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									                                                                                NUMBER 38 OCTOBER 2012

     9th National Congress of Physical Therapy
     The values and the image of the
     Physical Therapy profession.
     Humanism and abilities. 4 – 6
     October 2012 – Bucharest, Romania
     The Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman and General
     Secretary of the ER-WCPT participated in the congress
     and gave presentations in the 9th National Congress of
     Physical Therapy organised by the Romanian
     Federation for Physical Therapy (FRAK) on 4 – 6
     October 2012, in Bucharest. The theme of the congress
     was: The values and the image of the Physical Therapy
     profession. Humanism and abilities. There were also
     speakers from France, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

     2013 - European Year of 2012 Olympics and
     Citizens                Physiotherapists
     The better the men and women of Europe understand
     their rights as EU citizens, the more informed the
     decisions they can take in their personal lives, and the
     more vibrant democratic life in Europe can be at all

     This is the vision for the European Year of Citizens
     2013, which will provide an opportunity for people
     throughout Europe to:

        Ÿ Learn about the rights and opportunities open to
          them thanks to EU citizenship – particularly their        Several members from the Chartered Society of
          right to live and work anywhere in the EU                 Physiotherapy (C.S.P.) and the Irish Society of
        Ÿ Stimulate debate about the obstacles that                 Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) served in the 2012
          prevent people from fully using these rights and          Olympics either in a voluntary capacity or as members
          generate specific proposals for addressing them           of their Olympic teams
        Ÿ Encourage people to participate in civic fora on
          EU policies and issues.

     The Year's activities will be organised as much as
                                                                    Working Groups,      summary
     possible at the grass-roots level, by citizens and civil       of the September 2012 Meetings
     society organisations themselves.

     For further information:                                       Following the 8th General Meeting of the European
     http://ec.europa.eu/citizenship/european-year-of-              Region, with the focus on activities for the period 2012 –
     citizens-2013/index_en.htm                                     2014, three WGs of the ER-WCPT held their first
                                                                    meetings as follows:

Rue de Pascale 36, B 1040 Brussels • Tel: +32 2 231 50 63 Fax: +32 2 231 50 64 • info@physio-europe.org www.physio-europe.org
                                  NEWSLETTER                                                          #38 OCTOBER 2012

                                                                        The EU WG also discussed about the next EU
        Ÿ Professional Issues WG, 13 – 14 September                     conferences, the Education WG about the 3rd and 4th
           2012, in London, UK                                          Education Congresses on Physiotherapy Education,
        Ÿ EU Matters WG, 21 – 22 September 2012, in                     and the PI WG started preparation of the 3rd
           Brussels, Belgium                                            Conference on Clinical Guidelines.
        Ÿ Education Matters WG, 28 – 29 September 2012,
           in Madrid, Spain                                             The second meeting of the WGs were scheduled as
     The WGs discussed the work programme and agreed
     activities and deliverables for each activity to be                   Ÿ EU Matters WG, 17 – 19 January 2013, in St.
     presented to the MOs at the 2014 GM. Each WG agreed                      Julians, Malta
     a distribution of responsibilities among its members.                 Ÿ Education Matters WG, 24 – 25 January 2013, in
     (MOs will be e-mailed the distribution of responsibilities               London, the UK
     for their information)                                                Ÿ Professional Issues WG, 31 January 2013 – 1St
                                                                              February 2013, in Brussels, Belgium

     European Skills, Competences and Occupations (ESCO)
     The European Commission is developing a European                   involvement of the Region within the Healthcare and
     Skills, Competences and Occupations taxonomy                       Social Work activities Reference Group. At that
     (ESCO), which will describe the most relevant skills,              meeting the General Secretary was appointed as
     competences and qualifications needed for several                  Chairman of the mentioned above Reference Group.
     thousand occupations. Once finalised, ESCO will be
     the first classification of its kind available in all EU           The second meeting of the Reference Group took place
     languages.                                                         on 18th and 19th September 2012 where the activities
                                                                        to be developed by the Reference Group members and
     By providing a tool for identifying, sorting, connecting           ESCO Secretariat were discussed. At that meeting it
     and applying relevant terms, ESCO is expected to                   was also drafted a diagram of the Healthcare and
     facilitate the dialogue between the labour market and              Social work occupations. The Executive and the
     the education/training sector.                                     Working Group members are supporting the General
                                                                        Secretary on this task.
     On 3rd and 4th of July took place the first meeting of
     ESCO in Brussels where the European Region World                   The third meeting of the Healthcare and Social Work
     Confederation for Physical Activity was represented by             activities RG will take place on 11th and 12th December
     the General Secretary, David Gorría, to evaluate the               2012, in Brussels, Belgium.

