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									Manager, Program Development/Health Planning 15.1
GRADE:               15
DIVISION:            Office of the Director - Program Development/Health Planning
SALARY:              $45,840 - $68,759

Under general supervision, performs complex professional duties, and supervision of program
development/quality improvement and health planning. Represents the THD Director and
Executive Management Team externally and internally and assists with other THD programs.

The following functions represent the majority of the duties performed by the position, but is not
meant to be all-inclusive or prevent other duties from being assigned when necessary.

   1.     Research, develop and design programs to aid the Director in achieving strategic goals.
          Create final products to be disseminated to potential partners and funding sources.
   2.     Plan, write, revise/update and conduct ongoing program development for all THD
          Programs in coordination and cooperation with program managers.
   3.     Supports programmatic quality improvement measures for agency-wide programs.
   4.     Coordinates and assists with regular assessments of available county data through
          local, state, and national databases to identify community needs and health trends.
   5.     Coordinate and assist with the development of an assessment database to support
          external grant writers, community based organizations and individuals’ that need
          ready access to Tulsa County Health Data. Work with the THD Marketing Director to
          publicize the electronic assessment database.
   6.     Responsible for coordinating and supervising the MCH Initiative staff, a Planner, an
          Administrative Aide and additional program staff as assigned.
   7.     Provide analyses and summaries of data regarding program development and
          marketing efforts for publication.
   8.     Assist program managers in expanding/reorienting current programs to meet the
          dynamic needs of the targeted communities. Work with program staff to develop
          grants for funding sources.
   9.     Develop and maintain partnerships with local, state and non-profit agencies.
   10.    Coordinate and facilitate communication on behalf of the Director, EMT, THD,
          community partners, grantors, and other local and state agencies.
   11.    Develop, write and edit material for reports, manuals, grants, proposals, memoranda
          and awards/nominations.
   12.    Prepare progress and annual reports for internal review and external grantors.
          Organize material and complete writing assignments according to set standards
          regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology.
   13.    Research best-practices and develop grant proposals for intra and inter-agency

Tulsa City-County Health Department                                             Job Description 15.1
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Manager, Program Development/Health Planning 15.1

  14.       Reviews project proposals to determine time frame, budget, funding limitations,
            procedures for accomplishing a project, staffing requirements and resource allocation.
  15.       Confers with project personnel to provide technical assistance during implementation
            of project.
  16.       Research and disseminate possible funding opportunities for the Director and the
            Executive Management Team to review.
  17.       Collaborate with Director in writing speeches and articles.
  18.       Edit and standardize material prepared by other internal program writers.
  19.       Collect and analyze information about newsworthy events; gather and verify factual
  20.       Create and present illustrations, graphs and charts for reports and public meetings on
            behalf of the Director and THD.
  21.       Represent the Director at internal and external meetings and conferences.
  22.       Complete required training in support of duties and responsibilities of this position.
  23.       Other duties as assigned including those to fulfill activities in support of public health
            emergency operations.

  1. May provide support to the Community Hospital Authority.
  2. May attend appropriate conferences, workshops and other training events to enhance
     skills in community needs assessment, program development and communication.
  3. May assist Director’s Office in fundraising events.

       Bachelor’s degree in social science, public health, health planning, journalism, English or
       related field required.
       Master’s degree preferred in public health, health planning, journalism or related field.

       Three years of professional-level experience in writing or related field.
       Four years of supervisory experience preferred.
       Program development experience preferred.

Knowledge and Skills:
      Proficient in Microsoft Word and MS Office applications.
      Proficient in SPSS, STATA or other statistical analysis software applications.
      Excellent oral and written communication skills, and in following oral and written
      Excellent writing and research skills.
      Excellent proof-reading skills.

Tulsa City-County Health Department                                                Job Description 15.1
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Manager, Program Development/Health Planning 15.1
        Excellent human relations skills in maintaining effective and satisfactory working
        relationships with others with minimum direction.
        Handles confidential work with tact and discretion.
        Skill in interpreting and handling routine decisions in accordance with Health Department
        Skill in dealing tactfully with the public.
        Knowledge of public relations principles and techniques; of gathering and analyzing data;
        of planning, composing and editing.
        Must be highly motivated and capable of working under demanding time constraints with
        minimal supervision.

Licenses:        None.

    Internal contact with all Health Department programs in collecting data, conducting research,
    developing grant proposals and projects.
    External contact with outside agencies, private companies, foundations and Board of Health.

No unusual physical effort.

Direct Supervision:               Health Planner, Administrative Aide and MCH Initiative Staff.
Indirect Supervision:             None.
Budget/Money/Material:            To be determined.
Reports to:                       Director, THD

No unusual working conditions.

   Must maintain THD record confidentiality according to HIPAA guidelines.
   Must possess ability and willingness to perform work-related travel.

Tulsa City-County Health Department                                                Job Description 15.1
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