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records by linfengfengfz


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    Inventory ID                     ARTIST                             ALBUM                Label                           SINGLES   SOLD   LOCATION
                                                                                                               Promo                                       PRICE
RTL 2094 A         101 STRINGS                     MORNING                               RONCO                                                  BOX-1
H-1001             25 ORIGINAL BIG HITS            N/A                                   HOMESTEAD                                              BOX-2
NU 9840            70'S DECADE OF LOVE             N/A                                   IMPERIAL                                               BOX-1
1-25477            AL JARREAU                      L IS FOR LOVER                        WARNER BRO.   X                                        BOX-1
1-25106            AL JARREAU                      HIGH CRIME                            WARNER BRO.                                            BOX-2
PRO-A-2530         AL JARREAU                      L IS FOR LOVER                        WARNER BRO.   X                     X                  BOX-2
2768-1-RD          ALTITUDE (NEVER OPENED)         WORK IT [LIKE A] 9 TO 5               BMG                                 X                 WALL-1
3030-1-N           AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS            N/A                                   NOVUS                                                  BOX-2
PC 9979            ANDY WILLIAMS                   GREATEST HITS                         COLUMBIA                                               BOX-1
24-4002            AREA CODE 615                   N/A                                   POLYDOR                                                BOX-1
RS-3041            BEE GEES                        SPIRITS HAVING FLOWN                  RSO RECORDS                                            BOX-3        $4.00
RS-3003            BEE GEES                        CHILDREN OF THE WORLD                 RSO RECORDS                                            BOX-3        $4.00
MCA-11             BERT KAEMPFERT                  GREATEST HITS                         MCA                                                    BOX-1
DPL 25086          BILLY VAUGHN                    MUSIC FOR THE GOLDEN HOURS            DOT                                                    BOX-1
DLP 3605           BILLY VAUGHN                    PEARLY SHELLS                         DOT           X                                        BOX-1
KC 30090           BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS             3                                     COLUMBIA                                               BOX-3
KC 31170           BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS             GREATEST HITS                         COLUMBIA                                               BOX-3
IA 9347            BLUE MITCHELL                   SUMMER SOFT                           ABC IMPULSE   X                                        BOX-2
CS 8786            BOB DYLAN                       FREEWHEELIN' ,THE                     COLUMBIA                                               BOX-1       $16.00
PC 34349           BOB DYLAN                       HARD RAIN                             COLUMBIA                                               BOX-3        $6.00
KCS 9463           BOB DYLAN                       GREATEST HITS                         COLUMBIA                                               BOX-3        $6.00
JC 35594           BOB JAMES                       TOUCHDOWN                             COLUMBIA                                               BOX-2
AH 1280            BOB LAPPIN ORCHESTRA (NEW)      FEATURING BOB LAPPIN AT THE PIANO     MELODY                                                 BOX-1
K 52001            BREAD                           MANNA                                 ELEKTRA                                                BOX-3
HL 7350            BRIARCLIFF STRINGS              FAVORITE SONGS OF LOVE                COLUMBIA                                               BOX-1
1098               C.J. CHENIER                    LET ME IN YOUR HEART                  ARHOOLIE                                               BOX-1
SUN 111            CARL PERKINS                    ORIGINAL GOLDEN HITS                  SUN                                                    BOX-2
KRS-5514           CHER                            FOXY LADY                             KAPP                                                   BOX-3
KRS 5549           CHER                            GYPSYS, TRAMPS & THIEVES              KAPP                                                   BOX-3
CL-810             CHUCK LEARY                     TUNES FROM THE OLD RIVERBOAT DAYS     CHUCK LEARY                                            BOX-1
SP-3715            CHUCK MANGIONE                  FUN AND GAMES                         A&M                                                    BOX-1
SP 3115            CHUCK MANGIONE                  CHASE THE CLOUDS AWAY                 A&M                                                    BOX-2
SMR-1-1050         CHUCK MANGIONE                  ENCORE                                MERCURY                                                BOX-2
FC 39479           CHUCK MANGIONE                  DISGUISE                              COLUMBIA                                               BOX-2