     Call for expression of interest European
     Commission - Health Department
     The European Commission has issued a call for the                  The Commission will seek to collectively cover the
     expression of interest for experts to join its multisectoral       widest possible range of disciplines. Members will
     and independent expert panel which will advise the                 appointed for a three-year period, and may serve up to
     Commission on effective ways of investing in health.               three consecutive terms.

     Detailed information on the expert panel which has                 More information on the application procedure and the
     been set up by Commission Decision 2012/C198/06                    application form are available at the following address:
     can be found at the following internet site: http://eur-           http://ec.europa.eu/health/healthcare/consultations/c
     lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:C:20                 all_expertpanel_healthinnovation_en.htm
                                                                        Please note that only online applications submitted
     Members of the panel will be appointed by the                      via the above address will be eligible.
     Commission on the basis of their expertise in one or
     more of the following fields of competence: health                 Closing date to submit applications: 23 November 2012
     planning and budget prioritisation, health services
     research, hospital and health care management,                     Contact information: For any further information on
     healthcare provision and health education and                      this call, please contact
     promotion as described in detail in Annex I of Decision            SANCO-CALL-PANEL@ec.europa.eu

Rue de Pascale 36, B 1040 Brussels • Tel: +32 2 231 50 63 Fax: +32 2 231 50 64 • info@physio-europe.org www.physio-europe.org
                                NEWSLETTER                                                           #38 OCTOBER 2012

     EU Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health
     latest developments
     The European Region of the WCPT attended its first              On 21th September 2012, the EU Platform published
     meeting as members of the EU Platform for Diet,                 the 2012 Annual Report. The Report provides
     Physical Activity and Health on 20th September 2012 in          information on the Platform’s background, its evolution,
     Brussels, Belgium.                                              mode of functioning, activity areas, and priority target
                                                                     groups (Chapter 1). Presents a list of current Platform
     The Platform members discussed the procedure                    members (Chapter 2) and gives an overview of the
     related to the evaluation of the EU "Strategy on                achievements of the Platform prior to 2011 with a
     nutrition, overweight, and obesity-related health               particular focus on activities that have had a lasting
     issues" and endorsed the method for their participation         effect on the Platform’s conceptual approach and mode
     in the process.                                                 of operation (Chapter 3). Finally, the activities
     Preliminary results of the evaluation of the EU School          undertaken by the Platform during last year are
     Fruit Scheme were discussed in detail. The Platform             summarised in Chapter 4. The focus of these chapters
     Members expressed their support for the continuation,           is mainly on events, presentations, decisions and
     promotion and support of the Scheme as well as the              policy directions that have had an effect on the activities
     need for communication in Member States.                        of the Platform.

     The next plenary meeting will take place in the morning         For further information about the report, please visit the
     of 14 November, followed in the afternoon by the joint          link below:
     meeting with the High Level Group on Nutrition and              http://ec.europa.eu/health/nutrition_physical_activity/
     Physical Activity. The topic of this meeting will be            docs/eu_platform_2012frep_en.pdf
     'Advocacy and information exchange' and it will be an
     opportunity to discuss priorities for the next year which
     will be presented by the Health Commissioner John

     Modernisation of professional Qualification
     Directive (2005/36/EC) – Next steps in the European
     Parliament and European Council
     During the summer, the modernised proposal for Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications has been kept
     on the spot. The European Parliament presented the draft reports of the Committee of Internal Market and
     Consumers Protection (IMCO), Committee of Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) and Committee
     of Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL). The Parliament continued the debate on 17, 18 and 19 September and
     would vote the report in the IMCO committee on 28 November 2012. Then the report would be discussed and voted
     in EU Parliament plenary and also discussed by the EU Council.

     EU-level collaboration on forecasting health
     workforce needs, workforce planning and health
     workforce trends
     The overall objective of the study was to identify EU level actions that could support Member States in assessing,
     forecasting and planning their health workforce needs and in doing so ensure the sustainability of their health

     This Commission feasibility study, which ended in June 2012, was undertaken by Matrix Insight Ltd, in
     collaboration with the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI). The research draws upon 34 country profiles, 12
     case studies and a focus discussion with an expert panel.

