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									ABC Company, Inc. Website Design Questionnaire

1. What color themes would you like to see used in your site?

2. Is there a slogan you would like us to incorporate in your banner?

 3. Do you have a logo you can provide for us? (Email attachment is

4. Are there any types of pictures/graphics you would like to see on
the banner?

5. Does your organization currently have a website? What is the
website address?

6. Are there any websites that you like? (This will give our designers
some idea as to what style it is you are looking for)

7. Are there any websites that you don't like? Are there elements that
you don't want to see on your site?

8. Tell us about your targeted demographics. What is the age range?
What makes your organization unique?

9. How many pages do you need for your website? What are the
names of those pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us, ect.)?
10. Are there any special features you are wanting on your website
(ex: image rotator, portfolio, streaming video)?
11. Is there any other information you would like to provide?

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