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					                                      1978         H.F.L.                         YEARBOOK

                                                              NFC North
                                                          1977 Final Standings
                                        Team                 W      L    T   PCT          PF     PA
                                        Chicago Bears        11     5    0 0.688          386    356
                                        Detroit Lions        10     6    0 0.625          578    425
                                        Green Bay Packers     6    10    0 0.375          312    350
                                        Minnesota Vikings     3    13    0 0.188          245    501

           Chicago Bears                                                                 Green Bay Packers
The Chicago Bears suffered another playoff heartbreak in 1977             The Packers moved in the right direction in 1977 following the
and once again, an injury to quarterback Frank Patrick made the           embarrassments from the previous season. They even showed
difference. After winning the tough NFC North, the Bears got              some signs from their glory days as they beat playoff teams
throttled in the Divisional Playoff against Dallas 34-0. It was           such as the Browns, Bears and Cowboys on their way to a season-
apparent that a change was needed.                                        ending 3 game win streak.

That change happened to be at the pivot position, as the injury-          The big news on offense was the offseason acquisition of the HFL's
prone Patrick was dealt to St. Louis for disgruntled QB Mike              top yardage back in Franco Harris. He will provide relief for QB
Livingston. The Bears' new leader is extremely durable and                Cedric Harp, who tends to force things a little bit without a good
consistent, something Chicago is desperate for. Bill Enyart also          tailback. Leon Crosswhite, Mike Thomas and newcomer John
returns after a splendid '77 and a receivers-by-committee                 Andrews will be Harp's main targets.
approach will likely be in effect again in '78.
                                                                          A young and improving defensive unit will likely keep the Pack
Second Team All-HFL Defensive Tackle Mike McCoy leads the                 competitive all season long. A fantastic front three led by Sweeny
defense, which on whole is solid but unspectacular. Kicker                Williams is now complimented by top linebacker Paul Naumoff,
Glenn Joyner didn't miss a kick all year and made the Pro Bowl.           who came over in a trade from Atlanta.

           Detroit Lions                                                                 Minnesota Vikings
A three-game losing streak near the end of the season cost the            It wasn’t the Vikings year as they suffered from some early injuries
Lions a division title. Making the playoffs for the first time since      and the perhaps hasty benching of QB Archie Manning, although
74, they made great progress in the postseason and were a                 he's never lived up to his promise. With rookie Tommy Kramer
Dallas 4th down conversion away from making the HFL Bowl.                 leading the team it was inevitable that they would struggle and a
                                                                          3-13 record shows that.
Roger Staubach leads an unbelievably prolific offensive team
that scored 78 touchdowns last year. The club will have to make           The team will likely struggle to score points with a sophomore at
due without star back Lydell Mitchell, who was shipped off to the         quarterback and much inexperience at tailback. Young receivers
Oilers after holding out before camp. Cotton Speyrer and                  Fred Solomon and rookie James Lofton will provide excitement for
newcomer Earl McCullouch will join the tight end duo of Carter            years to come.
and Windsor to help strike fear in opposing defenses' hearts.
                                                                          The defense certainly has its share of fine talent but the stars seem
A rebuilt defense is the key to Detroit's hopes in '78. Walt              to be underachieving somewhat, especially in the case of linebacker
Patulski and Willie Jones shore up the line and recent draftees           Jack Lambert. The good players will simply have to perform better
Oliver Davis and Alan Martinez will start contributing soon in a          in 1978. The secondary is filled with youthful exuberance and the
young & talented secondary. Could this finally be the year?               kicking game is spectacular.

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                                     1978        H.F.L.                         YEARBOOK

                                                       Chicago Bears
                                                 1977 Regular Season Record: 11-5-0
                                                       1st Place in NFC North

