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Quarterly Newsletter of the Medford Rifle and Pistol Club

Straight Shots
1253 E. Vilas Road, Post Office Box 235 Medford, OR. 97501 Message Phone 541-774-1872 Date: January 2008 ---------------------------------------------------------2008 Officers President--John Hughes Vice-President—Bob Drysdale Secretary-- Don Chistian Treasurer—Dave Corbin

Presidents Message
In a effort to better inform new members about the clubhouse and range, an open house will be held on the 1st Sunday of each month starting February 3, 2008. The clubhouse will be open for a social gathering of current and new members alike as well as any interested public, at 3:00 in the afternoon. New members will get firsthand information on the operation of the clubhouse and range. Information on the club’s shooting programs will be available and any questions can hopefully be answered. All members can get together for a little social time over coffee and soda. This is a great time for people interested in becoming members to also get a tour and sign up. Members bring your eye and ear protection (and a handgun, ammo and targets, if you want) as the range will be open for use. Those people on various club committees could also assemble for a little work on their projects at the same time. If by 3:30 no one shows, we will see you the next month.

Election of Officers
At the December club meeting the annual election of officers was held. The 2008 club officers are: President-----------John Hughes 664-3134, Vice President-----Bob Drysdale 734-4099, Secretary-----------Don Christian, 779-8216, Treasurer----------Dave Corbin 826-5211

Basic Firearms Class
As a public service MRPC provides free of charge to the public and members, a basic class to introduce people to firearms. It is a 3 hour overview that includes types of firearms, how they work, safe gun handling and the proper use. This is a hands-on-class with some range time, but you don’t have to have a gun as the club will furnish guns for the range. This class is intended for mid-teens through Adults. For more information see the MRPC web site at under “events”.

Help Needed at the Spring Gun Show
Each year the club holds two guns shows as the major fund raiser for the club. This helps to keep the membership fees low and the lights and heat on. Your help is Needed! Call Roger at 541 -582-0333, to find out when and how you can help with the next gun show. Just a couple of hours donated to the club can really help.



Membership Expiration
Don’t get caught standing at the front door. Everyone should check their membership card for the expiration date, so they won’t be “locked out” when their membership period expires and the FOB quits working the lock. There have been a lot of calls from people who said their FOB just “quit working” and sure enough, when they check the expiration date on their card, it expired a month or two ago.

No Changes in Membership Fee
Membership in the MRPC is still just $50 for a year. This gives you 24/7 access to the club for a little less than 14 cents a day, or about $4.17 per month. That’s less than a cheap tipper would leave on the table in just a couple of meals out, far less than Cable TV costs every couple of days, and less than one tank of gas when the tank is empty. All for a dry, warm, safe place to practice year around, out of the rain and wind. You can drop by in the middle of the night, when all else is closed. That’s something we may take for granted here, but most other clubs have strict hours, much higher fees and you can’t go in alone.

Discounts Available for the Jackson County Sports Park
Your membership in MRPC gets you a substantial discount on the annual range pass at the Jackson County Sports Park’s outdoor public ranges in White City. Instead of $25 for an individual, you only pay $15, if purchased through MRPC. A $45 family pass, is discounted to only $25. Send money to Dave Corbin, care of the MRPC Post Office Box, or come to the MRPC monthly meeting on the 3 rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm, to get your discount pass.

Committee Formed to Study Outdoor Range Use
There seems to be the impression that the outdoor range on Vilas Road is closed. Nothing is further from the truth, but a committee has been formed to study how to hold new events at the range. If you have thoughts about how this range can be used, please contact one of the committee members: Jim Rice, Ted Brown or Rodger Mannix, or send a letter the club’s Post Office Box.

Your E-Mail Address Please
No, we’re not going to sell it to a mass marketer, but MRPC spends a lot of time and money printing and mailing newsletters and other announcements to members. We realize that not everyone has internet access, but if you have computer access, we need that address so that we can save money and time when sending information and newsletters to you. If you have computer access and still received this newsletter through the mail, please send a quick e-mail to Dave Corbin at Thanks

Membership Brochure
A brochure has been developed for new and old members which answers many of the common questions that members have about our club. Covering everything from “Range Rules” to “How to Turn on the Heat”, and from “What to do in an Emergency” to “Programs and Officers”, this booklet gives you answers that you can keep with you about the club. It will be available to you at the first club OPEN HOUSE on February 3 rd at 3:00pm. See you there.



