GREEN HOMES LEAGUE - HOMES ASSESSMENT SHEET

                                NOTICE: The process of Greening any home is progressive. The role of the
                                Green Consultant is to conduct an assessment and make recommendations.
                                During the assessment, we will credit you for each Green application that
                                we find. If the recommendations are accomplished and 100 Points are
                                accumulated, a Green Homes League certification will be issued.

Green Consultant:

City:                                                                 State:                                Zip:
Contact Person:

(__) Initial Assessment         (___) Update of Green Progress                    (___) Annual Audit

Ave Electric bill:   $          or              kW                    Ave Heating fuel bill: $

Averate Water bill: $                       Average Sewer bill: $

Done     Rcmd                 Description                                                                    Total
                         General Considerations
                              Hire a certified Green Consultant
                              Hire a Green Certified cleaning service
                              Test for Radon in home
                              General mold inspection and humidity review

                         Energy Savings
                               Complete a full Energy audit and assessment
                               Install programmable thrmostat
                               CFL or LED bulbs totally (t5 encouraged)
                               CFL or LED bulbs mostly (t5 encouraged)
                               Solar lighting (outside)
                               Skylights or Solar Tube
                               Motion detector switches in key areas
                               Install timers on outside lights
                               Solar panel installation
                               Wind power installation
                               Remote building energy management (like
                               Install LED lights in direct lighting, track lighting, night lights
                               Timer for electric water heater
       Wall switch on powered outlets (Phantom load)
       Power strip on powered devices (Phanton load)
       Annually seal building from leaks
       GESPER electric conditioning (10% reduction or more)
       Furnace at least 90% efficient
       EnergyStar appliances installed
       Timer on electric water heater

Indoor Air Quality
      Indoor Air Quality test performed
      Replace janitorial cleaning products with Green alternatives
      Replace vacuums used with HEPA vacuums
      Humidity at 30-60% (preferrably 30-50%)
      Replace pesticide services with Green alternatives
      Replace disinfectants with Green alternatives
      Install VOC eating plants in the office area
      Install Carbon Monoxide detector(s) or test every 6/mo
      Install Radon gas detector(s) or test at least once
      Mold free by inspection
      Paint with low VOC paint

Recycling Projects
      Use of community recycling programs
      Install recycle bins in the building
      Participate in plastic bag recycling program (ie Staples)
      Computer equipment recycling effort
      Recycle carpeting used in new installation

Insulation Options
       Insulated glass windows
       Insulation blanket on water heater
       Insulation on exposed water pipes (basement or crawlspace)
       Water heater turned down to 120 degrees
       Insulating foam for outlet sealer
       Plastic window insulation in winter
       Add insulation in the roof
       Attic exhaust fans
       Ceiling fans installed
       Crock pot versus conventional oven
       Install solar shade to block out heat
Water Savings
     Sensing water faucets installed
     Rain barrel for landscape watering
     Flow restrictors and aerators on faucets
     Displacement bladder in toilet tank
     Dual flush toilets (or 1.5GPF or lass toilets
     Tankless water heaters
     Shower temperture detector
     Fill cycle diverter on older toilet
     Shower time for 5 minute shower warning

Efficient Transportation
       Implement Internet communication for client demos,
       conferences, training, communication, video email
       Hybrid or Efficient cars (30mpg or better)
       Car pooling or public transportation program
       Bike rack for employee use

Paperless Office
      Install Paperless document system (eg:
      Install Paperless invoicing system (eg:
      Install Paperless faxing system (eg:
      Install dual screens to reduce unnecessary printing
      Internet Client campaigns (eg:

Remodeling Ideas
     Paint with low or no VOC paint
     install VOC eating plants
     Purchase GreenGuard (no formaldehyde) furniture
     Use recycled carpet and low VOC glue

Building Exterior
       Do not use chemcials and fertiziers on lawn
       Xeric landscaping plants (low moisture & native plants
       Clean asphalt or concrete with bio-safe agent (
       Phytoremediation of damaged soil
       Install a Green roof
      Return mowed area to flowering field
      Plant one or more trees
      Composting biodegradable trash
      Plant an organic garden

Community Activitism
    Member of Green Community program
    Carbon emission assessment
    Purchase carbon offset credits
    Buy and use canvas bags for shopping

Homee Improvements
    Use Chlorine-free paper products
    Use recycled paper in the office
    Replace frangrances with Essential oils
    Provide hand sanitizers to the work area

Green IT
      Dual core computers
      EnergyStar printers, screens, devices
      Use email in place of regular mail
      Use rechargable batteries when possible
      Photos online instead of printing them

Green Supply Chain
      Hire Green Certified services
      Buy from Green Certified providers
      Shorten the transit distaqnce of supplies
      Reduce packaging when possible

Miscellaneous Applications
      Cancel all phone books and magazines
      install water filtration to fill water bottles
      Buy Green (alternative) power (eg: Green-e)
      HEPA vacuum cleaners for cleaning service
      Microfiber cleaning tools for cleaning service
      Non-acid bowl cleaners
      Non-ammonia glass cleaners
      Non-chlorine processed paper products
      Use an electric or push-type reel mower
                   Green pet supplies


        EARNED POINTS: ________ Applications already in place

        RECOMMENDED POINTS: ______ (Goals 30-90 days)

        LONG TERM POINTS: ________ (Goals longer than 90 days)


I attest to the accuracy of this assessment and that the information is accurate.

Signed: _______________________________________ Date: _____________
          Certified Green Consultant

                   Notice of program enrollment - Start Green Management Guide

                   Notice of Green Homes Certification - Date: ______________

           (__)    Silver status = 100 pts
           (__)    Gold status = 200 pts
           (__)    Platinum status = 300 pts
           (__)    Titanium status = 500 pts
           (__)    Diamond status = 700 pts
           (__)    Emerald staus = 900 pts

Fee for this account paid       $_______________

Company _____________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City: _________________________________ St: ____ Zip: ___________

Website for link: www.___________________________________________
       Email for Green Business Guide: ___________________________________


       FAX TO (866) 869-1680 or email to
       Mail to: Green Business League, Inc, PO Box 434, Plainfield, IL 60544

    I wish to enroll in the Green Homess League certification program. I understand that our
facility must accumulate 100 points as listed by the Green Homes League in order to achieve the
silver level as a Certified Green Home. This program includes a monthly program of instruction
called, Green Home Guide and the monthly direction of the Certified Green Consultant. I
understand that this is an EARNED certification, and that it is the company's duty to participate
in this environmental program.

                                            FEE: $______________________

Green Consultant: _____________________________________________

Start Date: _______________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________ ST: __________ Zip: _______________________

Phone: ________________________________________

Contact Person: ______________________________________________________________

Contact: Email: _______________________________________________________________

GREEN IS PROGRESSIVE: Going Green is not a one-time endeavor. We believe that it is a
constant pursuit. For that reason, we encourage a month-by-month effort that adopted Green
practices into the daily operation. Each new practice is worth points as you move up the
certification ladder.

Green Homes Certified levels of achievement :

        Silver level ......... 100 points
        Gold level ........... 200 points
        Platinum level .... 300 points
        Titanium level .... 500 points
        Diamond level ... 750 points
        Diamond level ... 750 points
        Emerald level .... 900 points

Upon completion of your certification, your firm will receive: 1 door sticker, 1 plaque, and of
letter of certification.

Applicant: ___________________________________________ Date: __________________

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