                                           Lost 34-0 to Dallas Cowboys in Divisional Round

Owner/GM:        Pompey                                                                                        Team Schedule
Head Coach:      Deion Sweeney (Second Season: 12-6-0)                                           Week   1      Green Bay Packers
                                                                                                 Week   2      at Miami Dolphins
                                   1977 Review: The Bears were able to hold off the              Week   3      San Francisco 49ers
                                   Detroit Lions to win the NFC North. But after a close         Week   4      at Carolina Panthers
                                   win over the Giants in the Wildcard game, the Bears           Week   5      Bye
                                   got smoked by the Cowboys 34-0 in the Divisional              Week   6      Detroit Lions
                                   Round after another injury to QB Frank Patrick.               Week   7      New Orleans Saints
                                                                                                 Week   8      at Minnesota Vikings
                                   1978 Team Goal: To finally get the playoff monkey             Week   9      Atlanta Falcons
                                   off their back and get to a Championship game.                Week   10     at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                                                                                                 Week   11     at Green Bay Packers
                                   Key Newcomers:                                                Week   12     New York Jets
                                    • QB Mike Livingston (Traded from Cardinals)                 Week   13     at Dallas Cowboys
                                    • RG Mercury Furr (Traded from Ravens)                       Week   14     New England Patriots
                                    • C Jan Stenerud (FA - 49ers)                                Week   15     at Detroit Lions
                                                                                                 Week   16     at Buffalo Bills
                                   Key Departures:                                               Week   17     Minnesota Vikings
                                    • QB Frank Patrick (Traded to Cardinals)
  All-HFL 2nd Team Defensive        • OG Dave Herman (Retired)
       Tackle Mike McCoy            • OG Bob Young (Retired)                                                  Projected Starters
                                    • TE Mike Ditka (Retired)                                 QB      Mike Livingston DE      John Baker
Starting Roster Strength:                                                                     RB      Bill Enyart       DE    Milt Davis
      Mike Livingston comes over from                Mike McCoy leads the defensive front FB          Jeff Queen        DT    Mike McCoy
QB    St. Louis and will give the Bears a       DL   and will lineup alongside either Adams WR        George Seymour DT       John Teerlinek
      steady and consistent presence                 or Teerlinek. John Baker and Milt        WR      Arnold Nowlin     OLB Ed Weisacosky
      under center.                                  Davis will line up at the end positions. TE      Gary Arthur       ILB   John Small
       GRADE: A-                                     GRADE: B-                                LT      Bob Reynolds      OLB Pete Barnes
      Bill Enyart is coming off the most             There may be a battle in camp at MLB LG          Bob Hyland        CB    Aaron Kyle
RB    prolific season of his career, with       LB   with the unhappy Jeff Siemon and         C       Jan Stenerud      CB    Tim Foley
      over 1300 yards. Fullback Jeff                 incumbent John Small. Barnes and         RG      Mercury Furr      SS    Chris Fletcher
      Queen might be the best in the biz.            Weisacosky aren't getting younger.       RT      Jeff Churchin     FS    Jim Kearney
       RATING: B-                                    GRADE: B-                                K       Glenn Joyner      P     Jerrel Wilson
           TE Gary Arthur finally got a shot             Tim Foley and Aaron Kyle won't
REC        in '77 and was excellent. At WR,     SEC      scare many quarterbacks but they                       1977 Leaders
      Seymour leads the way and an aging             have solid support from safeties Jim     PASSING                YDS     %      TD    INT
      Walton may give way to Nowlin.                 Kearney and Chris Fletcher.              Frank Patrick          3340 60.0      26     11
       GRADE: B                                      GRADE: B-                                RUSHING                 ATT YDS Y/ATT TD
      The signing of Stenerud means that             Veteran Glenn Joyner was perfect         Bill Enyart            328 1370 4.18          5
OL    Hyland will move to guard with new        ST   last year and only has missed two        RECEIVING              REC YDS Y/REC TD
      pickup Furr. Reynolds and Curchin              field goals in two years. 15-year        George Seymour          67    956 14.3        8
      are top flight tackles, likely the best        vet Wilson handles punting duties.       KICKING                FGM FGA       PCT    PTS
      duo in the league. GRADE: B+                   GRADE: B-                                Glenn Joyner            26     26 100.0 120

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                                   1978         H.F.L.                         YEARBOOK

                                                      Detroit Lions
                                                1977 Regular Season Record: 10-6-0
                                                      2nd Place in NFC North

