How To Become An Assassin by ChelseaAutomatic

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									               Assassins               Core Rules
                                          By: Hector Rene’ Segovia
Welcome to the Underground                               who is pretending to be you. You may also
         Welcome to Assassins. This file will            include additional aliases in this box. Put other
give you everything you need to become                   aliases in quotations.
involved in a world of Assassins. As the owner           Real Name Harold         Merriweather        has
of this book, you will be responsible for running        decided to name his assassin, MIKE “SPIKE”
the Assassination ring. There are very few               McQUAID.        So, in the box marked “Real
steps involved in running and playing a game.            Name”, he will write, Mike “Spike” McQuaid.
It is safe, basic, and simple. But first, you must               Finally, you must purchase a weapon.
become familiar with the fundamentals of Live-           The next section covers the regulation of
Action Role-Play.                                        weapons.
         Unlike regular RPG’s, Live-Action
games involve no dice. You actually act out              Weapon Qualifications
and play your character. You will be doing all                   By the very nature of the item, weapons
the physical and mental actions rather than              are dangerous, both actively and passively.
rolling under a stat. By nature, Live-Action             Active Danger                The active danger
Role-Play can be fun, yet dangerous. To                  of a weapon is the inherent danger of harming
reduce the risk of harm, it is vitally important         a person. This is the nature of which weapons
that all players adhere to the rules. In addition,       are designed.
it is a good idea to have all players sign a copy        Passive Danger        The passive danger of
of the rules. Players younger than 18 should             weapons is worse that the active. This is the
have their parents sign them.                            unseen danger. It is an event that has no
                                                         bearing on the weapon itself other than it’s
Character Creation                                       deceiving looks. A good example of this is the
         Character generation in Assassins is            following scenario:
very simple. It takes only a few seconds,                A few players are having fun with a game of
whereas other games require five minutes to              Assassins. The time has extended into the
an hour.                                                 night and a police officer happens by. In the
         The first step in character creation is to      dark, it appears that the player is aiming a
put your name in the box labeled “Alias”.                pistol at another person.
Though this is your real name, you must                          This scenario can extend into many
remember that you are an assassin taking on              different outcomes. In such a hypothec, it is
the persona of you.                                      best to think for the worst, as this is what we
Alias           Harold Merriweather is a gamer           are trying to avoid.       So there are rules
playing the role of an Assassin. So under                regulating weapon design.
“Alias” he places the name, Harold                            The weapon must be clearly a
Merriweather.                                                    falsification. It is best to chose a
         Next, you must create a name for your                   weapon that does not resemble a real
assassin and place that under “Real Name”.                       one by shape. No .45’s or Revolvers.
Yes, this sounds Bass Ackwards, but you must                  The Weapon must be significantly of
remember that this is your Assassin’s name                       a different color than any real one.
    Most weapons are Black, silver, or                      wherever you go.         Backpacks and
    brown. It is best to chose a weapon that                purses are perfect for this purpose.
    is of neon colors so that police officers           Buy a weapon with multiple shots. Most
    can clearly see there is no threat                      weapons of small size are single shot.
    involved. (This doesn’t mean you can’t                  The disadvantage to this is the fact that,
    conceal it. After all, it is a toy.                     if you miss, you are vulnerable until you
   The Weapon must be safe to fire at                      retrieve your ammunition.
    other people. By far, the safest brand          The game is always in play, 24 hours a day, 7
    is NERF, as they are designed with              days a week. Do not be surprised if theres a
    safety in mind. But for adults playing an       knock at your door, and when you open it to let
    adult game, its safe to say that Disk           a familiar friend in, you are shot. Or, maybe,
    Throwers and such are also safe to fire.        you’ll be at the mall. Who knows?
   No Melee Weapons! While this may be
    disappointing and mildly unrealistic,           Running the Game
    there are a number of very valid reasons                 Running the game is fairly simple. It is
    melee weapons are not involved. First,          much easier to GM Assassins that it is any
    you must realize the nature of the game.        other because of its slow pace. Your main
    It is all about surprise attacks. It is         importance is keeping the others’ interest and
    much easier to take a surprise shot from        record keeping. There are several records you
    a NERF gun light-heartedly than it is to        are responsible for:
    suddenly take a bash in the head from a         Morgue                This is the most often filled
    padded sword.         Also, there is the        record. This should be posted in a visible
    acceptability and concealment problem.          place such as your local gaming store. Every
    It is easier for authorities to accept          time an assassin is killed, the character is
    someone carrying around a NERF gun              officially dead and placed in the morgue. Type
    on the street than it is a stick or sword.      in their name and post it.
    Keep it low key. Remember, assassins            Retired Hall of Famers The hall of fame is
    remain hidden and deal in surprises.            much more difficult to get into, but it is much
   Finally, the weapon must not be                 more respected as well.            Retirement is
    improvised.      While it may also be           explained later. For now, note that this should
    realistic to improvise a weapon, it is          be posted with the morgue.
    unsafe in a game. You are not allowed           Character Sheets These are the easiest to
    to pick up dice and chuck them at               keep track of. They are also explained with
    people insinuating that they are                retirement.
    weapons. The weapons must clearly be            Records        Each player should have a
    for the use of the game.                        record. In this record you will have their Alias,
YOUR ASSASSIN IS COMPLETE!                          their Real Name and their Status. When their
                                                    assassin is killed, there is no need to restart a
Playing the Game                                    new record, just create a new entry for their
        Once you create a character, it is          new assassin. You also keep track of Kills and
assumed that you are officially in assassin.        Targets here.
Grab your gun and character sheet and carry
them with you at all times. To assist you in
this, here are some suggestions:
     Fold your character sheet. Do not be
        afraid to fold it up and place it in your
        wallet (or purse).
     Buy a small weapon. You don’t want
        the weapon to be so large that it is an
        inconvenience to take it with you
         Assassins                         Morgue