How You Can Improve Your Shooting Skills
One of the purposes of the Medford Rifle and Pistol Club is “the promotion of the Shooting Sports” to all members. To encourage this, the club is made up of several sub-organizations or “Disciplines” to help you improve your shooting skills. These disciplines are based on different competitive areas within the shooting sports, often with rules established for example by the NRA. As a member of MRPC, you are automatically a part of all of these disciplines, and you are free to choose to participate in these activities. This can usually be done without further expenses other than your own equipment and some expendables like targets. The shooters that take part in each of these disciplines become members of those disciplines, and each group usually selects a leader to organize the activities of the group. The current MRPC disciplines are: IDPA (SOPSA) Full Bore Rifle USPSA Pistol (SOPSA)

Steel Target (SOPSA) Junior Small Bore Rifle and

Rimfire Bullseye Senior Small Bore Rifle High Power Rifle

All it takes to start another discipline within MRPC is members wanting to organize the events and practice. These could include Olympic Shooting, Air Pistols and Rifles, Centerfire Bullseye and Centerfire and Rimfire Silhouette Shooting, often called NRA Hunter class. If you are interested in any of these disciplines, you can find more information at the MRPC website, or at the “Schedule and Events” page of the newsletter. More importantly, you will find several articles in this newsletter explaining some of the disciplines offered through MRPC.



Competitive Shooting
Becoming a Better Shooter, Come Shoot with Us International Defense Pistol Association
IDPA is a competition sport that is simply the use of standard practical equipment and ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self defense scenarios. Competitors use handguns and holsters suitable for self defense and concealed carry. This isn’t just equipment for special competitions. The main goal is to test the shooters skill and ability, not their equipment and gamesmanship. The safe use of cover, concealment garments and sound tactical methods is the basis of IDPA competition rules. The Principals of IDPA include: *Creating a level playing field though the use of several divisions and skill classifications. In this way you only compete with others of the same skill level and similar gun type, and *Promoting the safe and proficient use of standard factory guns and equipment, and *Providing realistic courses of fire that simulate potentially life-threatening encounters or tests of skills to survive such encounters, and *Offering a shooting sport that is responsive to the shooters, and has the stability of equipment rules, and *Providing a sport that develops shooting skills and friendly fellowship with like-minded shooters. More IDPA information can be found at Our matches are held on the 4 th Saturday of each month, starting at 9:30am. Come and check it out or better yet get there a little early for the safety and rules orientation and shoot a match with us for just $10. The December, January and February matches are held indoor at the MRPC clubhouse, otherwise they are held at the Jackson County Sports Park Competition and Training Range. Local match directors are: Rick Isner 770-9458 evenings or John Hughes 664-3134 evenings.

Indoor Senior Small Bore Rifle
This group shoots on the 2 nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 7:00pm at our clubhouse on Vilas Road. The club provides rifles, mats, targets, and other misc. equipment. Just bring a couple of boxes of 22 cal. ammo and your sight and hearing protection. These shoots are presently just fun practices. If enough shooters are interested in some form of competition, we may do that in the future. The cost is $2.00 per shooter, and that all goes to MRPC. Come out and watch or participate in the fun. For more information call Wayne Douma at 826-8877

This group meets at the Historic Camp White Rifle Range each Sunday at 1100 hour, weather permitting. Any rifle can be used that is 35 caliber or less, with any sights, and reasonably capable of 600 yard shots. Firing is done from the prone position or from a bench, as is allowed at club level events and practices. Targets are shot from different yardages each week, ranging from 200 to 600 yards. We hope to be able to shoot at 900 to 1000 yards soon. We would like to extend our warmest welcome to anyone shooting bolt action hunting rifles and military rifles in appropriate calibers. Ladies, this is the “longarm” sport for you. At the end of the daily shooting, it is common for the group to have a friendly pot lunch. Come a shoot with us. Contact Person: Don Schfcheck 4/10


Competitive Shooting
Becoming a Better Shooter Continued Bullseye Shooting
Accuracy is the name of the game on Monday nights at 7:30pm. That’s whenthe Rimfire Bullseye Group shoots the “rim fire phase” of a full Bullseye Match. Bullseye is classic one-handed, standing, target shooting. In our case with any rimfire pistol, with any sight except laser sights. We shoot 10 shots at each of 9 targets at a distance of 50 feet. To try a round of Bullseye, you’ll need Sight and Hearing Protection, at least 90 rounds of ammunition, one dollar for targets, and a Rimfire pistol. While most shooters use 22LR semi-automatic pistols, some shooters use revolvers. Some of the pistol brands and models used are: Browning Buckmarks, High Standard, Colt, Ruger Mark 1s, 2s and 3s, S&W 41, and even European pistols such as Pardini, Hamerlie and Walther. Come Join Us. Like a lot of other sports, your really competing against yourself. Beginners and seasoned shooters alike, often find their targets looking like they’re shot with a shotgun. But with time and practice, the shots that missed the paper find their way onto the target, and then from the white of the target to the black. If you really find that perfect accuracy, you’ll find holes in the Bullseye. Contact person: David McFadden