     For further information

Rue de Pascale 36, B 1040 Brussels • Tel: +32 2 231 50 63 Fax: +32 2 231 50 64 • info@physio-europe.org www.physio-europe.org
                                NEWSLETTER                                                         #38 OCTOBER 2012

     EU Health statistical reports (2012)
     Within the context of the Community Statistical                 (European Community Health Indicators) are based on
     Programme (2008-2012), Eurostat responds to this key            data collected by Eurostat.
     priority of the public health programme by continuously
     improving its databases and publications. Through               Eurostat regional yearbook, 2012: Main statistical
     intensive cooperation with the different statistical            findings in the 2012 health chapter are on causes of
     authorities in the Member States (National Statistical          death (circulatory & respiratory systems, cancer),
     Institutes, Ministries of Health, etc), more data are now       hospital beds and healthcare professionals.
     available directly from Eurostat in its online database.
     Eurostat also cooperates closely with the                       For further information
     Commission's Directorate-General for Health and                 http://ec.europa.eu/health/reports/european/statistics/
     Consumers. Moreover a significant number of the ECHI            index_en.htm

     Health for the EU in 33 success stories - A selection of
     successful projects funded by the EU health programmes (25 September 2012)
     This publication showcases a selection of remarkable            disease and diabetes; to help implement screening for
     projects co-financed by the Health Programme. It                cervical and colorectal cancers; or to develop the
     presents 33 examples of successful projects covering a          worldwide online source of information on rare
     wide range of issues such as nutrition and healthy              diseases Orphanet Europe. Some projects have also
     lifestyles, health inequalities, youth health, cancer,          supported innovation in health in concrete ways:
     health threats and health information.                          improving understanding on how to set up electronic
                                                                     health records or introduce personalised medicine.
     These projects show, for example, how the Health
     Programme has helped to better understand the issue             Please, find the link below all the success stories:
     of smoking uptake by young people and by women in               http://ec.europa.eu/health/programme/docs/success_
     particular; to raise awareness on cardiovascular                stories_full_en.pdf

     62th WHO Regional Committee meeting
     The ER-WCPT, through the WCPT Vice President, Dr.               1 - A European policy framework supporting action
     Emma Stokes and the ER-WCPT alternate Regional                  across government and society for health and well-
     Representative and also President of the Malta                  being
     Association of Physiotherapists (MAP), John Xerri de            2 - Strategy & action plan for Healthy Ageing in Europe,
     Caro, participated in the Sixty-second session of the           2012-2020
     WHO Regional Committee for Europe that took place in
     Malta, on 10 - 13 September 2012. There were                    For further information:
     delegates from 51 WHO European Member States.                   http://www.euro.who.int/en/who-we-
     The European Region of the World Confederation for              second-session
     Physical Therapists presented two oral statements

     World Health Organisation -                European countries adopt
     action plan for strengthening public health capacities
     The WHO Regional Committee for Europe adopted the               Plan, Dr Hans Kluge, Director of the Division of Health
     European Action Plan for Strengthening Public Health            Systems and Public Health, remarked that this was a
     Capacities and Services at its 62nd session in Malta.           "great moment, as public health is being revived in the
     Member States expressed their commitment to                     European Region". He explained that the Plan had
     undertake further reviews of their public health services       been developed through an extensive consultative
     and integrate revised essential public health operations        process to strengthen integrated service delivery in
     in their national strategies and systems.                       health protection, disease prevention and health
     Introducing the draft resolution on the European Action
Rue de Pascale 36, B 1040 Brussels • Tel: +32 2 231 50 63 Fax: +32 2 231 50 64 • info@physio-europe.org www.physio-europe.org
                                  NEWSLETTER                                                           #38 OCTOBER 2012

     Given the challenges affecting societies in the 21st               5.       disease prevention, including early detection of
     century - globalization, ageing populations, climate               illness;
     change - a renewed focus on public health is both timely           6.       assuring governance for health and well-being;
     and appropriate with a view to achieving the best health           7.       assuring a sufficient and competent public
     outcomes with limited resources.                                   health workforce;
                                                                        8.       assuring sustainable organizational structures
     The Plan has been put together in line with the new                and financing;
     health policy framework, Health 2020, and built on a               9.       advocacy, communication and social
     solid evidence base, including reviews of public health            mobilization for health;
     services in 41 of the 53 European Member States. At                10.      advancing public health research to inform
     the heart of the Action Plan are ten revised essential             policy and practice.
     public health operations (EPHOs):
     1.      surveillance of population health and well-                For further information, please visit the link below:
     being;                                                             http://www.euro.who.int/en/what-we-do/health-
     2.      monitoring and response to health hazards and              topics/Health-systems/public-health-
     emergencies;                                                       services/news/news/2012/09/european-countries-
     3.      health protection, including environmental,                adopt-action-plan-for-strengthening-public-health-
     occupational and food safety, and others;                          capacities
     4.      health promotion, including action to address
     social determinants and health inequity;

