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THE OBJECTIVE of THE FOUNDATION  It was established in 1992, with the objective of rehabilitating children and juveniles (between the ages of 12 and 18) who are in conflict with the law and whose development is under risk The founder of the Foundation is the Solidarity of Friends Association (ddd-1985) that works in the same field ddd and tcyov are the first NGOs established "to make a social contribution to the struggle with juvenile delinquency"

 

As stated in the CONVENTION on THE RIGHTS of CHILD that considers the HIGH INTEREST of the CHILD and to which Turkey is also a party, "The child has the right to an informative education matching his/her needs, that prepares him/her to become the part of the society, that is directed to the development of his/her talents and to ensuring his/her vocational education" 1 Children can not be employed in occupations hazardous and risky for their development. 2 No child can be deprived of his freedom illegally or arbitrarily. 3 Any child who is deprived of his/her freedom will be treated humanely and the best interests of the child will be considered. 1

The Activities for the Rehabilitation of the Children who dispute with judgment and whose Development is Under Risk 1. Developing and carrying out projects directed to prevent juvenile delinquency 2. Activities in order to create a public opinion about juvenile delinquency 3. Contributing to the rehabilitation activities of the juveniles in the detention houses, reformatories, in prisons. At the same time developing and applying projects with the same objective 4. Cooperating with the organizations, at a national or international level, that work in the same field 5. Putting into action the international conventions on the right of the child and on juvenile delinquency 6. The activities within the Project for the Development of the Juvenile Justice System in Turkey 7. Providing a data-document center in particular about juvenile delinquency in general about children's rights 8. Making available training courses on human rights and children's rights 9. Supporting scientific work on the issue Our Foundation within the scope of its objectives; Works for making children and juveniles who conflict with the law participate in the social life as qualified individuals, by developing new projects and / or updating the projects which have already been implemented.


Consequently, the Foundation; Improves its experiences, knowledge and its activities, with the cooperation of other foundations and establishments that works in the same field, by contributing the developments in juvenile delinquency, which is a significant social problem. SCIENTIFIC WORKS  The Foundation has organized panels and conferences on "Child Exploitation in Various Parts of the Life-The effect of the Violence in Various Parts of the Society on the Child" In 2000s the Foundation has been organizing "National Child and Delinquency Symposiums", in general about children's rights, in particular about juvenile delinquency, with the participation of Ankara University, Ministry of Justice and Unicef. Symposiums were held by our Ankara Branch;


1. National Child and Delinquency Symposium- "Reasons and Prevention" 29th-30th of March 2001 2. National Child and Delinquency Symposium- "Before Trial and the Period of Trial" 10th-13th of April 2002 3. National Child and Delinquency Symposium- "Care, Supervision and Education" 22nd-24th of October 2003


COMMITTEES the FOUNDATION is a MEMBER of 1. Human Rights Advisory Committee of Prime Ministry 2. Human Rights Committee of Istanbul Governorship 3. National Committee of Ten Years of Human Rights Education 4. Children's Rights Coalition (CRC) 5. Platform of NGOs Human Rights Advisory Committee of Prime Ministry Human Rights High Board selected our Foundation as member of the "Human Rights Advisory Committee" on 07.02.2003 Human Rights High Board, as an advisory body, is responsible for delivering opinion, advancing proposals about the national or international issues related to human rights National Committee of Ten Years of Human Rights Education Working groups, for the Turkey Program (1998-2007) prepared by National Committee of Ten Years of Human Rights Education, have been formed. The fifth Working Group deals with "human rights violations in execution establishments and measures necessary to take" Our Foundation undertook the Program for Training of the Human Rights Trainers, which was prepared by the National Committee. Human Rights Training Seminars for civil authorities were held on September 2001-July 2002, and our Foundation conducted a seminar "The Role and the conditions of The NGOs for Developing Human Rights". 4

Children's Rights Coalition The Foundation cooperates with other NGOs (Child Foundation, ÇİKODER-Foundation for protecting children from exploitation and for rehabilitation of his/her, TOÇEVthe Children Who Want to Learn Foundation, Mother Child Health Foundation, Umut Foundation, Doctor's Society, YÖRET-The Foundation for the Advancement of Counseling in Education) which are members of Children's Rights Coalition, that was founded in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of Child, after being signed in 1990 and ratified in 1994 by Turkey.

Platform of NGOs Our Foundation has taken place in collective works of NGOs in order to contribute democratic development of our country and for their own development. In this context, it organizes joint symposiums with NGOs such as History Foundation of Turkey, Philosophical Society of Turkey, 21st Century Foundation of Education and Culture, Society for the Protection of Nature, Helsinki Citizens Assembly, the Children Who want to Learn Foundation, Turkish Psychological Association, The Foundation for the Advancement of Counseling in Education, Association in Support of Contemporary Living.


