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                                25 JUNE 2009   VOLUME 113, NUMBER 26                                                        CONTENTS

                                COVER FIGURE

                                               Transformed (ImageJ) and pseudocolored (Adobe Photoshop) image of a human
                                               endothelial progenitor–derived colony consisting of 1764 cells (as counted
                                               automatically by using the “Analyze Particles. . .” feature within the ImageJ
                                               image processing program developed at the National Institutes of Health:
                                      One endothelial colony–forming cell (ECFC) produced
                                               that progeny through 10.78 calculated population doublings (210 1024) within
                                               10 days. See the article by Reinisch et al on page 6716.



      HEMATOLOGY                INSIDE BLOOD

                                       6501    CEBPA resembles Roman god Janus
                                                  I. H. I. M. Hollink, M. M. van den Heuvel-Eibrink, and C. M. Zwaan

                                       6502    Cancer & inherited bone marrow failure states
                                                  K. E. Nichols and M. Bessler

                                       6503    Functional neutrophils from human ES cells
                                                  C. L. Sweeney and H. L. Malech

                                       6505    UCB transplantation: miRNA involvement
                                                  P. Landgraf

                                       6506    Micro-classifying diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
                                                  W. Tam

                                       6507    Muscle iron in stress erythropoiesis?
                                                  M. Kerenyi and E. W. Mullner

                                       6508    Myeloid cell–induced angiogenesis: a sticky business
                                                  A. M. Randi and B. Bussolati

                                REVIEW ARTICLE

                                       6511    The ITP syndrome: pathogenic and clinical diversity
                                                  D. B. Cines, J. B. Bussel, H. A. Liebman, and E. T. Luning Prak

                                HOW I TREAT

                                       6522    How I treat paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
                                                  R. A. Brodsky

iii      BLOOD, 25 JUNE 2009 VOLUME 113, NUMBER 26                                                                     CONTINUED ON iv
            OBSERVATIONS          6528    Phase 2 study of the efficacy and safety of the combination of arsenic trioxide,
                                          interferon alpha, and zidovudine in newly diagnosed chronic adult T-cell
                                          leukemia/lymphoma (ATL)
                                             G. Kchour, M. Tarhini, M.-M. Kooshyar, H. El Hajj, E. Wattel, M. Mahmoudi, H. Hatoum,
                                             H. Rahimi, M. Maleki, H. Rafatpanah, S. A. R. Rezaee, M. T. Yazdi, A. Shirdel, H. de The,
                                             O. Hermine, R. Farid, and A. Bazarbachi

                                   6533   Phase 1 multicenter dose-escalation study of ezatiostat hydrochloride (TLK199
                                          tablets), a novel glutathione analog prodrug, in patients with myelodysplastic
                                             A. Raza, N. Galili, S. Smith, J. Godwin, J. Lancet, M. Melchert, M. Jones, J. G. Keck, L. Meng,
                                             G. L. Brown, and A. List

                                   6541   A clinical and immunologic phase 2 trial of Wilms tumor gene product 1 (WT1)
                                          peptide vaccination in patients with AML and MDS
                                             U. Keilholz, A. Letsch, A. Busse, A. M. Asemissen, S. Bauer, I. W. Blau, W.-K. Hofmann,
                                             L. Uharek, E. Thiel, and C. Scheibenbogen

                                   6549   Cancer in dyskeratosis congenita
                                             B. P. Alter, N. Giri, S. A. Savage, and P. S. Rosenberg

                                   6558   Prevalence and prognostic implications of CEBPA mutations in pediatric acute
                                          myeloid leukemia (AML): a report from the Children’s Oncology Group
                                             P. A. Ho, T. A. Alonzo, R. B. Gerbing, J. Pollard, D. L. Stirewalt, C. Hurwitz, N. A. Heerema,
                                             B. Hirsch, S. C. Raimondi, B. Lange, J. L. Franklin, J. P. Radich, and S. Meshinchi

                                   6567   Brief report Compassionate use of sorafenib in FLT3-ITD–positive acute myeloid
                                          leukemia: sustained regression before and after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
                                             S. Metzelder, Y. Wang, E. Wollmer, M. Wanzel, S. Teichler, A. Chaturvedi, M. Eilers,
                                             E. Enghofer, A. Neubauer, and A. Burchert

                                   6572   Brief report Gene expression profiling of plasma cells at myeloma relapse from
                                          tandem transplantation trial Total Therapy 2 predicts subsequent survival
                                             B. Nair, J. D. Shaughnessy Jr, Y. Zhou, M. Astrid-Cartron, P. Qu, F. van Rhee, E. Anaissie,
                                             Y. Alsayed, S. Waheed, K. Hollmig, J. Szymonifka, N. Petty, A. Hoering, and B. Barlogie

             STEM CELLS           6576    MSCs inhibit monocyte-derived DC maturation and function by selectively
                                          interfering with the generation of immature DCs: central role of MSC-derived
                                          prostaglandin E2
                                             G. M. Spaggiari, H. Abdelrazik, F. Becchetti, and L. Moretta

                                   6584   Derivation of functional mature neutrophils from human embryonic stem cells
                                             Y. Yokoyama, T. Suzuki, M. Sakata-Yanagimoto, K. Kumano, K. Higashi, T. Takato,
                                             M. Kurokawa, S. Ogawa, and S. Chiba

iv   BLOOD, 25 JUNE 2009 VOLUME 113, NUMBER 26                                                                              CONTINUED ON v
                                  6593   NK cell–mediated killing of target cells triggers robust antigen-specific
                                         T cell–mediated and humoral responses
                                            P. Krebs, M. J. Barnes, K. Lampe, K. Whitley, K. S. Bahjat, B. Beutler, E. Janssen, and K. Hoebe

