Naperville Rib Fest by ChelseaAutomatic


									                               Sponsorship Order Form
                               Don’t Miss Out On The Early Bird Special! Send in Payment by March 15, 2009
                               and receive a BONUS! Early Bird Payment of your Sponsorship Package qualifies
                               you to receive additional Sponsor Tent tickets! (A $90+ value each)
                               Please select your package:                   Payment Information:
                                           I’m interested in a sponsorship   Total Amount:      $
                                           over $20,000, a Skybox and/or
                                           a Corporate Picnic at Ribfest.
                                           Please call me to discuss.           Check Enclosed
                                                                                Bill Me (only available before June 1)
                                           $12,750 Major Sponsorship
Contact Information:                                                         Credit Card:       MC       Visa
                                           $9,500 Major Sponsorship
Sponsor Name:                                                                Credit Card #:          -       -   -
                                           $7,000 Major Sponsorship
                                                                             Expiration Date:            /       /
                                           $3,000 Standard Sponsorship
Contact Name:
                                           $1,400 Standard Sponsorship
                                                                             All Payments Due in Full by June 1, 2009.
Phone: (       )                           $800 Standard Sponsorship         Early Bird Payment due by March 15, 2009
Fax: (     )                               $100 Party Deck Ticket.           Please Fax or Mail to:
                                           Ticket is night specific.
                                           Elevated Stage with great view.   Ribfest Sponsorship
                                           Includes: snacks and beverages.   c/o First National Bank of Naperville
                                           $90 Individual Tickets            PO Box 2775
State:               Zip:
                                                  # Tickets_____             Naperville, IL 60567-2775
E-mail:                                           Total $_____
                                                                             Questions: (630) 357-0384
                                                                                         (630) 303-3311
Exchange Club Contact:                     $10 Child Sponsor tent            Fax: (630) 357-0384
                                                                                  630) 357-0384
                                                 # Tickets_____
Are you a returning sponsor?                     Total $_____                Email:

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