Junior Small Bore Rifle
Shooting the First and Third Tuesdays of the Month at 6:30 pm, Junior Small Bore Rifle is growing in attendance. Often called “3 position”, young people are taught to shoot a series of targets learning to shoot from the prone, sitting and standing positions. Minimum age is usually 10 years. Junior -only MRPC memberships are only $5 per year. The group could use medium sized right-handed shooting jackets and spotting scopes, if you have extras. Contact Person: Mark Bokish 770-6591

Greetings to All, Well another year is on the books and it’s time to start looking toward the warmer months. That doesn’t stop the Southern Oregon Practical Pistol Association (SOPSA) from shooting. We’re affiliated with USPSA (, and we are the “Run and Gun” people. Our mission is to promote fun, fair and safe participation in Practical Shooting Competition for all ages and skill levels. All you need to get shooting is a safe handgun (Centerfire only), a safe holster and 5 magazines or a way to reload a revolver quickly and safely. We shoot five stages, and except for the classifier (used to earn national rankings) they’re always different. The targets consist of paper and steel, at distances from one to fifty yards. We even have a house to shoot in where you won’t get in trouble! The stages require between 6 and 32 rounds to complete, the average round count is 120. We shoot every Third Sunday of the month, rain or shine, at the competition range in White City. Start time is 9:30am, and we usually finish by 2:00pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or send an e-mail. Eric Hill, Match Director, Practical Pistol 530-459-0223



Steel matches are a great way to get started in pistol competition and a way for the experienced shooter to practice their speed and marksmanship skills. Each stage consists of 5 steel targets that you only need to hit (ring) each target to score. Each stage is shot 5 times and the slowest time is discarded for your stage score (total time). Normally there are 5 stages so you need at least 125 rounds but you probably should bring 150+. You can use any handgun of 9mm / 38 cal. or bigger. You will need a safe hip type holster and up to 5 magazines (min. of 2 total). This will help speed things up between each shooting string. But someone can help by reloading your magazines for you as you shoot if you have just 2. You start each string with your wrists above shoulders and draw from the holster. No movement or reloads on the clock are required. A $15 entry fee, eye and ear protection and you are shooting steel. Cash prizes are awarded on the Lewis random system. Matches are on the 2 nd Sunday of each month (except Oct. – gone hunting) start time is 9:30 am at the Sports Park competition and training range. Contact person is: Dennis Erickson Cell 601-6599,

Winter Schedules and Events 2008
General Club Meeting
Every Third Wednesday of the Month at 7 pm at the Vilas Road Clubhouse

Practical Pistol Practice
Thursday Night 5pm to 8:30 pm Outdoor at the Sports Park during DST At Indoor Range during Pacific Std time

Bullseye Rimfire Pistol Practice
Monday Night at 7:30 pm Set-up from 7:00 to 7:30pm MRPC Indoor Range, Vilas Road

4-H Archery
Friday Night 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm MRPC Indoor Range during the Winter Outdoor Club Range during the Summer

Fullbore Rifle and High Power Rifle Practice
Contact---Don Shefcheck 890-5224 or Sunday’s at the “Camp White” / White City High Power Range

Junior Indoor Small Bore Rifle Practice
Tuesday Nights at 6:00pm at MRPC Indoor Range All equipment and rifles are furnished for the program (Junior Memberships are $5 a year)

Adult Indoor Small Bore Rifle Practice
2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the Month 7:00pm at MRPC Indoor Range

MRPC OPEN HOUSE February 3rd. 3:00pm at Vilas Road at Clubhouse (First Sunday Every Month) March 8th & 9th At the Clubhouse 6/10 Info.@(541-582-0333

Winter Gun Show


11-03-2009 Contact Ken at 54 1-345-6699

RCBS Rockchucker ,1 Lyman “C” Press , Powder Scales , Powder Measures , Powder Dippers (2 sets) Funnels , Case Trimmers , Powder Dripper, 38 SPL/.357 Dies (2 Sets , 44 Mag Dies , 45 Colt Dies , 45 ACP Dies , 30-30 Dies , 308 Dies ,30-06 Dies ,.243 Dies ,Miscellaneous Cast Bullets – Mostly 44 Mag and .357 ,Miscellaneous Cases ,2 – 22 Cal Swinging Targets – great for kids , Speer Reloading Books, Case Tumbler and Media ,Lead Melting Furnace ,Bullet Casting Molds


Call Kermit Hatfield 541-245-0375 Call Joan Bowdish at 535-1657 or 301-6824 day or evening.