3029-1-N           CLYDE CRINER                    BEHIND THE SUN                        NOVUS                                                  BOX-2
SPCN-7-100-16682-9 COLOURS CHRISTMAS               GIFT, THE                             COLOUR                                                 BOX-2
PRO-A-941          COUNTRY SAMPLER                 PEOPLE WHO MAKE OUR COUNRTY GREAT     WARNER BRO.   X                                        BOX-1
F-8382             CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL    CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL          FANTASY                                                BOX-3        $6.00
F-8397             CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL    WILLY AND THE POOR BOYS               FANTASY                                                BOX-3        $6.00
F-8393             CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL    GREEN RIVER                           FANTASY                                                BOX-3
SD 19104           CROSBY, STILLS & NASH           CSN                                   ATLANTIC                                               BOX-3
SD 19119           CROSBY, STILLS, NASH &YOUNG     SO FAR                                ATLANTIC                                               BOX-3
SD 7200            CROSBY, STILLS, NASH &YOUNG     DÉJÀ VU (NO CARDBOARD SLEEVE)         ATLANTIC                                               BOX-3
                                                   IMAGES (2 OF THE SAME RECORD IN ONE   ABC BLUE
BA 6030            CRUSADERS                       SLEEVE)                               THUMB                                                   BOX-2
                                                                                         ABC BLUE
BT-6029            CRUSADERS                       FREE AS THE WIND                      THUMB                                                   BOX-2
MCA 3094           CRUSADERS                       STREET LIFE 300 S.                    MCA                                                     BOX-2
ACR-1001           DAVE STAHL BAND                 ANACONDA                              ABEE CAKE                                               BOX-2
Inventory List                                                                                                                                           2/28/2013
                                                                                                                   Not For Resale/                                 GUIDE
    Inventory ID                      ARTIST                                 ALBUM                  Label                            SINGLES   SOLD   LOCATION
                                                                                                                       Promo                                       PRICE
TSL-2841            DAVE TOFANI                              MANHATTAN CARNIVAL                 TELESTAR                                                BOX-2
L33-17213 (N6234)   DAVID LANZ/MICHAEL JONES (PIANO SOLOS)   SOLSTICE                           NARADA         X                     X                 WALL-1
PRO-A-2699          DAVID SANBORN                            TINTIN                             WARNER BRO.    X                     X                 WALL-1
BSK 3379            DAVID SANBORN                            HIDEAWAY                           WARNER BRO.                                             BOX-2
422 830 675-1       DEF LEPPARD                              HYSTERIA                           MERCURY                                                 BOX-3
WB 300              DENNIS COFFEY                            BACK HOME                          WESTBOUND      X                                        BOX-2
RS 811 SD           DICK HYMAN                               PROVOCATIVE PIANO                  COMMAND                                                 BOX-1
T-10026             DINO OLIVIERI                            TWO IN A GONDOLA                   CAPITAL                                                 BOX-1
2310-794            DIZZY GILLESPIE AND LALO SCHIFRIN        FREE RIDE                          PABLO                                                   BOX-2
PC 8635             DORIS DAY                                GREATEST HITS                      COLUMBIA                                                BOX-1
FM 55               DUKE ELLINGTON                           SOPHISTICATED LADY                 PIROUETTE                                               BOX-1
W1 25262            EARL KLUGH                               SODA FOUNTAIN SHUFFLE              WARNER BRO.                                             BOX-1
ST-12372            EARL KLUGH                               NIGHTSONGS                         CAPITAL                                                 BOX-1
1-25478             EARL KLUGH                               LIFE STORIES                       WARNER BRO.    X                                        BOX-2
6E 276              EDDIE RABBIT                             HORIZON                            ELEKTRA                                                 BOX-1
RS 6262             ELECTRIC PRUNES                          UNDERGROUND                        REPRISE                                                 BOX-1       $20.00
SD 9900             EMERSON, LAKE, & PALMER                  TARKUS                             COTILLION                                               BOX-3
PRO-A-2447          ERIC JOHNSON                             OFF MY MIND                        REPRISE        X                     X                  BOX-2
