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									Asset Management Forms
This Addy Tip contains helpful information about asset management forms. You may need to
transfer an asset to another person, department, or project; report a lost or stolen asset; or
relinquish responsibility for property that has been traded or whose parts have been used to make
or repair another similar piece of property. If you plan to remove an asset from any of UCF’s
physical locations, such as the main campus, any of the regional campuses, or the Florida Solar
Energy Center, you should declare the asset an off-campus asset.

The table below lists the forms that correspond to these tasks.

                Action                            Form Name                     Form Number
     Transfer an asset               Request for Transfer and Receipt of        41-811
                                     State Owned Property

     Transfer responsibility for     Request for Mass Transfers and Receipt     41-811A
     state property from one         of State Owned Property
     department to another
     Report a lost or stolen asset   Lost/Missing/Stolen State-Owned            41-812A
                                     Property Report

     Relinquish responsibility       Request for Relief of Responsibility for   41-812B
     for property that has been      Property Traded or Cannibalized
     traded or for property
     whose parts have been
     removed for reuse in similar
     Declare an off-campus asset     Authorization for Off-Campus Use of        41-814
                                     State Owned Property

     Transfer responsibility for     Request for Transfer and Receipt of        41-958
     contract & grant property       Contract & Grant Property
     from one project/
     department to another

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Rev 3/18/2009
To access these forms from the F&A home page (, follow the instructions

     Step    Action
      1.     Select the Forms tab on the top row of the page.

      2.     Click the Property link. A list of Property & Inventory Control forms will

      3.     Select a form from the list by clicking on the form’s PDF link.

      4.     Complete the form and fax it to 407-823-6455.

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