Summer Moorland Camping Endorsement Assessment Sheet

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					November 2008
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                                                                                   Summer Moorland
                                                                                 Camping Endorsement
                                                                                   Assessment Sheet

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November 2008
1.    Pre Requisites for Assessment                              3.    Route Planning                                      6.    Navigation Skills
                                                                                                                                Confident and accurate navigation to Summer
*    HSE First Aid award (min. 6 hours)                          *    Preparation of Route Plan / Card.                    *    Moorland Walking Leader level.
     Min. 8 nights remote camping in different
*    locations.                                                  *    Suitability of Route.                                *
*    Min. 2 nights Leading / Co-leading Groups.                  *    Appropriate terrain.                                 Comments
     Summer Moorland Walking Leader award or
*    MLTE Walking Group Leader                                   *    Defined escape routes.

*    Written Tasks Received / Completed                          *    Realistic timings.
Comments                                                         Comments
                                                                                                                           7.   Group Management (could use Home Study Paper)
                                                                                                                           *    Group control and discipline.
                                                                                                                           *    Group monitoring.

                                                                 4.    Equipment                                           *    Response to problems.

                                                                 *    Tentage suitable                                     *    Flexibility of leadership styles.
2.    Pre-Event Planning          (could use Home Study Paper)   *    Sleeping bags and mats suitable                      *    Strategy for remote supervision
     Definition of Aim – is there a clear purpose to the
*    activity.                                                   *    Rucksacks suitable                                   *    Positive decision making

*    Knowledge of Group’s capabilities.                          *    Individual equipment                                 *    Effective communication.
*    Knowledge of Group’s Medical needs.                         *    Leader equipment                                     *    Effective review techniques
*    Weather forecast noted and interpreted.                     *    Management of load carrying                          *    Safe and rewarding experience for group.
*    Appropriate Risk Assessment                                 *    Stoves of appropriate type                           *    Safe Management of water hazards.
*    Supporting staff briefed.                                   Comments                                                  Comments
*    Group members briefed.
*    Home contacts arranged and briefed.
*    Access and Environment issues
*    Menu Satisfactory                                           5.   Camp Site                                            8.   Incident Procedures (could use Scenario Cards)
     Awareness of Record of training for use of
*    stoves                                                      *    Suitability of site (e.g. size, drainage, shelter)   *    Accident procedures (inc. burns and scalds).

*    Awareness of fuel storage/loading arrangements              *    Tent arrangement and Security                        *    Modification of plans as necessary.
                                                                                                                                Awareness of procedure to contact MR etc and
Comments                                                         *    Camp rules/boundaries                                *    timescales.
                                                                 *    Hygiene/sanitary arrangements                        *    Awareness of common remote camping emergencies

                                                                 *    Cooking procedures                                   *    Dealing with remotely supervised group incidents

                                                                 *    Evening Activities                                   Comments
November 2008
                O = Outstanding.   G = Good.   S = Satisfactory.   U = Does not meet required standard.