This information does not insinuate any criminal or illegal activity. For more information, please contact:
(Place your name and address here. This is for safety’s sake.)
                 Retired Hall of Famers

This information does not insinuate any criminal or illegal activity. For more information, please contact:
               (Place your name and address here. This is for safety’s sake.)
  Real Name:

                            Kills                                                            target
1)    __________________________________________________
2)    __________________________________________________
3)    __________________________________________________
4)    __________________________________________________
5)    __________________________________________________
6)    __________________________________________________
7)    __________________________________________________
8)    __________________________________________________
9)    __________________________________________________
10)   __________________________________________________                               Add the number of
11)   __________________________________________________                               kills your victim
12)   __________________________________________________                               had to this number.
13)   __________________________________________________                               When (if) you reach
14)   __________________________________________________                               1000, your Assassin
15)   __________________________________________________                               retires at the hall of
16)   __________________________________________________                               fame. If you die,
17)   __________________________________________________                               your character
18)   __________________________________________________                               goes to the morgue.
19)   __________________________________________________
20)   __________________________________________________

      Current Assignment

         This information does not insinuate any criminal activity. For more information, please contact:
                   (Place your name and address here. This is for safety’s sake.)
                                                Kills                                   Reminders
21)   __________________________________________________                                  You must keep
22)   __________________________________________________
23)   __________________________________________________
                                                                                       this character sheet
24)   __________________________________________________                               with you at all times.
25)   __________________________________________________                                  When you have
26)   __________________________________________________                               made a kill, take your
27)   __________________________________________________                               target’s character
28)   __________________________________________________                               sheet and take it to
29)   __________________________________________________
30)   __________________________________________________
                                                                                       the GM. They will
31)   __________________________________________________                               make the necessary
32)   __________________________________________________                               adjustments to your
33)   __________________________________________________                               character sheet.
34)   __________________________________________________                                  All weapons are
35)   __________________________________________________                               to be clearly fake. No
36)   __________________________________________________
37)   __________________________________________________
                                                                                       realistic weapons.
38)   __________________________________________________                               No melee weapons.
39)   __________________________________________________                                  The Assassin
40)   __________________________________________________                               Database may be
41)   __________________________________________________                               found at (Your web
42)   __________________________________________________                               page)
43)   __________________________________________________
44)   __________________________________________________
                                                                                          If you are killed,
45)   __________________________________________________                               you must relinquish
46)   __________________________________________________                               your character sheet
47)   __________________________________________________                               to your assassin.
48)   __________________________________________________                                  There is no
49)   __________________________________________________                               Armor.
50)   __________________________________________________
51)   __________________________________________________
                                                                                          This is an honor
52)   __________________________________________________                               system. If you get hit,
53)   __________________________________________________                               admit it. If you
54)   __________________________________________________                               believe you hit
55)   __________________________________________________                               someone, it is up to
56)   __________________________________________________                               them to admit it. If
57)   __________________________________________________
58)   __________________________________________________
                                                                                       they do not, trust
59)   __________________________________________________                               them and bring
60)   __________________________________________________                               complaints to the GM.

