
hands-on class enhances your ability to assess resource and asset inventory, establish and maintain asset control
within IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, use best practices to manage assets and reduce asset total cost of
ownership (TCO), and effectively manage warranty contract and licensing information. You leave class with the
knowledge and skills needed to confidently manage assets in your enterprise.


       • Install and configure a Notification Server™ system and Service & Asset Management Suite
       • Explain why ITIL and Sarbanes-Oxley initiatives are important to your organization
       • Assess your enterprise using the Altiris Agent and inventory scan agents
       • Assess inventory and asset data using Web reports
       • Discover in-use applications with Application Metering Solution™ software and use its agents and policies to
           determine software license compliance

       • Determine which assets and resources need to be tracked in your organization
       • Set up a logical hierarchical organization with departments, cost centers, locations, and users
       • Create, import, and set up external data sources
       • Create a resource hierarchy
       • Set security roles and access levels for Service & Asset Management Suite workers
       • Discover how to build a User Console for security and usability
       • Import and export asset data among different systems and external data sources using Connector
           Solution™ software
       • Manage all types of contracts and ensure contract compliance


       • Basic understanding and knowledge of Microsoft Windows
       • Familiarity with Notification Server, specifically Inventory Solution® software and Application Metering
       • (Optional, but recommended) Familiarity using VMware

    • Anyone who will be installing, configuring, and managing an Service & Asset Management Suite Level 2
    • Anyone working toward Altiris Certified Professional (ACP) or Altiris Certified Engineer (ACE) certifications


    • Course Number: AMS-A620
    • Duration: 5 days
    • Difficulty Level: Moderate

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