Carl Perkins Administrative Assistant by ao111


									                        Carl Perkins Administrative Assistant
                                    INTERNAL SEARCH

A minimum of one year of college.

   Act as liaison between administrator and staff; Perform administrative support activities
     such as maintaining files, printing and duplication services;
   Monitor budget and advise administrator of budget status;
   Collect and supervise the collection and preparation of data into reports;
   Sort and route mail to proper divisions and compose correspondence not requiring attention
     of the administrator;
   Schedule conferences and meetings and take or transcribe minutes of meetings;
   Type correspondence on reports, forms, contracts, manuals, bulletins, hearings, and other
     important documents;
   Type contracts, secure appropriate signatures, and track contracts through the approval
   Assist in the coordination of professional development activities and certifications;
   Assist in the preparation of the Carl Perkins grant, quarterly report, and VEDS report;
   Document all incoming and outgoing Carl Perkins paperwork including travel purchase
     requisition requests, personnel transactions, and equipment inventory;
   Enter data regarding purchase requisitions into computer financial services system;
   Manage a database of Carl Perkins related equipment; Assist with downward, sideways and
     upwards articulation;
   Maintain database of special population participants, services provided, and activities;
   Submit quarterly Carl Perkins reports to Perkins Compliance Officer; Submit monthly
     project activity reports to Perkins Compliance Officer,
   Provide supportive services to students as required by Carl Perkins; and
   Perform all work related duties as required by immediate supervisor that meets the
     guidelines specified in the Carl Perkins Vocational Technology Grant.
   Assist in coordination of Carl Perkins travel requests and other related documentation.

Salary:       $20,000
Deadline:     December 5, 2003
Apply To:     Delgado Community College
              Office of Human Resources
              501 City Park Avenue
              New Orleans, LA 70119-4399

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