Excerpts of sarah Palin emails to Andree McLeod by samuelc


									Excerpts of sarah Palin emails to Andree McLeod Between 2002 and 2005, McLeod amassed quite a library of emails from one of her biggest fans; Sarah Palin. That was a great letter to the ed. this week Andree. I haven't had time to call but wanted to tell you it was, again, insightful & educational & good writing. I'm still disenchanted with the whole issue of RR and state politics and am not even very optimistic about the call for an independent investigation. We'll see. I guess I'll believe it when I see it. Hope you're doing well, staying warm & staying on top of all these state issues I'm hearing about on the news! Love, SP ----- Original Message ----From: Andree To: Sarah Palin Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 9:28 AM Subject: Alaska Statutes AS 39.52.250. Advice to Former Public Officers.

Other quotes from Palin to McLeod (circa 2002-2005)

Don't you think the (Murkowski) Administration is blind to not see the potential in channeling your energy and intentions and motives and intelligence towards helping them... if only they'd listen?!

Ugh! I know you must get so frustrated because you’re all about accountability!

Thanks for working to instill public trust in all this Andree!

Thanks Andree! I hear ya! And I'm proud of all the expert advice you're giving to so many... it seems I hear your name and comments so often in the media. I'm proud to know you!!!

Thank you Andree.. you are always so encouraging!

I sure wish the (Murkowski) Administration would listen to the good ideas of people (like you!) who have Alaska's best interest at heart. Keep giving them advice. Keep participating via talk shows & letters, etc. We need more Alaskans involved.

I forgot to tell you I heard you on the news last week about this subject... you did great! See... people listen to you and you do make a difference and I hope you keep it up!

Did you hear us talking about you on the Mike Pocaro show Monday evening?! It was a hoot! He was impressed with your efforts on the VanEten issue & I called in to say "Kudos to Andree... she's obviously got tireless energy and desire to keep government and government officials accountable to Alaskans... we need more "Andrees" in this state... etc..." And then that gal, "Michelle" (who calls in a lot) called right after I did to say, "Sarah Palin just needs to stay out of Anchorage politics... blah blah blah..." and the show went on with you as the highlight for callers! It was awesome. Ya' done good again!!!

I read your letter to the editor just now - it's soooo good! As I figured, it takes a different angle and makes one think. It's very helpful for people to read from an unexpected perspective. Thank you for writing the letter.

wow! again! YOU ARE A WRITER... I'll bet your son is, too.

You will be thanked for summing up for others what many believe: that there's nothing wrong with healthy debate and challenges to the status quo when something is wrong & it can easily be fixed!

you are bold - and i don't want randy or anyone else coming down on you for speaking your mind... but that's exactly what your letter is explaining to Alaskans, that speaking our minds will strengthen our party!

Holy Moly you are powerful regarding getting the word out to the press about questionable activity!

So in just a few short years, Andree McLeod has gone from someone who Palin described as being "all about accountability" to being the "falafel lady".

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