45 cal. Military load clean ammo, 12 boxes factory packed and non-corrosive $10/box or make offer Form and trim die for loading press also known as a file and trim die, to form 8X57 Mauser cases from 30-06! If anyone has one priced reasonable please call Rick at 535-2827 Glock model 30, less than 500 rounds put through, 6 10 round clips, carrying bag and 500 manufactured rounds with plastic cases. Less then a year old and no miss fires. Asking $650 for all. Gun is just to big for me.

FOR SALE Call for details and price. 541-826-5211 Mon-Thurs afternoons.
Large library of programming, computer service and digital system information, everything from programming CNC machines to the machine language for programming processors, programming languages, references, dozens of manuals and books, both hard and soft cover. Printer ribbons for ALPS, Citizen, Epson, NEC, and STAR dot matrix printers, as well as toner for NEC laser printers. Also toner and drum for Panasonic KXP-6500 printers. Lots of other computer hardware, including computer cabinets (new and used), video, modem, sound cards, drives, network cards, all at 50% to 70% off retail (way below wholesale).


Dave Corbin, 541-826-5211 Mon-Thurs or e-mail to

Very High Velocity paintball pistol, holds six shots, self-contained CO2 cartridge. The pistol has an adjustment for velocity, which can dial up so it uses a full 15gm cartridge on six shots...that's a lot of power per shot, and knocks a cat off its feet without apparent damage! You can dial it down for normal paintball sports. Very accurate, fun to shoot, louder than you'd think for an airgun. Very nice condition. Marker pistol, three spare 15gm CO2 cartridges, a big container of paintballs...all for $75, half price!

Remington 300 Savage Model 81 fieldmaster (the long recoil rifle) in excellent condition, except someone drilled the receiver for a scope mount. If it were not for that, it would be a top end collector piece. $449. Colt .32-20 caliber New Army double action 1897 revolver, no rust, had a lot of use, wood grips. Works fine. $295. Kimber-imported .380 ACP Daewoo, similar appearance to Walther PPK, blued steel, DL-380, excellent condition complete with clamshell box, original papers, and hard-to-find extra magazine. Good shooter, DA first shot, excellent carry gun if you don't mind the Walther style inverted safety (up is off, down is on, like the PPK). $375. Looking for a good used holster for a 1910 Browning, right hand paddle or high-carry belt holster for concealed carry under suit coat. Also same for 1903 Colt M series pistols. Have a number of used, quality leather holsters for K frame revolvers, Colt commander, 1911's, etc. to trade. Also have concealed carry ankle and inside pants holsters for small guns like PPK, all in slightly used but near perfect condition (which means I didn't like them, but you might). FOR SALE Call Jim Smith 301-5948
Browning BAR Belgium 7mmMag with Leupold 3x9 $950 , Rem 700 BDL 30-06 with Leupold 3x9 $700, Winchester 63, 22 LR $450, Browning Light 12 Shotgun Belgium 30” Full Choke $795, Winchester Model 12 16ga 30”Full Choke $200, Winchester Model 1200 16 ga 30” Full Choke $200, Special---Investment quality NEW DU Browning 20 ga unfired $2595, New DU Browning 16 Ga unfired $2595, New DU Browning 12ga unfired $2595, NIB Browning “Montana Centennial” Model 1886 45-70 $2,000, Navy Arms 1866 Yellow Boy Carbine 4440 “Little Big Horn” Commemorative with case $1,200




Club Rules
Turn on Door Alarm. This alerts you to someone entering the building while your shooting. MRPC Indoor Range is for Valid Members and Their Guest Only. Sign in and deposit your fee in the slot in the front of the Lock-Up door. Current fees are: $1.00 for paid members and $2.00 for non-member guest. Guests may use the range with a member twice before they are expected to join. The outdoor range is for overflow parking during events, and at this time Archery use ONLY. Turn on Only What is Needed for Your Comfort. (Lights, Heat, Ventilation systems). Observe Signs Inside the Range Regarding Rules. Clean up after yourself, Pick up brass, sweep floor (if dirty), and turn off lights, heat, and ventilation systems before leaving building. Help keep the range neat and clean. This range is ONLY safe for standard handgun loads used in target shooting, and for rimfire rifles. Do not use any Center-Fire rifles or shotguns. The Bullet traps are not made for center fire rifle ammo and any use of center fire rifle ammo will void your membership. Magnum Pistols may normally only be used on Positions 13 and 14, however currently these shooting lanes are closed for repair. Scheduled events have priority over general use. If you arrive when an event or scheduled practice is about the start you may be able to participate after a safety briefing or if you have the proper equipment. As the event Range Officer for information. Very few events are closed to members not entered. Twice a year the range is closed for our Spring and Fall Gun Shows, normally from the Thursday before to the Monday after.