WH-1041-A           FILM MUSIC                               MARK ISHAM                         WINDHAM HILL   X                     X                 WALL-1
BRK-6877            FOGHAT                                   STONE BLUE                         BEARSVILLE                                              BOX-1
ST-12388            FRANK MILLS                              MUSIC BOX DANCER                   CAPITAL                                                 BOX-1
CAS-987(e)          FRANKIE CARLE                            EASY TO LOVE                       RCA CAMDEN                                              BOX-1
GHS 24156           GEOFFREY DOWNES NEW LIGHT ORCHESTRA      LIGHT PROGRAM (MISSING RECORD 2)   GEFFEN         X                                        BOX-2
ST 240              GEORGE KELLY                             PLAYS THE MUSIC OF DON REDMAN      STASH                                                   BOX-2
CSS 1507            GREAT BIG BAND VOCALISTS, THE            N/A                                COLUMBIA                                                BOX-1
CSS 1508            GREAT OLD TIME RADIO STARS,THE           N/A                                COLUMBIA                                                BOX-1
D 956               GREATEST HITS OF THE GOLDEN GROUPS       N/A                                COLUMBIA                                                BOX-1
KU-26 S1            HANK CRAWFORD                            I HEAR A SYMPHONY                  KUDU                                                    BOX-1
GS-9                HEADLINERS,THE (LIMITED ED)              VOLUME 2                           COLUMBIA                                                BOX-1
PLUG-8              HELLMAN'S ANGELS                         POP GO THE ANGELS                  PLUG                                                    BOX-2
L33-17283           HENRY JOHNSON                            MR. MONTGOMERY                     MCA            X                     X                 WALL-1
AYL1-3667           HENRY MANCINI                            PURE GOLD                          RCA                                                     BOX-1
3025-1-N            HENRY THREADGILL                         EASILY SLIP INTO ANOTHER WORLD     NOVUS                                                   BOX-2
3024-1-N            HILTON RUIZ                              EL CAMINO                          NOVUS                                                   BOX-2
T-2478              HOWARD ROBERTS                           WHATEVER'S FAIR                    CAPITAL                                                 BOX-1
SD 33-250           IRON BUTTERFLY                           IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA                 ATCO                                                    BOX-3       $10.00
SD 33-318           IRON BUTTERFLY                           LIVE                               ATCO                                                    BOX-3
SD 33-368           IRON BUTTERFLY                           EVOLUTION                          ATCO                                                    BOX-3
ANT0007             JAMES COTTON                             LIVE AT ANTONE'S NIGHT CLUB        ANTONE'S                                                BOX-2
ANT0007             JAMES COTTON                             LIVE AT ANTONE'S NIGHT CLUB        ANTONE'S                                                BOX-2
CS 8410             JAZZ POLL WINNERS                        N/A                                COLUMBIA                                                BOX-1
SD 19110            JEAN-JUC PONTY                           ENIGMATIC OCEAN                    ATLANTIC                                                BOX-1
PR 524              JEAN-LUC PONTY                           FAR FROM THE BEATEN PATHS          ATLANTIC       X                     X                 WALL-1
MS-2103             JIMI HENDRIX                             WAR HEROES                         REPRISE                                                 BOX-3        $8.00
FS 296              JIMI HENDRIX AND LITTLE RICHARD          ROOTS OF ROCK                      EVEREST                                                 BOX-3
RS 2025             JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE                  SMASH HITS                         REPRISE                                                 BOX-3        $8.00
2RS-6307            JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE                  ELECTRIC LADYLAND                  REPRISE                                                 BOX-3       $16.00
PC 36803            JINGLE BELL JAZZ                         N/A                                COLUMBIA                                                BOX-2
BFW 40726           JOAQIUN LIEVANO                          ONE MIND                           PACIFIC        X                                         BOX-2

Inventory List                                                                                                                                                   2/28/2013
                                                                                                                     Not For Resale/                                 GUIDE
    Inventory ID                 ARTIST                                  ALBUM                          Label                          SINGLES   SOLD   LOCATION
                                                                                                                         Promo                                       PRICE