                                        Lost 24-23 to Dallas Cowboys in NFC Championship

Owner/GM:       beargrowlz                                                                                      Team Schedule
Head Coach:     Mario Yonkovit (Fifth Season: 37-31-0)                                           Week   1       at Minnesota Vikings
                                                                                                 Week   2       New England Patriots
                                  1977 Review: High-octane offense led by QB Roger               Week   3       at New York Giants
                                  Staubach outscored opponents in last three games to            Week   4       at New Orleans Saints
                                  earn first playoff bid in three years. Made it all the         Week   5       Bye
                                  way to NFC Championship where they lost a 24-23                Week   6       at Chicago Bears
                                  heartbreaker to the Dallas Cowboys.                            Week   7       Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                                                                                                 Week   8       at Atlanta Falcons
                                  1978 Team Goal: To avoid having every game turn                Week   9       Carolina Panthers
                                  into a shootout utilizing a rebuilt defensive side.            Week   10      Green Bay Packers
                                                                                                 Week   11      Minnesota Vikings
                                  Key Newcomers:                                                 Week   12      at Buffalo Bills
                                   • WR Earl McCulloch (Traded from Falcons)                     Week   13      St. Louis Cardinals
                                   • DE Walt Patulski (Traded from Oilers)                       Week   14      at Miami Dolphins
                                   • RB Dennis Morgan (Traded from Oilers)                       Week   15      Chicago Bears
                                                                                                 Week   16      New York Jets
                                Key Departures:                                                  Week   17      at Green Bay Packers
                                 • WR Frank Lewis (Released)
 All-HFL 1st Team Wide Receiver • FB George Amundson (Released)
         Cotton Speyrer          • S Reuben Madison (Released)                                             Projected Starters
                                                                                              QB    Roger Staubach DE     Marty Amsler
Starting Roster Strength:                                                                     RB    Joe Moore       DE    Walt Patulski
      What is there to say about the HFL's         The Lions added Walt Patulski and          FB    Chuck Foreman DT      Willie Jones
QB    most prolific quarterback? Staubach   DL     Willie Jones in the offseason to help      WR    Cotton Speyrer DT     Mike Fanning
      exploded after a disappointing 1976          stabilize their tattered line. They will   WR    Earl McCullouch OLB Charles Hall
      for 51 touchdowns last year.                 join incumbents Amsler and Fanning.        TE    Joe Carter      ILB   Robert Brazile
       GRADE: A+                                   GRADE: B-                                  LT    Levert Carr     OLB Thomas Lonier
      The Lions will go with a running back        The Lions have depth in the middle         LG    Bob Kuechenberg CB    Robert James
RB    by committee approach after being     LB     with Brazile and Graham but seem to        C     Darrin Baude    CB    Oliver Davis
      forced to trade disgruntled star Lydell      lack some star quality on the outside.     RG    Jim Reilly      SS    Dave Hadley
      Mitchell.                                    Hall & Lonier are serviceable at best.     RT    Dennis Nelson   FS    Mel Phillips
       GRADE: B-                                   GRADE: B-                                  K     Donnell Newton P      Bill Bradley
          Newcomer Earl McCullouch will                The Lions are getting younger and
REC       join Cotton Speyrer on a talented SEC        better in the secondary. Soph CB                         1977 Leaders
      receivers corp. Windsor and Carter           Oliver Davis will push for a spot and      PASSING               YDS    %   TD  INT
      are likely the top TE combo in the HFL.      SS Hadley is a solid tackler.              Roger Staubach        5413 52.7  51   22
       GRADE: B                                    GRADE: B                                   RUSHING                ATT YDS Y/ATT TD
      The Lions are blessed with a great           Kicking for the Lions is a pretty cool     Lydell Mitchell       283 1286 4.54   17
OL    offensive line, one that gets little  ST     gig. The TD-minded offense meant           RECEIVING             REC YDS Y/REC TD
      press. No matter, as Kuechenberg,            only 16 FGO for Newton. Bradley has        Cotton Speyrer         82  1545 18.8  15
      Carr, Nelson, Reilly and Baude just          a great leg at punter.                     KICKING               FGM FGA   PCT  PTS
      go about their business. GRADE: B+           GRADE: A+                                  Donnell Newton         11   16  68.8 110

                                                                 - 45 -
                                    1978        H.F.L.                        YEARBOOK

                                                Green Bay Packers
                                                1977 Regular Season Record: 6-10-0
                                                      3rd Place in NFC North

