Credit Card Payment Calculator

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					Credit Card Payoff Calculator

  Credit Card Info
  Current Balance                                              $5,000
  Interest Rate                                                17.50%
  Interest-Only Payment                                        $72.92

  A. Calculate Months to Payoff
  Monthly Payment                                           $120.00
  (Needs to be greater than the interest-only payment)

  Months to Payoff                                       64.62          (5.39 years)

  Total Interest                                          $2,754.43

  B. Calculate Monthly Payment
  Payoff Goal (Months)                                    36            (3 years)

  Monthly Payment                                          $179.51
  Total Interest                                          $1,462.37

  Caution: Results are only estimates. Interest rates may vary, values
  may be off due to rounding, and the calculator does not take into
  account late fees, cash advances, or additional charges to the