SP-4670          JOE COCKER                             GREATEST HITS                             A&M                                                      BOX-3
1-25044          JOHN ABERCROMBIE                       CURRENT EVENTS                            ECM            X                                         BOX-2
PRO-A-2480       JOHN ABERCROMBIE                       CLINT                                     ECM            X                     X                   BOX-2
FC 37152         LUCIA                                  FRIDAY NIGHT IN SAN FRANCISCO LIVE        COLUMBIA                                                BOX-2
GR 8405          JOHN SCOFIELD                          ELECTRIC OUTLET                           GRAMAVISION                                             BOX-2
1223             JOHN SCOTT TROTTER                     A THOUSAND AND ONE NOTES                  WARNER BRO.                                             BOX-1
3036-1-N         JUAN MARTIN                            THROUGH THE MORNING WINDOW                BMG                                                     BOX-1
MCA-6274         KEIKO MATSUI                           UNDER NORTHERN LIGHTS                     MCA                                                     BOX-2
MCA-42003        LARRY CARLTON                          DISCOVERY                                 MCA            X                                        BOX-1
AA 212           LONDON PHILHAMONIC ORCHESTRA, THE      CHARIOTS OF FIRE                          AUDIO AWARD                                             BOX-1
AA 208           LONDON PHILHAMONIC ORCHESTRA, THE      CONTINENTAL GOLD                          AUDIO AWARD                                             BOX-1
ANT0009          LOU ANN BARTON                         READ MY LIPS                              ANTONE'S                                                BOX-1
PRO-A-2466       LYLE MAYS                              HIGHLAND AIRE                             GEFFEN         X                     X                  BOX-2
DS 50064         MAMAS AND THE PAPAS                    16 OF THEIR GREATEST HITS                 DUNHILL                                                 BOX-3        $4.00
D 50010          MAMAS AND THE PAPAS                    N/A                                       DUNHILL                                                 BOX-3       $10.00
A10-1005         MANTOVANI                              LEGEND, THE                               AUDIOIO                                                 BOX-1
PS 147           MANTOVANI                              CONTINENTAL ENCORES                       LONDON                                                  BOX-1
PS 164           MANTOVANI                              FILM ENCORES VOL 2                        LONDON                                                  BOX-1
LL 1150          MANTOVANI                              MUSIC OF RUDOLF FRIML                     LONDON                                                  BOX-1
LL1219           MANTOVANI                              SONG HITS FROM THEATRELAND                LONDON                                                  BOX-1
ANT0013          MATT MURPHY                            WAY DOWN SOUTH                            ANTONE'S                                                BOX-1
JC 34971         MAYNARD FERGUSON                       NEW VINTAGE                               COLUMBIA                                                BOX-2
FC 45212         MEGATOP PHOENIX                        BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE                        CBS            X                                        BOX-2
ARI 1026         MEMORY LANE                            N/A                                       SESSIONS                                                BOX-1
3032-1-N         MICHEAL SHRIEVE /STEVE ROACH           LEAVING TIME,THE                          NOVUS                                                   BOX-2
KC 33184         MICHEAL URBANIAK'S FUSION              ATMA                                      COLUMBIA                                                BOX-2
81688-1          MIKI HOWARD                            COME SHARE MY LOVE                        ATLANTIC                                                BOX-1
422 835 756-1    MOODY BLUES                            SUR LA MER                                POLYDOR                                                 BOX-3
DES 18017        MOODY BLUES                            IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CHORD               DERAM                                                   BOX-3        $8.00
SD 19351         NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN                  CONFIDENCE                                ATLANTIC                                                BOX-2
SD 19259         NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN                  DANCE OF LIFE, THE                        ATLANTIC                                                BOX-2
R 123787         NATALIE COLE                           UNPREDICTABLE                             CAPITAL                                                 BOX-2
DL 734727        NEIL DIAMOND /THE SUPREMES             IT'S HAPPENING!                           MCA                                                     BOX-3       $20.00
CS 8457          NEW ANDRE KOSTELANETZ, THE             TODAY'S GREAT HITS                        COLUMBIA                                                BOX-1
GC-7537          NORTHWIND                              FIRESHADOWS                               GLEN CANYON                                             BOX-2