Common Public Range Rules
ALWAYS POINT THE MUZZLE DOWN RANGE LOADED OR UNLOADED The 180 rule is to be enforced at all times. This means the muzzle of the gun does not go past your shoulders (left side to right side), Head to toe. (ceiling to floor). KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER, and outside the trigger guard, until ready to fire or the command "Commence Firing' has been given. KEEP THE ACTION OPEN AND FIREARM UNLOADED UNTIL READY TO USE. On a firing range this means the shooters are in position on the firing line and the range has been cleared for live firing. If you come to the indoor range and there is a person on the shooting line. You must shoot on that line, or wait until the person is done to shoot on a different shooting line. KNOW HOW YOUR FIREARM OPERATES. WEAR EAR AND EYE PROTECTION. Look through the window into the range area before entering, and see if anyone is preparing to fire. If so, put on hearing protection before you go through the range doors! You must provide your own hearing protection and have it with you in the range area, and put it on when anyone is preparing to fire. BE COURTEOUS. If the range is being used, co-ordinate your non-scheduled use with the people who were there first. If you are using the range when someone else arrives, make sure their hearing protection is on and they are safely back of the firing line before you commence firing. The right to use firearms also requires the duty to be safe and courteous of other shooters. SCHEDULED EVENTS TAKE PRECEDENCE. If you arrive at a time when a scheduled event or regular practice session is about to commence, ask if you can participate with the other shooters (in most cases, after making sure you know the rules and have required equipment, you will be most welcome). Members will be more than happy to explain the event and invite you to participate. Whenever the range is not being set up for a show or prepared for a scheduled event, it is available to members for informal practice. Each organized group has a director, and establishes the rules to be followed during their scheduled event. Speak with the director about the rules for the scheduled event. DO NOT MIX ALCOHOL OR DRUGS WITH SHOOTING ACTIVITIES. Indoor shooting is to shoot down range and at a paper target only. No shooting pop cans, phone books, lights, glass. If you are found shooting at anything other than a paper target, you may have your membership revoked!



Ask a Friend to Join
Membership Application See Confidentiality policy on Website First name: Address: City: State: [ ]Home Phone: [ ]Work Phone: E-mail: Adult (family) membership $50 [ ] Zip: [ ]Fax: [ ]Cell: [ ] New (need new FOB and Card) [ ] Renewal (update lock, send new Card) [ ]New [ ]Renewal Date: Last name:

Junior membership only $5 [ ] Spouse name: Spouse Card Desired? [ ]Yes [ ]No Additional Fobs @ $8 each: _____ Qty Other family members who wish to have membership cards: [ ]Under 18? Name: [ ]Under 18? Name: [ ]Under 18? Name: For MRPC processing: [ ]Card made [ ]Card sent Check no.___________ Amount:__________ [ ]FOB registered [ ]FOB sent [ ]Recorded [ ]Membership Updated [ ]Expires _________________
(Print, complete and mail with dues.) Home Page

MRPC offers members a good deal on Large Rifle Primers while the supply lasts...all small rifle, small pistol and large pistol primers have been sold! We have ONLY about 7,000 primers left as of the last meeting! E-mail, call, or write now if you want to get some at this bargain price. Winchester Large Rifle... $13.50 per 1000 Buy official NRA 50-ft. indoor Bullseye Pistol Targets, slow fire or timed/rapid fire targets in packages of 100, for the incredible low price of only $12.50 per package! Printed on stiff target paper, these are the B-2 and B-3 standard NRA targets, used in National Match courses and indoor target shooting. Available only to club members. Come to any meeting and ask an officer about either item, or contact Dave Corbin, Treasurer (541-826-5211 Mon-Thurs, 9am-5pm). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Members May Place an Advertisement in this newsletter Contact Dave Corbin



Medford Rifle and Pistol Club

Spring Gun Show
March 8th and 9th, 2008 1253 E.Vilas Road, Medford, Oregon
Put It On Your Calendar to Attend Put It On Your Calendar to Volunteer Helping at the Show


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