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                                                                      Co ur se De scr iption

                                                          Countries spend billions yearly on construc-
                                                          tion improvement and rehabilitation of pub-
                                                          lic’s capital asset including: Highways, bridg-                  C ourse Objectives
                                                          es, sewer, water systems
                                                          Improving techniques of asset management          At the end of the course trainee will be able to :
                                                          could facilitate:                                 •	 Have	 an	 awareness	 of	 the	 definition	 of	 asset	
                                                                                                                management and its importance
                                                          •	 Reduce spending on assets that are func-
                                                                                                            •	 Identify the element of asset management and
                                                               tionally absolute or beyond repair               how to mange them
                                                          •	 Guiding more funding towards assets            •	 Identify asset management models
                                                               that:                                        •	 Identify The facility management decision sys-
                                                          1. Have high probability of delivering intend-

                                                               ed organization results
                                                          2. Have a high payoff if invested in now
                                                          3. May be over looked using traditional cri-

                                                                              W ho sho uld attend?
                                                          Marketing, Customer Care, HR, and other Managers and Executives that are
                                                          charged with increasing customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty.
                                                          In s t r ucto r P r o f ile
                                                                         Eng. Hanan Hussein is an Egyptian expert and a consultant of OD, HR and
                   27th Sep – 01st Oct 2009 - Abu Dhabi

                                                                         HSSE. She concluded several major projects in Egypt, Africa and the Mid-
                                                                         dle East for petroleum and Construction industries. Eng. Hanan Hussein is
                                                                         M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Cairo- and a non
Asset Management

                                                                         resident faculty member of Cairo University .She delivered many courses
                                                                         and	workshops	in	her	field	of	specialization	in	Middle	East,	Africa	and	Gulf	
                                                          region.	She	is	a	Holder	of	several	international	and	national	professional	certificates	as	
                                                          RoSPA (the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents) and OSHA. Rated as class (A) in
                                                          leadership. She Held the position of a senior Manager in Many Global and international
                                                          organization latest of which National operation Audit Manager at group 4 Securicore
                                                          with 17 years of experience, eleven of which as a trainer.

                                                                                                                C ontact :
                                                                                                               Ms. Geetha
                                                                                                               Tel : +971 2 4478500
                                                                                                               Email :
C o u rse O ut l i ne                        C ontact Information

•	 What is asset Management                  Main	Office
•	 Why asset management                      TUV Akademie Middle East
•	 What is asset Management system           P O Box 46030
•	 Purpose of asset management               Abu Dhabi
•	 Statement of net assets                   United Arab Emirates
•	 Elements of asset Management              Tel : +971 2 4478500
                                             Fax : +971 2 4478558
•	 Attributes of asset management            Email :
•	 Asset management models
•	 Physical asset management                 For any information or registration for the course, you
•	 Outsourced Service objectives             can contact the Course Co-ordinator at the contact de-
                                             tails mentioned overleaf.
•	 Life-cycle investment cycle
•	 Change
•	 Procedures development
•	 The Facility Management organisation       C ourse Fee
•	 Leadership responsibility- Management
•	 Lateral thinking
                                             Fee : US$ 3,690 per delegate
•	 Maintenance Management
•	 Benchmarking                              Duration of course : 5 days
•	 The facility management decision system
•	 CMMS                                      Date : 27th Sep - 01st October
•	 Maintenance philosophy
                                             Location :Abu Dhabi
•	 3rd generation maintenance management
•	 Asset Management Decision Model
                                             Other Information

                                             TUV	 Akademie	 Certificate	 will	 be	 issued	 to	 all	 attend-

                                             Course Fee mentioned is per delegate.

                                             Avail an attractive 5% discount on course fee if you
                                             register 30 days before course start date.

                                             Courses	will	be	conducted	during	the	designated	dates	
                                             at a 4 star or 5 star hotel in the designated city.

                                             Payments to be made in advance. Exact venue of the
                                             training	will	be	notified	two	weeks	prior	to	course	start	

                                             This rate includes course notes, buffet lunch, coffee/tea
                                             on arrival, morning and afternoon of each day.

                                             Accomodation	is	not	included	in	course	fees.	However,	
                                             any accomodation required can be arranged by TUV
                                             Akademie at time of booking.