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					                                      Shiloh Summary
Nicole, Laura, Alexandra, Eilish                                            Chapter 13,14,15

       Marty really needs to keep Shiloh, and unfortunately his last resort is Judd when

all else failed. Marty knows what he has to do in order to keep Shiloh, so Marty rehearses

what he’s going to say to when he gets to Judd’s, and leaves early in the morning to go

see him. Once Marty gets to Judd’s he sees him shoot a doe, out of season. Marty knows

that it’s illegal. Now Marty knows that he has Judd right where he wants him.

       Once Judd realized Marty’s there, Marty threatens him if Judd gives him Shiloh,

then he won’t tell the game warden about the doe. Judd tries to get around selling Shiloh,

but in the end he makes Marty work for the money to buy Shiloh. Marty only gets paid

two dollars an hour, but he’s willing to work 20 hours to earn $40.00 to buy Shiloh.

       Marty does backbreaking work for Shiloh. Marty is willing to give up all his free

time for Shiloh because he wants him so bad. Judd tries to get around selling Shiloh again

by telling Marty there was no official agreement and he needed a witness, but Marty

doesn’t give up, he’s going to get Shiloh one way or another. Judd realizes that Marty is

the right person for this dog, if he’s willing to do all of this just for him. Judd comes

around he even gives Marty a collar for Shiloh’s, before he leaves. In the end Marty ends

up being able to keep Shiloh. Marty’s family celebrates, with a very excited Shiloh.


Marty is really willing to work for Judd just so he can have Shiloh. Marty must care a lot

for Shiloh if he agreeing to do a lot of work for him, even though he’s only getting paid

two dollars an hour. That may not seem like a lot to us, but it was to people in West
Virginia, money was even more valuable then, than it is now. No matter how Judd treated

Marty he did what work he’s forced to do. You can tell Judd has been trying to become a

better person even though he has hurt many animals. Marty does work to earn a dog,

work that we use machines for today. Even out in the mountains, people could use the

machines for backbreaking work that we could do with one turn of the chainsaw.

Chopping wood for example. Now instead of crippling ourselves for life, we can get a lot

of other work in the time that it took Marty to chop some wood. Things like this come

easy to us, but hard to them. No one deserves that punishment of breaking his or her

back for a dog, but Marty was willing to do it for Shiloh. When Shiloh finally has a home

for a long while, he gets used to living in that house.

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