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									                                      Need For Advanced Retail Store Solutions

The modern day retail industry is changing rapidly. Over the past few years, consumers have adopted the latest
technologies that have altered shopper’s behaviors. Whilst store experience remains an essential aspect for the
shoppers, it is a far fetched reality from the role that it once used to play when a physical store used to be the only
place of contact for the consumer and merchant. Today stores are evolving to be just a part of a larger and better
connected consumer experience. The retailers are working hard in order to stay relevant as societal and
environmental pressures have been compelling them to re-do their functional models.

Today most consumers through their tablet or Smartphone devices uses mobile social networking apps, or use
mobile shopping applications for finding product details, comparing prices, reading consumer feedbacks or to
purchase products. In a recent study, about 42 percent of shoppers used Smartphone’s for shopping purposes at
least once in a year for apparel and about 48 percent for consumer electronics. While the online sales for retailers
are still a small percentage of total sales across all channels, online sales growths are majorly outshining the
conventional shopping channels per year. It has been noted that the average growth rate of online sales has been
approximately 20 percent annually, whilst the growth of conventional retail channels still lagged behind with 3
percent per year.

How retail store solutions help?
Today service providers specializing in open source software development have come up with advanced retail
store solutions to aid this situation. These companies have the expertise in developing new age retail store
solutions that improve the logistics management, payment processing options and in-store consumer experience.
They have their loyalty and rewards system set up that enables the retailers to maintain the consumer base,
barcode scanners that in turn assist in warehouse attendants manage inventories and the LBS applications to
enable business houses keep a record of fleet vehicles. From front-end to back-end these service providers offer
innovative retail store solutions that are essential for functional efficiency and excellent consumer experience.
Some of the services are listed below:

Digital signage
·     In-store product demo kiosks
·     In-store targeted advertising

Payment solutions
·   POS terminal firmware & software
·   Loyalty & rewards systems
·   Mobile payment solutions
·   Mobile wallets & NFC payment apps
·   Invoicing software

Supply chain management
·    Barcode printing & scanning solutions
·    RFID asset management solutions
·    LBS apps for fleet vehicles

With the retail world gradually becoming online it is essential that retail brands resort to high-end retail store
solutions for generating maximum revenues and ensuring a satisfactory consumer experience.

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