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					Food Safety

Food safety is Kroger’s top priority. We have      Temperature is an important component of
well-established, science-based practices in       safe food handling. We maintain temperature
place to ensure that the food items sold in our    logs to ensure all our perishable foods are
stores are prepared and handled safely.            stored at the proper temperature. We monitor
                                                   temperatures every four hours for cold foods
Retail Stores                                      and every two hours for hot foods. Store
Kroger conducts a bi-monthly food safety           managers review temperature logs routinely
review (FSR) audit of each store. These            and during the bi-monthly FSR audit.
audits are conducted by third-party firms
and augment inspections conducted by local         We use the information from our own
health departments and company associates.         third-party audits and audits conducted
Last year Kroger conducted 14,759 food             by local and state health departments to
safety reviews and followed up on results to       consistently monitor our store operations.
resolve any issues that were identified.           We use this information to understand
                                                   and correct non-compliance with our own
Our in-store food safety strategy emphasizes       standards and those of governmental
associate training, proper food temperature        agencies. We monitor audit results with the
control, and FSR audit follow-ups.                 same rigor as financial results.

In 2007 we provided basic food-safety training     Kroger’s Food Safety team continues to help
to nearly 45,300 hourly associates. Associates     develop and maintain programs to address
working in our perishable food departments         emerging food-safety topics. Our commitment
are required to complete a computer-assisted       is to be a leader in food safety—and a local
training module on food safety and to pass         store every customer can count on for
tests based on that material.                      wholesome, fresh, safe food every day.

Store managers must take an eight-hour             Recalls
course in food safety and pass the Certified       Products are removed from stores for many
Food Safety Manager (CFSM) test, a                 reasons. Sometimes it is due to an incorrect
nationally accepted certification requirement.     label. Other times an incorrect ingredient
Our co-managers are required to obtain             is added. And on rare occasions a product
this certification during their training           can be recalled because it may be the
program. Nearly 2,300 store managers and           source of illness or injury. Kroger follows the
co-managers earned this certification last year.   industry and government standards for our
                                                   recalls and product withdrawals. We have a

The Kroger Company 2008 Sustainability Report                                                        14
24-hour, seven-day-a-week process in place
to coordinate recalls. We work quickly and
effectively to remove from sale products that
have been recalled or withdrawn.

Kroger recently began a new customer
notification system for certain types of recalls.
Using our customer loyalty database, we are
able to notify customers via register receipts
about recalls of products they may have
purchased. We are one of the first retailers
to use this personalized communication to
customers. We also are experimenting with
notifying customers by telephone about recalls.

Corporate Brands and Manufacturing
Kroger operates 42 dairies, bakeries and
grocery plants around the county. We use the
same auditing approach with our plants that we      When Kroger customers have questions,
use with our retail grocery stores, combining       concerns or just need help in planning that
the data from third party audits and those of       special meal, they can call us toll free at
regulatory agencies to help us monitor and          1-800-KROGERS or email us through Kroger.
continuously improve our operations. About          com. We have professional dieticians and home
half of our Corporate Brands products are           economists on staff, as well as other specially
manufactured in one of our plants.                  trained representatives who can help Monday
                                                    through Friday.
We set quality and performance standards for
all our Corporate Brands products, whether
we make them ourselves or use a third-party
supplier. We measure our performance in              Goals:
several ways, including comments we receive          •	Reduce comments per million by at
on our toll-free phone line and via emails. A          least 1.3% in 2008 to a rate of 8.84
standard industry measure of product quality is        comments per million units of product
the number of comments we receive per million
units of product we produce. In 2007 our rate        •	Require all suppliers to submit a
of customer comments per million units of              food safety audit based on the
product was 8.96. This was an improvement              internationally recognized Global
of 1.3% from 2006. Our goal is to reduce the           Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards
comments per million units of product rate by          beginning in 2009
at least the same percent in 2008.
Doing Our Part                                                                                    15