         This information does not insinuate any criminal activity. For more information, please contact:
                   (Place your name and address here. This is for safety’s sake.)
    Player Name
Assassin:                Assassin’s Name
Kills:                   Name of kills & Target points acquired.

Status:                  Active/Deceased/Retired
Current Target Points:   Duh!
Fighting Etiquette For
The following rules are to be adhered by at all times while associated with this group. Failure to
comply may result in several repercussions. First, your association with this group will be terminated.
Second will be whatever trouble you involved yourself in. Example: if your weapon resembled a real
one, this may get you in trouble with the law. We will not be held responsible for these actions.

      Though your character nay not be a nice guy, we are friends playing a friendly game. Do not
       let your character get the best of you when dealing with non players and players alike. Be
      This is an honor-based system. Please do not try to cheat by pretending you were not hit.
       Likewise, if you believe you hit someone, it is up to them to admit it. Make note of your hit. If it
       is contested, drop the subject, let them have their way, and take it to the GM.
      Physical Contact is NOT allowed. When playing, you are expected to be hit by a number of
       foam and plastic projectiles, but not by hands and feet. There are no melee weapons in
      All weapons are to be checked by the GM for safety. They must also adhere to the regulations
       set forth by this file.
      It is FORBIDDEN to play Assassins while intoxicated. The groups does not promote nor
       condone the use of drugs or alcohol. However, it is not our power to deny you the freedom of
       such actions. To prevent conflict, it is hereby stated that all players who are intoxicated be
       considered “out of the game until sober. The general rule for sobriety is “Next day, or at least
       12 hours without any intoxicating substance.

Signed, GM (Your Name)                      Signed, Player (Their Name)

If you are under 18, you must have your parent or guardian sign here:

                                             Signed, Parent or Guardian (Their Name)

For more information, please contact:
(Your Name)
(Your Address)
(Your Phone Number)
(Your E-mail)
Retiring into the Hall of Fame
Whenever an assassin kills another, he must
take his character sheet. This Character sheet
is then returned to the GM for scoring. The
Assassin gets 5 points for the kill, plus 1 point
for every kill on the victim’s sheet. This is
added to the player’s Target.
Example:        Jordan Holloman has killed
Fendig. Fendig had 15 kills on his sheet.
Therefore Jordan gains 20 target points. 5 for
the kill and 15 for each kill on Fendig’s sheet.
The scoring is ONLY done by the GM. You are
not allowed to alter your own sheet. When you
reach 1000, you are given a choice. You may
remain in play as this character to attempt to
obtain a higher score, or you may retire
him/her. When retired, the character is never
used again and both the alias and real name
are placed in the hall of fame along with the
target points. This is the reward for survival. If
the player chooses to remain in play, they may
obtain a higher score with more kills, but they
risk losing it all if they are killed.

       Death is simple. If you are hit (no
matter where), you are dead. The lack of
regulations for location is to prevent players
from catching or parrying projectiles. Your only
option is to dodge.
       When killed, the victim must relinquish
his character sheet to his assassin. The
assassin then reports to the GM with the sheet.
The dead player may report to the GM to
create a new character and begin again.
Target points and kills are non transferable.

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