Fisher Price Interactive Baby Grand Piano by ChelseaAutomatic


									Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat
The Fisher-Price® Healthy Care™ Deluxe Booster Seat has a feeding tray you           Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn
can sanitize right in the dishwasher. With the snap-on lid in place, your child’s
tray will stay clean until you’re ready to use it! So you can take it wherever you
                                                                                     2 in 1 Playful Puppy Gym
go (it folds compactly) and always be sure that baby’s feeding tray is
                                                                                     Lay & play! Batting the linkable toys starts music & motion! Side panels have
dishwasher clean!
                                                                                     lots to delight baby, too.
                                                                                     With motion, music, sounds and surprises, this playful gym is a great way to
Three height adjustments allow for a custom fit to any table. Front & rear seat
                                                                                     introduce early learning. Baby can bat at toys overhead to start the puppy
straps adjust to fit virtually any chair and three-point harness adjusts to hold
                                                                                     rocking, with delightful music and an original sing-along song. When baby is
growing child securely. For added clean-up ease, the Healthy Care™ seat is
                                                                                     ready to sit up, the gym easily converts to a play centre with peek-a-boo
free of crevices, so it won’t trap crumbs. The booster folds compactly for
                                                                                     surprises and activity toys linked to the mat. Volume control for quiet play.
portability, with a carry strap so you can take it anywhere!
                                                                                     Machine washable quilt. Requires 4 AA batteries.
Healthy Care feeding tray with snap-on lid keeps feeding surface clean
wherever you go
• Booster folds for easy portability                                                 Item #: FSP-002
• With the plastic snap-on lid in place, your child’s tray stays clean until         Age: Birth & UP
   you’re ready to use it
• Easy-clean seat with no crevices to trap crumbs                                    Retail Price: $44.99
• Back & tray remove for older child                                                 Toys Direct Price: $35.99 (Savings of 20%)
• Three height adjustments
• Three-point harness adjusts to hold growing child securely
• Front & rear seat straps adjust to fit virtually any chair
• Adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to carry
• Weight limit 45 lbs.

Item #:                        FSP-001
Age:                           6 months +
Retail Price:                  $39.99
Toys Direct Price:             $32.99 (Savings of 20%)

                                                                                     Fisher-Price Miracle & Milestones
                                                                                     Measure Me Caterpillar
Fisher-Price - Rainforest Rainbow Piano
                                                                                     This happy caterpillar can’t wait to be a butterfly but for now his favourite
Let your baby experience the joy of making music with a toy piano whose              activity is using his length to measure. At 26 inches long, mums can use the
colorful keys that are easy to bat and roll for delightful chime sounds. Smiling     built-in measurements on his body to keep track of how fast they grow. Then
rainforest characters add to the musical fun, and a convenient carry handle          turn the toy over and it becomes enjoyable stimulating fun with sounds, bright
lets you take the Rainforest™ Rainbow Piano anywhere! Approx. 10” L.                 colours, textures, shiny mirror and busy activities for baby to play.

Item #:                        FSP-003                                               Item #:                       FSP-004
Age:                           3 months +                                            Age:                          Birth & Up
Retail Price:                  $17.99                                                Retail Price:                 $14.99
Toys Direct Price:             $13.99 (Savings of 22%)                               Toys Direct Price:            $11.99 (Savings of 20%)

Fisher-Price Aquarium Bath Tub -                                        Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Centre
Ocean Wonders
                                                                        The Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Center brings a comfortable bath time
• Head support for extra stability                                      experience to both baby and mom in 3 stages of use: Newborn, Infant, and
• Aquarium themed newborn hammock                                       Older Infant/Toddler in a very fresh translucent tub. A wonderful bolstered soft
• Hammock converts to provide support for newborns, infants and older   sling with separate head support cradles newborns for mom, then detaches
  babies!                                                               from one end to lie over the small end of the tub as a pad for mor
                                                                        eactive babies. When baby can sit up alone, the large end of the tub provides
Making bath time more comfortable for baby and you!                     just the right sized tub for lots of fun play. Soft cushions along the upper lip of
                                                                        the tub give parents 4 comfortable resting spots for their arms and wrists. The
Item #:                      FSP-005                                    tub comes with 3 Rainforest themed toys: a toucan water sifter, frog pouring
                                                                        cup, and a monkey teether toy for lots of fun in the tub!
Age:                         Birth & Up
Retail Price:                $49.99                                     Item #:                         FSP-006
Toys Direct Price:           $39.99 (Savings of 20%)                    Age:                            Birth & Up
                                                                        Retail Price:                   $59.99
                                                                        Toys Direct Price:              $47.99 (Savings of 20%)