DAL(OR FM) 42239 OSAMU KITAJIMA                         SOURCE, THE                               EPIC                                                   WALL-1
PRO-A-2189       PAT METHENY GROUP                      FIRST CIRCLE, THE                         ECM            X                     X                 WALL-1
PRO-A-2237       PAT METHENY GROUP                      YOLANDA, YOU LEARN                        ECM            X                     X                  BOX-1
GHS 24145        PAT METHENY GROUP                      STILL LIFE (TALKING)                      GEFFEN         X                                        BOX-2
PRO-A-2467       PAT METHENY/ORNETTE COLEMAN            MOB JOB                                   GEFFEN         X                     X                 WALL-1
CS 8481          PERCY FAITH STRINGS, THE               BOUQUET OF LOVE                           COLUMBIA                                                BOX-1
ANLI-0972(e)     PERRY COMO                             PURE GOLD                                 RCA                                                     BOX-1
AL 4034          PETER NERO                             DISCO DANCE AND LOVE THEMES OF THE 70'S   ARISTA                                                  BOX-1
CAL 2139         PETER NERO                             PLAYS "BORN FREE" AND OTHERS              RCA CAMDEN                                              BOX-1
CL-48493         POISON                                 OPEN UP AND SAY….AHH!                     CAPITAL                                                 BOX-3
27012            RCOA STEREO SYSTEMS TEST RECORD        N/A                                       YORKSHIRE                                              WALL-1
RD3-70-1           READERS DIGEST                       RAGTIME FUN (4 RECORDS)                   (RCA CUSTOM)                                             BOX-2
XTV 69409          REMEMBER HOW GREAT                   VOLUME 2                                  COLUMBIA                                                 BOX-1

Inventory List                                                                                                                                                     2/28/2013
                                                                                                           Not For Resale/                                 GUIDE
    Inventory ID                  ARTIST                          ALBUM                      Label                           SINGLES   SOLD   LOCATION
                                                                                                               Promo                                       PRICE
XTV 69408          REMEMBER HOW GREAT             VOLUME 2                               COLUMBIA                                               BOX-1
MA-2020A           RICHARD BEIRACH                BREATHING OF STATUES                   MAGENTA       X                                        BOX-1
FC 40174           RICHARD CLAYDERMAN             FROM PARIS WITH LOVE                   COLUMBIA                                               BOX-1
3038-1-N           RODNEY FRANKLIN                DIAMOND INSIDE OF YOU                  NOVUS                                                  BOX-2
GRP 5002           ROLAND VAZQUEZ                 URBAN ENSEMBLE                         ARISTA                                                 BOX-2
CS 8182            SAMMY KAYE                     BALROOM DATE                           COLUMBIA                                               BOX-1
ED 5409            SANDAO WATANABE                ANY OTHER FOOL                         ELEKTRA       X                     X                 WALL-1
SP-4937            SERGIO MENDES                  N/A                                    A&M                                                    BOX-1
ANT0010            SILENT PARTNERS                IF IT'S ALL NIGHT…IT'S ALL RIGHT!      ANTONE'S                                               BOX-1
CS 9363            SIMON & GARFUNKEL              PARSLEY,SAGE,ROSEMARY AND THYME        COLUMBIA                                               BOX-3        $5.00
CL 2469            SIMON & GARFUNKEL              SOUNDS OF SILENCE                      COLUMBIA                                               BOX-3
LSP-1579           SKITCH HENDERSON               ON THE BANDSTAND                       RCA VICTOR                                             BOX-1
PMR-024            SLAM STEWART, MAJOR HOLLY      SHUT YO' MOUTH!                        PM RECORDS                                             BOX-2
KS 3660            SONNY AND CHER                 ALL I EVER NEED IS YOU                 KAPP                                                   BOX-3
RX-1-3080          SOUNDTRACK                     FAME                                   RSO RECORDS   X                                        BOX-2
MCA-3037           SOUNDTRACK                     ALMOST SUMMER                          MCA                                                    BOX-2
FC 39908           SPORTIN' LIFE                  WEATHER REPORT                         COLUMBIA                                               BOX-2
L33-1134           SPYRO GYRA                     NIGHTLIFE                              MCA           X                     X                 WALL-1
MCA -5606          SPYRO GYRA                     ALTERNATING CURRENTS                   MCA                                                    BOX-2
PD 5531            STAN CLARKE                    CHILDREN FOREVER                       POLYDOR                                                BOX-2