PROJECTS The Foundation develops projects and implements them to rehabilitate the children who are in conflict with the law and to make these children participate in the society again. The Foundation does this on its own or cooperating with other NGOs, state authorities and universities, such as Marmara University, Ankara University, Hacettepe University, Dokuz Eylül University, Gazi University, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Unicef, British Council. . THE PROJECT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN TURKEY The Foundation has taken part as an equal party in the “Project for the Development of the Juvenile Justice System in Turkey” together with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Organization, and the Union of Turkish Bars. The first step of this project has been put into force between 2001 and 2005. The project has 4 general objectives;

a. Improving the legislation b. Training staff and improving capacity c. Forming an information network d. Developing new service models


THE PROJECT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN TURKEY PROBATION OFFICERS TRAINING PROJECT Probation Officers Training Project which was financed by European Commission was coordinated by our Foundation in 2005, in coordination with Ministry of Justice and with support of UNICEF Turkey, within the scope of "The Project For The Development Of The Juvenile Justice System In Turkey", to which our Foundation is a party. Within this project 42 delegate candidates from İstanbul, Kocaeli, İzmir, Diyarbakır, Urfa, Samsun, Trabzon were trained in Ankara, between 16th and 26th of June 2005, during ten days. The candidates, which were divided into two groups, were trained by specialists from universities. The candidates went back to their duty stations after the training. The Foundation will apply to the Juvenile Courts for appointments of the candidates as “Probation Officers " in September. Each participant has been trained for being able to undertake the supervision and probation of a child. Via this project "the probation mechanism" which is already a code of law will be enforced. We are aiming on appointing all the probation officers in 2006. Our Foundation plans to develop this project in order to realize it in the provinces wherever this training is required.


THE REHABILITATION THROUGH SPORTS PROJECT BESYO In cooperation with the Marmara University School of Physical Education and Sports (BESYO), the Foundation has prepared a "Rehabilitation through SPORTS Project" for the 300 youths in the İstanbul/Bakırköy Detention Center. Aand the project was first carried out on March/May 2001. Table tennis, volleyball, basketball, folk dancing activities were held with the youths in the Bakırköy Detention Center three times a week. This project which was repeated on March and May 2002 will be carried out should the opportunity for a financial support arises.


WORKS FOR TRAINING SOCIAL WORKERS SPECIALIZED IN JUVENILE DELINQUENCY The Foundation provides the students, who are attending to their last year at Hacettepe University School of Social Work, with a training practice.

The Foundation tries to make training courses available for the social workers who are employed by the Foundation, in order to make them gain experiences. YOUTH EDUCATION CENTER PROJECT (GEM) Turkish Penal Justice System foresees providing some part of the supervision of the children through volunteer organizations and cooperation of the courts with those volunteer organizations. But, due to the lack of the specialized agencies specified in "Juvenile Court Law", children may again commit an offence. The Foundation on one hand develops projects including social, cultural and educational programs for the juveniles who are under supervision in the detention houses and reformatories attached to Ministry of Justice; on the other hand, it carries out some alternative rehabilitation programs for juveniles released without being convicted in its own building "Youth Center" Juvenile Courts in İstanbul direct the juveniles and youngsters released without being convicted to the Youth 9

Center of the Foundation. The child or the youngster joins the program provided that both he/she and his/her family agree to participate. In addition, their sisters and brothers and other children under risk may also be registered to the Youth Center. The Objectives of the project; Making the juveniles and youngsters self-responsible individuals, and giving them opportunities to build a happy life for themselves and for others.

In this context: 1. Building a responsible attitude 2. Making them trust in other people and have selfconfidence 3. Finding out their talents and abilities and helping them have an attitude change 4. By giving them a chance to recognize and experience different social roles, making them have different points of view 5. Developing their problem solving skills 6. Helping them overcome social problems they have encountered. 7. Supporting them in their education 8. Answering their needs 9. Improving their communication skills 10. Utilizing their unused energy and spare time 11. Creating an environment where they feel comfortable and have a good time 12. Socializing in the group


Activities in GEM              Reading and Writing Study hours Speaking lessons Creative work (drawing, handwork, etc) Sports (table tennis, gymnastics, football, basketball, swimming) Camping Theatrical and creative activities Music training Games Watching movies and representation Concerts Visits to museums, exhibitions and historical places Nature tours 11

Summer Camps The children that are registered to GEM go on a camp for one week every summer. During these summer camps the program includes sports, entertainment activities, activities for environment consciousness, educational games...etc. Also, via socializing in the group of friends, children learn sharing, social relations and social rules. All of these activities are possible with contributions from the volunteers and with financial support. The more this program is supported financially, the more children are going to utilize it.