                                                      Did Not Qualify for Playoffs

Owner/GM:        Packers_GM                                                                                  Team Schedule
Head Coach:      Gilbert Dupuis (Ninth Season: 83-55-0)                                        Week   1      at Chicago Bears
                                                                                               Week   2      Buffalo Bills
                                  1977 Review: It was an uphill climb at Lambeau               Week   3      Seattle Seahawks
                                  after starting the year 0-4. The improving Packers           Week   4      Minnesota Vikings
                                  have something to build off for 1978, however, after         Week   5      New Orleans Saints
                                  winning their last three to close the schedule.              Week   6      at Carolina Panthers
                                                                                               Week   7      Atlanta Falcons
                                  1978 Team Goal: Continue to rebuild after the                Week   8      Bye
                                  controversies in '73 & '74 and make a playoff run.           Week   9      at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                                                                                               Week   10     at Detroit Lions
                                  Key Newcomers:                                               Week   11     Chicago Bears
                                   • RB Franco Harris (Traded from Falcons)                    Week   12     at New England Patriots
                                   • DT John Mendenhall (Traded from Colts)                    Week   13     at Washington Redskins
                                   • TE John Andrews (Traded from Colts)                       Week   14     at New York Jets
                                                                                               Week   15     at Minnesota Vikings
                                  Key Departures:                                              Week   16     Miami Dolphins
                                   • RB Robert Newhouse (FA - Buccaneers)                      Week   17     Detroit Lions
                                   • LB Adrian Young (FA - Seahawks)
    All-HFL 1st Team Fullback      • LB Ralph Baker (Retired)
             Mel Farr                                                                                    Projected Starters
                                                                                             QB   Cedric Harp     DE    Sweeny Williams
Starting Roster Strength:                                                                    RB   Franco Harris   DE    Willie Holman
      Cedric Harp is back for his third full        One of the better three-man fronts in    FB   Mel Farr        DT    John Matuszak
QB    season at the helm in Green Bay.         DL   the league. Williams and Holman are      WR   Leon Crosswhite OLB Mitch Boyd
      His tendency to throw interceptions           great ends and Matuszak will man the     WR   Mike Thomas     ILB   John Onkotz
      must be curbed.                               nose for Green Bay.                      TE   John Andrews    ILB   * Dan Bunz
       GRADE: C+                                    GRADE: B+                                LT   Jerry Sisemore OLB Paul Naumoff
      The Packers parlayed two of their             The addition of Paul Naumoff from        LG   Gerry Sullivan  CB    Daryl Johnson
RB    first round picks into the HFL's top     LB   Atlanta shores up an average group       C    Dale Livingston CB    Dave Brown
      rusher in Franco Harris. Mel Farr was         of linebackers. The Packers are quite    RG   Gale Gillingham SS    Randy Logan
      an All-HFL 1st Team fullback in '77.          deep up the middle.                      RT   Charlie Getty   FS    Lenny Sweeney
       GRADE: B                                     GRADE: B-                                K    Howard Ingram P       Mike Eischeid
          Leon Crosswhite & Mike Thomas                  The heist of Daryl Johnson from
REC       are the top targets for Harp.        SEC       Atlanta gives the Packers one of                    1977 Leaders
      New tight end John Andrews is a fine          the best corner duos in the game with    PASSING             YDS    %   TD  INT
      route runner.                                 Dave Brown. The safeties are young.      Cedric Harp         3531 56.2  18   20
       GRADE: C+                                    GRADE: B+                                RUSHING              ATT YDS Y/ATT TD
      The line is getting younger & better          Howard Ingram has only missed three      Lloyd Pate          320 1251 3.91   11
OL    every year. Top pick Mike Kenn will      ST   field goals in two years. Eischeid led   RECEIVING           REC YDS Y/REC TD
      try to find a spot in the lineup with         the NFC in punting average last year     Mel Farr             70   577 8.24  5
      other top tackles Sisemore & Getty.           and has a booming leg.                   KICKING             FGM FGA   PCT  PTS
       GRADE: C+                                    GRADE: A                                 Howard Ingram        24    27 88.9 102

