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					8th Grade Science CRCT Review                    Name_________________________
Topic: Structure of Matter

Structure of Matter refers to distinguishing between atoms and molecules, pure substances and mixtures,
physical and chemical properties, and physical and chemical changes in matter. This topic also refers to
understanding the organization of the Periodic Table of Elements and explaining the Law of Conservation
of Matter.

What you need to know:

        What is the difference between atoms and molecules?

        What are pure substances?

        What are elements and compounds?

        What is the difference between pure substances and mixtures?

     Describe and draw the movement of particles in each different states of matter:

        Solid:                     Liquid:                        Gas:                     Plasma:
                                   Describe the following physical properties of matter?


                      Melting point:

                      Boiling point:

Describe the following chemical properties of matter:

                             Reactivity            Combustibility

Compare and contrast the physical                        Compare and contrast physical and
chemical properties of matter:                             changes and chemical changes:
What is the Law of Conservation of Matter? Give examples.
Topic: Force and Motion

Topic Description
Force and Motion refers to describing the relationship between force, mass, and the motion of objects
including the effects of simple machines. This domain also refers to explaining the relationship between
mass and gravity, comparing and contrasting series and parallel circuits, and recognizing that electric
currents and magnets can exert force on each other.

Standards Associated with the topic
S8P3 S8P5

Associated Concepts, Skills, and Abilities

• Describe the relationship between velocity and acceleration

                  Speed                                Velocity                             Acceleration

• What are balanced and unbalanced forces? Give an example of each.

                            What are Newton’s three laws of motion?
   Newton's 1st

                                                                             Newton's 3rd
                                        Newton's 2nd
• Explain the effect of forces (gravity and friction) on the motion of an object.
• Draw and Describe the effect on work by the following simple machines:


     Inclined Plane




   Wheel and Axles

• Describe the advantages and disadvantages of series and parallel circuits

Draw a series circuit.                                   Draw a parallel circuit

• How do series and parallel circuits transfer energy differently?

• Explain how electric currents and magnets can exert force on each other.

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