DS 50053           STEPPENWOLF                    AT YOUR BIRTHDAY                       DUNHILL                                                BOX-3        $3.00
DSX 50090          STEPPENWOLF                    STEPPENWOLF 7                          DUNHILL                                                BOX-3
DS 50037           STEPPENWOLF                    SECOND, THE (WHITE BOARDER COVER)      DUNHILL                                                BOX-3       $12.00
DS-50029           STEPPENWOLF                    N/A                                    DUNHILL                                                BOX-3
DS-50060           STEPPENWOLF                    EARLY STEPPENWOLF                      DUNHILL                                                BOX-3
PE 33583           STEPPENWOLF                    HOUR OF THE WOLF                       EPIC                                                   BOX-3
PZ 33093           STEPPENWOLF                    SLOW FLUX                              MUMS                                                   BOX-3
DS-50066           STEPPENWOLF                    MONSTER                                DUNHILL                                                BOX-3
V-75504            STRYPER                        HONESTLY                               ENIGMA                              X                 WALL-1
GT-0087            SUPER HITS                     VOLUME 2                               GUSTO                                                  BOX-1
GT-0088            SUPER HITS                     VOLUME 3                               GUSTO                                                  BOX-1
DS-50068           THREE DOG NIGHT                CAPTURED LIVE AT THE FORUM             DUNHILL                                                BOX-3        $1.00
DSD-50118          THREE DOG NIGHT                SEVEN SEPARATE FOOLS (HAS ALL CARDS)   DUNHILL                                                BOX-3        $4.00
UA-LA857-H         TIM WEISBERG BAND              ROTATIONS                              UNITED                                                 BOX-2
FL-1000            TOM BRESH                      HOMEMADE LOVE (NEW)                    PARR                                                   BOX-2
PRO-A-2209         TOM ROBINSON                   WAR BABY                               GEFFEN        X                     X                  BOX-1
ACL-7033           TOMMY DORSEY                   DEDICATED TO YOU                       PICKWICK                                               BOX-1
ST-2558            UNFORGETTABLE NAT COLE SINGS   GREAT SONGS, THE                       CAPITAL                                                BOX-1
AL-8545            VANGELIS                       DIRECT                                 ARISTA        X                                        BOX-1
GHS 24147          WETTON/MANZANERA               N/A                                    GEFFEN        X                                        BOX-2
MCA-5406           WILTON FELDER                  GENTLE FIRE                            MCA           X                                        BOX-2
873 227-1          WITNESS                        WITHOUT YOU IN MY LIFE                 LECTION       X                     X                 WALL-1
SPC-3269           BEACH BOYS                     GOOD VIBRATIONS                        PICKWICK                                               BOX-3
BSK 3612           DOOBIE BROTHERS                BEST OF THE DOOBIES VOLUME 2           WARNER BRO.                                            BOX-3
MS 676             DIANA ROSS AND THE SUPREMES    TALK OF THE TOWN                       MOTOWN                                                 BOX-3        $4.00
BLPS-217           NEIL DIAMOND                   JUST FOR YOU                           BANG                                                   BOX-3        $6.00
DS-50006           MAMAS AND THE PAPAS            IF YOU CANBELIEVE YOUR EYES AND EARS   DUNHILL                                                BOX-3       $10.00
SPC-3664           THREE DOG NIGHT                GOLDEN GREATS                          PICKWICK                                               BOX-3
GHS 2001           JOHN LENNON, YOKO ONO          DOUBLE FANTASY                         GEFFEN                                                 BOX-3
MS 2032            NEIL YOUNG                     HARVEST                                REPRISE                                                BOX-3

Inventory List                                                                                                                                           2/28/2013
                                                                                 Not For Resale/                                 GUIDE
    Inventory ID                  ARTIST                   ALBUM         Label                     SINGLES   SOLD   LOCATION
                                                                                     Promo                                       PRICE
MCA-5793           TIFFANY                 N/A                       MCA                                               BOX-3
MCA-2008           NEIL DIAMOND            STONES                    MCA                                               BOX-3
GHS 24099          WHITE SNAKE             N/A                       GEFFEN                                            BOX-3
CHR 1082           JETHRO TULL             MINSTREL IN THE GALLERY   CHRYSALIS                                         BOX-3

Inventory List                                                                                                                 2/28/2013
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