                                                                 - 46 -
                                    1978        H.F.L.                          YEARBOOK

                                                 Minnesota Vikings
                                                1977 Regular Season Record: 3-13-0
                                                      4th Place in NFC North

                                                      Did Not Qualify for Playoffs

Owner/GM:        Eckman                                                                                        Team Schedule
Head Coach:      Ted McCree (Ninth Season: 46-85-0)                                             Week   1       Detroit Lions
                                                                                                Week   2       at New York Jets
                                  1977 Review: After a solid week four win over the             Week   3       at Philadelphia Eagles
                                  Eagles to go 2-2, the Vikings collapsed, winning only         Week   4       at Green Bay Packers
                                  one more game the rest of the way to miss the                 Week   5       Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                                  playoffs for the sixth time in eight years.                   Week   6       at Atlanta Falcons
                                                                                                Week   7       Carolina Panthers
                                  1978 Team Goal: Continue to rebuild the roster to             Week   8       Chicago Bears
                                  get back into playoff contention.                             Week   9       at New Orleans Saints
                                                                                                Week   10      Bye
                                  Key Newcomers:                                                Week   11      at Detroit Lions
                                   • WR James Lofton (Draft)                                    Week   12      Miami Dolphins
                                   • CB Marshall Turnbull (Draft)                               Week   13      Los Angeles Rams
                                   • WR Fred Solomon (Traded from Chiefs)                       Week   14      Buffalo Bills
                                                                                                Week   15      Green Bay Packers
                                  Key Departures:                                               Week   16      at New England Patriots
                                   • C Greg Larson (Retired)                                    Week   17      at Chicago Bears
                                   • RB John Riggins (Traded to Chiefs)
        Inside Linebacker          • WR Speedy Thomas (Traded to Chiefs)
          Jack Lambert                                                                                      Projected Starters
                                                                                              QB     Tommy Kramer DE        Pat Toomay
Starting Roster Strength:                                                                     RB     Ike Forte        DE    Bob Briggs
      The Vikes will have a battle in camp          Pat Toomay is coming off an injury-       FB     Steve Owens      NT    Diron Talbert
QB    for the #1 slot, with veteran Archie     DL   plagued '77 but still has a dominating WR        * James Lofton OLB Greg Slough
      Manning trying to hold of sophomore           skill set. The rest of the line is        WR     Fred Solomon     ILB   Jack Lambert
      Tommy Kramer.                                 average at best.                          TE     Ted Koy          ILB   Ed Bradley
       GRADE: B-                                    GRADE: B                                  LT     Ted Phillips     OLB Harry Carson
      The situation is even more bleak at           Jack Lambert had an absolutely            LG     Harvey Goodman CB      Mike Williams
RB    tailback after the team traded John      LB   horrific year in 1977, making only a      C      Dave Thompson CB       * Marshall Turnbull
      Riggins. Ike Forte will battle Gilmore        measly 51 tackles in 13 games. He         RG     Horace Foster    SS    * Gino Briggs
      and Thornton for the job.                     needs to start playing up to his talent. RT      Joe Devlin       FS    Lando Williams
       GRADE: D                                     GRADE: B-                                 K      Eric Robbins     P     Steve Spurrier
          Rookie James Lofton and new                   The Vikings secondary is getting
REC       acquisition Fred Solomon give        SEC      younger and better. Rookie                             1977 Leaders
      the Vikings receiving corp instant            Marshall Turnbull will likely start right PASSING              YDS     %     TD      INT
      respectability. Ted Koy is a top TE.          away and fellow CB Williams is solid.     Tommy Kramer         1628 51.8      8       15
       GRADE: B-                                    GRADE: B-                                 RUSHING               ATT YDS Y/ATT TD
      The Minnesota offensive line is not           The Vikings kicking game is among         John Riggins         238 1036 4.35          6
OL    too bad. Dave Thompson is an able        ST   the best in the entire league. Robbins RECEIVING               REC YDS Y/REC TD
      center while tackles Joe Devlin and           missed only four kicks while punter       Al Marshall           52    608 11.7        2
      Ted Phillips are better than average.         Spurrier is very consistent.              KICKING              FGM FGA       PCT     PTS
       GRADE: C+                                    GRADE: A+                                 Eric Robbins          23     27   85.2      93

                                                                 - 47 -