TOWN OF BASALT

Three years experience required. People person, good communicator,
proficient computer skills, Spanish desirable.

Salary Range: $30,500 - $42,100 DOQ. Excellent benefits.

Please fax, e-mail or mail your letter of interest, resume and references to:
Community Relations Position, Town of Basalt, 101 Midland Avenue,
Basalt, Colorado 81621;, fax: (970) 927-4703.

Application deadline: 5 PM Friday, February 11, 2005.

Work Program & Job Duties

Communication & Administration
This position combines communication and administrative skills and works
directly with staff, Town Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission, volunteer
citizen committees, local citizens, citizen networks, the media and numerous
outside local and regional entities. The ability to communicate in Spanish is


Community Relations and Communications
  • Keeps in touch with community information networks, e.g., trailer park
    residents, citizen committees (within and independent of town projects),
    local school teachers, etc.
        o Endeavors to identify issues before they become disruptive.
        o Responds to or refers citizen concerns without delay.
        o Tracks CML (Colorado Municipal League Issues) for Manager and
        o Wordsmith for Town website, letters
        o Facilitates the Roaring Fork Charity Classic fundraiser
                   Assists Council in approval of beneficiary to do the work
                   Tracks event results for publication
        o Facilitates nonprofit workshops (8 per year) with coffee, tea, water,
           set-up and break down

   •   Civic Engagement
          o Staff support for volunteer citizen committees
                   Communicates all meeting schedules and information
                   Takes notes and publishes notes after each meeting
                   Provides materials and resources
                   Stays in steady contact with participants
                    Keeps information organized
          o Arranges and Creates Awards for High Achievements and Public
             Service for presentation at Town Council Meetings
                    Students of the Month
                    Local Business Acknowledgements
                    Numerous Special Awards
   •   Community Information Officer
          o Contacts media with public information in case of an emergency
          o Responds to citizen inquiries with information or referrals
          o Prepares and sends out Press Releases as required by Council
             and all Departments.
          o Provides concise wording for Town website
          o Maintains good relations with the media
          o Designs and arranges Advertising for all Departments (see Human
             Resources below)
                    Knows and implements all free access to the media
                    Creates and prints Flyers for all Departments
   •   Attends weekly senior staff meetings
          o Stays in communication loop among department heads
          o Takes direction from Town Manager following Council meetings
                    Follow-up letters, press, etc.

Grants & Letters
   • Writes most of the Town’s Grants, independently or with others
          o Research
          o Pre-applications
          o Final Applications
          o Administrative follow-up
   • Composes letters as required by Council and department heads.
   • Maintains communication with state and federal legislators on Town
   • Makes grant presentations as requires (NWCCOG, GOCO, etc)

Bilingual Communication (Spanish / English) Desirable
    • Provides translation assistance to other employees with Spanish-speaking
            o Helps Spanish-speaking citizens make essential phone calls as
              needed in normal Town business (e.g., regarding court
              appearances, utilities, recreation programs, etc.)
    • Bilingual liaison between the Town Hall and the Latino population
            o Works with translators as needed
            o Note: Basalt has three bilingual police officers, all of whom are
              fluent in Spanish and English
            o Creates notices and flyers in Spanish as needed

   •   Helps prepare advertisements for employment positions
   •   Arranges advertising of position
   •   Creates file for applications and follow up
   •   Facilitates application / interview process as required
   •   Performs follow up communication to all applicants


  • Administers the Basalt Community Housing Program
        o Provides information to citizens
        o Approves applicants
        o Administers leases for town-owned properties
        o Places ads for sales and rental unit
        o Works with outside entity to administer deed restrictions
                 Sales, refinances and resales
                 Enforcement of deed restriction
                 Leaves of absence, etc

  • Provides administrative assistance to Planning Department
       o Assists with packet preparation
       o Assists with meeting preparation
       o Proof-reads outgoing documents
       o Responds to public inquiries
                Researches inquiries as needed
                Produces documents as needed
                Reproduces documents as needed
       o Transmits referral requests to Town Staff and agencies
                Assists Planners with TRC Reviews as directed
       o Provides support on other Planning projects as needed
                Town Survey
                Master Plan Revisions
                River Corridor Plan, etc (see details below)
       o Special assistance and facilitation for public meetings and
       o Administers Public Notices for the Planning Department
                Formats notices
                Publishes notices
       o Ordinance Tracking
                Makes revisions to Planning ordinances
         Legal ordinance procedure follow-through, incl public
         notices, etc
o Provides Public Notice information and Requirements to Applicants
         Public Hearing information
         Posting and mailing information
         Provides notice for posting
o Staff Support for River Corridor Plan
         Communicates schedules and information to all participants
         Prepares materials, set-up
         Records meetings
         Produces and sends out meeting notes
         Keeps files and project notebooks
         Arranges follow-up meetings

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