     UK physiotherapists first in the world to prescribe
     medicines independently after campaigning by
     Physiotherapists in the UK are to be given new                     Under the plans, physiotherapists will now be able to
     responsibilities to independently prescribe medicines to           prescribe medicines relevant to their scope of practice,
     their patients, in a ground-breaking change to their role          for a wide range of illnesses such as respiratory
     to be announced today, which follows lengthy                       diseases like asthma, neurological disorders,
     campaigning by the Chartered Society of                            rheumatological conditions, women’s health issues as
     Physiotherapy (CSP).                                               well as for chronic pain and mobility problems.
     The announcement by Earl Howe on Tuesday 24 July,                  Dr Helena Johnson, chair of the Chartered Society of
     will confirm that once suitably trained, advanced                  Physiotherapy, said: `Giving physiotherapists the
     practice physiotherapists in the UK will be the first in the       opportunity to prescribe independently will hugely
     world to be able to independently prescribe medicines              improve the care we can provide in the future.
     without a doctor authorising their decision.
                                                                        `Patients will now receive a more streamlined and
     The extension to the role of physiotherapists, which               efficient service, meaning they get the medicines they
     comes after 10 years campaigning by the CSP and                    need more immediately. A layer of bureaucracy will
     extensive consultation by the Department of Health,                also now disappear and an unnecessary burden will be
     allows physiotherapists to prescribe any licensed                  removed from doctors, with physiotherapists taking full
     medicine and to also mix medicines prior to                        responsibility and accountability for the prescribing
     administration. This means physiotherapists will have              decisions they make. For patients, the chance of faster
     similar prescribing responsibilities to those of other non-        relief from pain or other symptoms will also mean many
     medical professionals, like nurses and pharmacists.                can benefit more quickly from their physiotherapy
     The development is greatly welcomed by the CSP, as
     the Society believes it will lead to major improvements            `While some physiotherapists have practiced as
     in care, with patients being offered quicker and more              supplementary prescribers since 2005, the move to full
     direct access to the medicines and treatment they need.            independent prescribing responsibilities marks a
     Physiotherapists believe the opportunity to prescribe              landmark in healthcare provision.         The added
     pain relief and other medicines will also help many                autonomy given to physiotherapists in today’s
     patients respond more quickly to their physiotherapy,              announcement is also greatly welcomed by the
     leading to faster improvements in movement,                        profession as a whole. It recognises the existing ability
     performance and function.                                          of physiotherapists to assess, diagnose and treat their

Rue de Pascale 36, B 1040 Brussels • Tel: +32 2 231 50 63 Fax: +32 2 231 50 64 • info@physio-europe.org www.physio-europe.org
                                NEWSLETTER                                                       #38 OCTOBER 2012

     patients to a high standard and acknowledges the               burden on doctors who have been expected to write a
     clinical expertise and skill demanded of                       prescription for medicines suggested by
     physiotherapists to provide quality healthcare.’               physiotherapists.

     Physiotherapists currently working as supplementary            In order to qualify as an independent prescriber,
     prescribers have observed huge benefits, with their            physiotherapists will need to demonstrate a high level
     patients experiencing less painful episodes, quicker           of expertise and only those who work in an advanced
     treatment and faster recovery. However, many have              practitioner role will be able to take on the new
     been frustrated that despite being able to prescribe           responsibilities. Those that are eligible will need to
     medicines, their patients experienced delays in                undergo additional training or a conversion course and
     receiving medicines whilst waiting for a prescription.         it is anticipated the first physiotherapists to
                                                                    independently prescribe will be treating patients by
     In addition to reducing bureaucracy, the CSP believes          2014.
     the new development will also relieve an unnecessary

     Health in the EU - What Health policy responses
     is in there for you?                                    to the financial crisis in
     The European Commission DG Health and Consumers Europe (Publication)
     has published a new brochure entitled “Health in the EU
     - What is in there for you?” which highlights its recent       Publication by the WHO showing how the response to
     achievements in the field of health in the European            the economic crisis across the European Region varies
     Union - amongst others: Cross- border healthcare,              across health systems.
     Active and healthy ageing, Health for Growth and the
     EU Health Programme (2014-2020).                               http://www.euro.who.int/en/what-we-do/data-and-
     For further information                                        hen/publications/2012/health-policy-responses-to-the-
     http://ec.europa.eu/eahc/documents/health/leaflet/ach          financial-crisis-in-europe

     Health in an age of austerity
     Health Commissioner, John Dalli, delivered a speech on "Health in an age of austerity" at the European Health
     Forum/Gastein, on 5 October 2012


Rue de Pascale 36, B 1040 Brussels • Tel: +32 2 231 50 63 Fax: +32 2 231 50 64 • info@physio-europe.org www.physio-europe.org

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