                                  6603   Regulation of Th17 cell differentiation and EAE induction by MAP3K NIK
                                            W. Jin, X.-F. Zhou, J. Yu, X. Cheng, and S.-C. Sun

                                  6611   V 1 T lymphocytes producing IFN- and IL-17 are expanded in HIV-1–infected
                                         patients and respond to Candida albicans
                                            D. Fenoglio, A. Poggi, S. Catellani, F. Battaglia, A. Ferrera, M. Setti, G. Murdaca, and
                                            M. R. Zocchi

                                  6619   KLRG1 signaling induces defective Akt (ser473) phosphorylation and proliferative
                                         dysfunction of highly differentiated CD8 T cells
                                            S. M. Henson, O. Franzese, R. Macaulay, V. Libri, R. I. Azevedo, S. Kiani-Alikhan,
                                            F. J. Plunkett, J. E. Masters, S. Jackson, S. J. Griffiths, H.-P. Pircher, M. V. D. Soares, and
                                            A. N. Akbar

                                  6629   IL-7 adjuvant treatment enhances long-term tumor antigen-specific CD8 T-cell
                                         responses after immunization with recombinant lentivector
                                            S. Colombetti, F. Levy, and L. Chapatte

                                  6638   Lymphoid tissue–specific homing of bone marrow–derived dendritic cells
                                            R. J. Creusot, S. S. Yaghoubi, P. Chang, J. Chia, C. H. Contag, S. S. Gambhir, and C. G. Fathman

                                  6648   microRNA 184 regulates expression of NFAT1 in umbilical cord blood CD4 T cells
                                            R. P. Weitzel, M. L. Lesniewski, P. Haviernik, S. Kadereit, P. Leahy, N. J. Greco, and
                                            M. J. Laughlin

                                  6658   Role of GM-CSF signaling in cell-based tumor immunization
                                            S. Zarei, F. Schwenter, P. Luy, M. Aurrand-Lions, P. Morel, M. Kopf, G. Dranoff, and N. Mach

                NEOPLASIA         6669   MicroRNAs 15a and 16 regulate tumor proliferation in multiple myeloma
                                            A. M. Roccaro, A. Sacco, B. Thompson, X. Leleu, A. K. Azab, F. Azab, J. Runnels, X. Jia,
                                            H. T. Ngo, M. R. Melhem, C. P. Lin, D. Ribatti, B. J. Rollins, T. E. Witzig, K. C. Anderson, and
                                            I. M. Ghobrial

                                  6681   Copy number abnormalities, MYC activity, and the genetic fingerprint of normal
                                         B cells mechanistically define the microRNA profile of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
                                            C. Li, S.-W. Kim, D. Rai, A. R. Bolla, S. Adhvaryu, M. C. Kinney, R. S. Robetorye, and
                                            R. C. T. Aguiar

                                  6691   Brief report Discordance of MLL-rearranged (MLL-R) infant acute lymphoblastic
                                         leukemia in monozygotic twins with spontaneous clearance of preleukemic clone in
                                         unaffected twin
                                            M. K. Chuk, E. McIntyre, D. Small, and P. Brown

v   BLOOD, 25 JUNE 2009 VOLUME 113, NUMBER 26                                                                                CONTINUED ON vi
                                   6695    Brief report TGF- induces degradation of TAL1/SCL by the
                                           ubiquitin-proteasome pathway through AKT-mediated phosphorylation
                                              J.-M. Terme, L. Lhermitte, V. Asnafi, and P. Jalinot

           PLATELETS AND
          THROMBOPOIESIS          6699     PAF-acetylhydrolase expressed during megakaryocyte differentiation inactivates
                                           PAF-like lipids
                                              J. M. Foulks, G. K. Marathe, N. Michetti, D. M. Stafforini, G. A. Zimmerman, T. M. McIntyre,
                                              and A. S. Weyrich

              RED CELLS,
               IRON, AND          6707     Alterations of systemic and muscle iron metabolism in human subjects treated with
                                           low-dose recombinant erythropoietin
                                              P. Robach, S. Recalcati, D. Girelli, C. Gelfi, N. J. Aachmann-Andersen, J. J. Thomsen,
                                              A. M. Norgaard, A. Alberghini, N. Campostrini, A. Castagna, A. Vigano, P. Santambrogio,
                                              T. Kempf, K. C. Wollert, S. Moutereau, C. Lundby, and G. Cairo

                                  6716     Humanized large-scale expanded endothelial colony–forming cells function in vitro
                                           and in vivo
                                              A. Reinisch, N. A. Hofmann, A. C. Obenauf, K. Kashofer, E. Rohde, K. Schallmoser, K. Flicker,
                                              G. Lanzer, W. Linkesch, M. R. Speicher, and D. Strunk

                                   6726    CEACAM1 myeloid cells control angiogenesis in inflammation
                                              A. K. Horst, T. Bickert, N. Brewig, P. Ludewig, N. van Rooijen, U. Schumacher, N. Beauchemin,
                                              W. D. Ito, B. Fleischer, C. Wagener, and U. Ritter

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