After Marmara Earthquake of 1999, “ABCD Basic Catastrophe Consciousness Education Programme”; a programme designed by Boğaziçi University, Kandilli Observatory to prepare society and individuals for earthquakes and other catastrophes, was put into action in enclosed institutions for our children. The objective of this project: Remove false fear of the earthquake and other catastrophes. The imprisoned or convicted children and the staff of the institution have, by this psychological support improved their catastrophe consciousness and made them more prepared for a probable catastrophe. This project was implemented in May and June 2002 for children in enclosed institutions of İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

PROJECT OF OCCUPATIONAL TRAINING AND INFORMING ON HUMAN RIGHTS FOR YOUNGSTERS WHO ARE IN CONFLICT WITH LAW AND THOSE WHOSE DEVELOPMENT IS UNDER RISK It is the basis of freedom; justice and peace, making all the members of humanity enjoy equal rights. The law level of education and income hinders the democratic participation and causes insensitivity for human rights, women rights, children rights. Human rights training should start during the period of childhood. 13

There are some residential areas where people have migrated around metropoles in our country. There it is difficult for people to accord with the metropolis life. Children may be forced into crime due to the unemployment, philistinism, domestic and social violence. It is planned to make available “computerized accounting courses” and “human rights training” for youngsters in impecuniosities who could not have an adequate education for having a job. 1 This project will give the youngsters a chance to enjoy their right to be educated which is specified under high interest of the child. Thus, what they acquire will be a hopeful expectation about their future. This project aims improving life quality of the participants via “Occupational Courses and Human Rights Training”. 120 youngsters have utilized this program by the end of 16 months. The courses which have been free of charge have been held in the Foundation building. Each course term have lasted 10 weeks, which is 240 hours. At the end of the terms the participants have had “Certificate of Public Education Center of Ministry of Education” This project was financed by the Representation of European Commission to Turkey.

ACTIVE LABOUR MARKET PROGRAMME OCCUPATIONAL TRAINING and SOCIAL SUPPORT SERVICES PROJECT The general objective of this project is: Give participants a chance to utilize the principle of equity, which is one of the human rights and a necessity of a democratic society. 14

Reduce the risk of unemployed persons, who live under bad socio-economic conditions, being forced into crime This project is designed for providing unemployed youngsters, women, ones who migrated into metropolis and any other unemployed persons, with occupational training in parallel with the requirements of the job market, thus making it easier for them to be employed and to contribute to society. Within the scope of this project 220 participants from the disadvantaged groups including youngsters, women, and persons convicted previously, handicapped persons, who are registered/to be registered to Employment Agency, have utilized one of the 3 different occupational courses in parallel with the needs of the job market, during 10 months. Occupational Courses are Computer Training, Tour Operator Training, Food Technology and Cookery. The trainees were given a certificate Public Education Center/ Directorate of Education This project which was implemented in cooperation with Kadıköy Public Education Center was financed by Representation of European Commission to Turkey. Our project partner was 1884 Foundation.


THE COLLABOTATION OF KADIKÖY DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE and YOUTH RE-AUTONOMY FOUNDATION OF TURKEY: SOCIAL RISK MITIGATION PROJECT LIFE SCHOOL PROJECT FOR CHILDREN and THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ARE FORCED INTO CRIME and UNDER RISK This project plans to, Provide family members living in socio-economically and culturally deprived neighborhoods of Kadıköy District, with a service model to assist them in reducing problems due to their environment. It is also designed to prevent them having an aggressive, hopeless attitude towards their children and again help them turn their labor into an income-producing activity. The outcome of the project is foreseen to be as following: Developing the sense of responsibility of parents and other family members Making parents gain an easy going and warm-hearted attitude towards their children, instead of an aggressive attitude that prevents sense of empathy and frightens the children. Developing the sense of self-confidence of parents and making them place confidence in their children and in other people Making them gain different points of view through the various new social roles they are given during the trainings Developing their communication skills and skills of selfexpression 16

Direct beneficiaries: Parents, children and youngsters living in Kadiköy District (600 individuals) The project is supported by Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry General Directorate of Social Assistance and Solidarity and is implemented between May 2006 and March 2007.

TARGET PROJECTS SOCIAL SENSITIVITY PROJECT VIA MEDIA CONTRARY TO CRIME and VIOLENCE This project aims to prepare visual broadcasts contrary to violence which exists in every part of the society (in the family, at school, on the street, at work), in cooperation with universities and a national TV channel. It is planned to implement this project in a short period of time. DATA-DOCUMENT CENTER PROJECT This project aims to create an online database including all the national and international documents, agreements, conventions, and all the legislation related to juvenile delinquency and children’s rights. The links of any relevant institutions, agencies and organization will take place in our web site.


