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									What Are Catalog Credit Cards

Catalog credit cards are just like credit cards or
any other regular plastic used by masses to ease
off their payments. But it has some distinctions
and differences which keep it apart from other
plastics like you do not have to have a good or
excellent credit rating to attain this card. This is
the reason it is used by the so many people
who have bad credit ratings and improve their
status with its aid.
Comparison between Credit Cards and Catalog
               Credit Cards

 In credit cards, the user of the plastic money has to pay
 heavy interest rate or annual percentage rate, which can
 be troublesome for him if the amount credited to him is
 quite a lot. But in catalog plastic money you do not have
 to pay heavy interest rate, moreover most of the pay
 now pay later catalog cards are free from annual
 percentage rate, thus you will have to pay what you are
 credited with.
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In credit cards, the user of the card has to pay off the
entire amount credited to him in one single installment
but in catalog cards you can pay off this amount in small
installments as per your convenience. One most
important factor is you can get catalog credit cards
without checking you credit rating bad credit is OK.

Now you can differentiate credit cards and catalog
credit cards easily. To know more about buy now pay
later credit catalog cards please visit website.
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