Lesson Plan for - Introduction to Adobe Photoshop - Planet Tour by oas111


									Lesson Plan for - Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
                  - Planet Tour Project
Prepared by Chris Wachter and Pauline Seales                    Pioneer High School

Students will use the WWW for research and create a planet “card” using Adobe

A) Students will use www to find images and research information

B)    Students will learn the following Adobe Photoshop skills
1.)   Opening/saving a document
2.)   Create a background (choose color)
3.)   Import an image captured from the web
4.)   Remove the black background around the image (selection skills)
5.)   Insert and place image
6.)   Insert title and body text with different sizes and colors

C) Students will later review each others “cards” and complete a summary chart

PC’s with Internet access, Browser software and Adobe Photoshop
   Preferably one computer connected to a TV or projector

All step by step details are on the student instruction sheet
1.) Find Image
        Open Netscape - Open planet web site
        Choose a planet - Export a photo

2.) Start Adobe Photoshop
        Open Photoshop
        Create a background color
        Open image file from web

3.) Modify/insert imported Image
       Remove background around planet using
       • magic wand - select
       • inverse
       • cut
    Paste image and move to best location
4.) Add Text
    Add title text
       set color and size first
    Add body text
       - return to web site for details
       - use new color and smaller size

5.) Additional Steps - advanced students
• Return to web site
• Find surface photos
• Find space ship photo
• Research more data per summary chart
• Optional - crop surface photo

6.) Summary Activity
• Teacher collects all student “cards” on planets
• Students review each others and fill in data on other planets

   Summary charts are available for 2 different students’ levels

7.) *** Higher level students only ***
• Import planet surface photo
• Import space vehicle photo
• Crop, resize planet surface photo
• Insert photos and additional text

8.) Cross-curricular extension
• Research the historical (mythological) origins of planet/satellite names

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