WORKS OF OUR BRANCHES Ankara Branch Educational, artistic, social activities and sport activities are designed for children in Ankara Reformatory and Elmadağ Detention House. Starting in February 2000 the project has been implemented with six-month periods in Elmadağ Detention House and Ankara Reformatory. This project is still being periodically implemented. In this context, children watch educational videos, play group games, learn photography...etc.

Youth Probation System Support Services (Pilot Project for Ankara Province)
The aim of the project is to provide support, within the framework of juvenile justice system, these services through which the probation period for related children can be effective and beneficial. The primary target group for the project will be 30 specialists, who either currently work as probation officers in juvenile courts in Ankara or will be appointed to this post from outside the court. The secondary group consists of court judges and prosecutors, as well as other public, civil, private and academic institutions concerned with the probation system. Beneficiaries of the project will be children for whom a probation verdict has been given within the juvenile justice system.


The Project for Standardization of the Social Analysis Reports This project which is supported by British Embassy includes preparing handbooks and codifying the legislation for standardization of the social analysis reports. The handbooks have been published and delivered. İzmir Branch Our İzmir Branch in addition to answering some needs of the children in Şirinyer Reformatory, prepares programs which include music, drawing and celebrations. Furthermore the branch, under the authorization of the Ministry of Justice, inaugurates an exhibition of the children’s drawings in an art gallery and arranges a chorus of convicted children to give concerts in the Cultural Center The Branch has arranged a symposium titled “Child Exploitation in Various Aspects of Life, the impact of violence at home, at school, at work against children, forcing them into crime”. It has prepared a more comprehensive working scheme for this year. The branch is also planning to develop neighbourhood based programs within the “Social Support Project in Areas Under Risk”. Trabzon Branch Awareness-raising activities and activities for children are held in the neighborhood, where people who have immigrated into the city live. 19

2004 Summer Camp was arranged in Trabzon for both GEM group and children from the neighborhood mentioned above. Children stayed in Akçaabat Boarding School. Trabzon Directorate of Education, Trabzon Police Department, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Trabzon Municipality contributed to our camp for necessary requirements. The Branch plans to inaugurate a Social Support Center for youngsters with collaboration of Trabzon Municipality.


Persons And Establishments Supporting TCYOV and DDD Universities:

•Anadolu University. •Ankara University. •Dokuz Eylül University. •Hacettepe University. •Gazi University. •Marmara University. •Mimar Sinan University.
International Establishments:

•European Commission •British Council •British Airways •British Embassy •British Consulate General in İstanbul
Medya: Cumhuriyet NTVHürriyet TRT,

Akşam, CNN, Kadıköy, Milliyet, ZamanJurists Review (Hukukçular Dergisi), Kadıköy Municipality Life Humanly Magazine (İnsanca Yaşam Dergisi)


National Establishments:
•Housing Development Administration of Turkey •Ministry of Justice and Affiliated Organizations •Ministry of Culture •State Chorus of Ministry of Culture •TRT General Directorate of Music Broadcasting •Governorship of Ankara •Governorship of İstanbul •Kadıköy District Administrative Office •Turkey Chamber of Drivers •Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory •İzmir State Chorus of Clasical Turkish Music •Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital •Ankara Governership Social Relief and Solidarity Foundation • Directorate of National Palaces and Museums •İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Theatre •Kadıköy Municipality •Kadıköy Public Education Center •Çankaya Municipality •Trabzon Municipality •Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry •Trabzon Police Department •Trabzon Directorate of Education


NGOs: •Deutchland Social Work Foundation (Deutschsprachıger vereın für sozıalarbeit) •Alsancak Rotaract Club •Young Businessmen Association of Turkey • Ankara Photographers Association (AFSAD) •Women Politicians Association •İstanbul Photographers Association •TÜSİAD Foundation Women Group •Yeniden Health and Education Society •1884 Foundation


Private Establishments:

•Dedenet Internet Hizmetleri •HSG Tic. Ltd. Şti. •LOGO Aş. •Beyaz Fırın •Pileki Pastanesi •İzmir Dans Akademisi •Canon Teknik Servis •Siyasal Yayınevi •Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi •Viking Bilgisayar •IBM Çalışanları •Güral Porselen •Dharma Yayınevi

•Öz Murat Yemek Fabrikası •Petrol Ofisi İst. Bölge Müd. •Uğurgül Beyaz Eşya •ETA Bilgisayar Programcılık •Beko •FLY Air •Mopak Kağıt San. •Öger Türk-Tur


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