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                                   City of Saco, Maine
                                   GIS-based asset management system manages
                                   roadway, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure

                                                oodard & Curran worked with                Our team work-
                                                the City of Saco, Maine to de-       ed with Saco to ac-
                                                velop and implement a Geo-           quire and organize
                                   graphic Information Systems (GIS)-based as-       infrastructure related
                                   set management system—a solution that             asset information and
                                   meets Governmental Accounting Standards           procure a GIS-cen-
                                   Board (GASB) Statement 34 requirements            tric asset management
                                   and provides the City with a comprehensive        software program,
                                   asset inventory, inspection, and management       Azteca Systems’
                                   system for all its roadway, sewer, and storm-     Cityworks, to meet        The use of hand-
                                   water infrastructure assets.                      GASB 34 require-          held devices opti-
                                                                                     ments under the           mizes data entry.
        2003 SPECIAL
        ACHIEVEMENT IN GIS         GASB 34 accounting standards                      Board’s Modified Ap-
        ESRI Award Winner          GASB 34 requires that State and local gov-        proach.
                                   ernments report on the value of infrastruc-
                                   ture assets including roads, bridges, water and   Asset management system
                                   sewer facilities, and dams. Governments are       manages sewer and
                                   required to report on the value of assets both    stormwater data
The City received the              prospectively and retroactively.                  The asset management system serves
2002 COMPREHENSIVE                                                                   many roles, including maintaining
ANNUAL FINANCIAL                                                                     and organizing sewer and stormwa-
REPORT AWARD                                                                         ter asset information including the charac-
(CAFRA) from the                                                                     teristics of the asset (e.g., pavement type, pipe
Government Finance
                                                                                     size) and condition information; automated
Officers Association for meeting
                                                                                     work order generation and scheduling; and
GASB 34 and Generally
                                                                                     reporting maintenance and repair costs.
Accepted Accounting Practices
                                                                                     Automated field inventories and
                                                                                     inspections fill data gaps
                                                                                     Though our team took advantage of existing
                                                                                     inventory and inspection data, it was neces-
                                                                                     sary to conduct field investigations to fill in
                                                                                     the gaps. Using hand held computers (e.g.,
                                                                                     Compaq iPAQ hand-held devices) informa-
                                                                                     tion was gathered recording the characteris-
                                                                                     tics and conditions of all sewer and drainage
                                                                                     features in the City. By using these hand-
                                                                                     held devices, field data collection costs were
                                   Gathering infrastructure data using a             reduced by 20 percent.
                                   Global Positioning System is part of an
                                   effective infrastructure management system.
                                      City of Saco, Maine

                                      GIS database manages maps
                                      An ArcGIS geodatabase was developed of
                                      all roads, sewers, and drainage networks us-
                                      ing a combination of existing Computer
                                      Aided Design (CAD) files and Global Posi-
                                      tioning Systems (GPS), which is directly
                                      linked to the asset management system. This
                                      enables the City to visualize the patterns of
                                      roadway, sewer, and drainage features that
GIS-based Asset                       meet certain criteria. When planning for
Management system                     roadway improvements, City personnel can        A GIS database linked to the asset
PROACTIVELY MET                       use the linkage to map roadways that need       management system manages mapping.
GASB 34 reporting                     immediate improvement.
                                      Proactive approach assures
                                      By implementing its system months ahead of
conditions, and automates
maintenance and reporting
                                      the June 1, 2002 deadline, Saco instituted a
activities.                           proactive approach that assured compliance
                                      by the required date. The City received a
Data gathering and asset              bond rating upgrade resulting in a $2 mil-
inventories and inspections           lion savings to City residents over 20 years.
ENSURE COMPREHENSIVE                  The City was one of the first four communi-
INFORMATION is compiled.              ties in New England and 70 communities in
                                      the U.S. to achieve GASB 34 compliance.
GIS database is LINKED
SYSTEM to provide a
mapping dimension.

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