Fisher-Price - Precious Planet                                          Fisher-Price - Precious Planet
Pull & Swim Penguins                                                    Twist & Paddle Polar Bears

Item #:                      FSP-007                                    Item #:                         FSP-008
Age:                         6 months +                                 Age:                            6 months +
Retail Price:                $8.99                                      Retail Price:                   $8.99
Toys Direct Price:           $6.99 (Savings of 22%)                     Toys Direct Price:              $6.99 (Savings of 22%)

                                                                                  Fisher-Price Little Superstar
                                                                                  2 in 1 Singing Band Walker

Fisher-Price – Laugh & Learn                                                      Add to the thrill of learning to walk—with exciting musical accompaniment on a
                                                                                  sturdy push-along walker! Baby can sit and play too—tapping, pressing,
Smart Bounce & Spin Pony - English Edition                                        spinning, flipping, and singing along with the band. There are pages to turn,
                                                                                  busy activities, lively music, dancing lights, fun sounds … and even rewarding
Active learning begins with a bounce! This friendly pony bounces, spins, and      phrases and vocal scats. Includes 3 AA batteries. Approx. 16" L x 16" W x 18"
rewards baby with lots of music and sounds, even without the TV. And when         H.
you set up the wireless TV connection, baby’s actions make big things happen
on screen!
                                                                                  Item #:                         FSP-010
The learning continues through three levels as baby grows. Saddle up to enjoy     Age:                            6 months +
lots of game play, animation, music, sounds, friendly characters, tons of sing-
along songs, and a long trail of exciting things to learn. Requires 3 AAA and 3
                                                                                  Retail Price:                   $49.99
C batteries.                                                                      Toys Direct Price:              $39.99 (Savings of 20%)
Maximum Weight: 44 lbs. (20 kg)
Developmental Guidelines: For children able to get on and off unassisted.

Three grow-with-me levels of interactive learning with your TV!

12M+ Level 1: Action/Reaction
With every bounce or spin of the roller, baby makes something happen! Hear
songs, learn about animals and their sounds, first words, greetings and more.

18M+ Level 2: Learn and Play
As baby grows, so does the learning! Discover letters, numbers, shapes and
colors in a fun and engaging way.

24M+ Level 3: Active Learning
Lots of games, lots of active learning! For example: make the pony “jump          Fisher-Price – Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano
fences” as you count along and collect rewards.
                                                                                  What a grand way for baby to explore music, learning and imaginative fun!
Developmental Guidelines:
                                                                                  Your budding musician will not only enjoy creating concerts with this piano, but
For children able to get on and off unassisted.
                                                                                  will learn about numbers, counting, opposites, colors, tempo, pitch, music
                                                                                  styles, and more! A friendly dancing character comes to life as baby plays his
Item #:                        FSP-009                                            baby                                                                     grand!
Age:                           12 months +                                        The Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano has an interactive songbook with pages
Retail Price:                  $109.99                                            to flip, colorful light-up keys, charming sing-along songs, and lots of busy
                                                                                  activities for baby. Move the slider to learn high and low pitch. Turn the dial for
Toys Direct Price:             $87.99 (Savings of 20%)                            fun music and sounds. And make new discoveries every day! With volume
                                                                                  control for quiet piano play. Requires 3 “C” (LR14) alkaline batteries (not
                                                                                  Helps baby learn through everyday experiences!

                                                                                  •   Introduces music as a learning tool.
                                                                                  •   Explores notes, pitch, tempo && styles.
                                                                                  •   Music & songs enhance baby’s developing language skills.
                                                                                  •   Encourages interaction && pretend play.

                                                                                  Item #:                         FSP-011
                                                                                  Age:                            6 months +
                                                                                  Retail Price:                   $69.99
                                                                                  Toys Direct Price:              $59.99 (Savings of 20%)

Miracles & Milestones - Silly Segment Caterpillar
This adorable friend offers silly fun and plenty of stimulation to encourage
                                                                                      Fisher-Price Farm Musical Mini-Mobile
developing skills. Snap it into the Miracles & Milestones™ 3-in-1 Gym™, or
use the link to take it along anywhere! It’s just right to develop and delight your
little ones.
                                                                                      Item #:              FSP-013
                                                                                      Age:                 Birth & Up
Item #:                          FSP-012                                              Retail Price:        $13.99
Age:                             Birth & Up                                           Toys Direct Price:   $10.99 (Savings of 21%)
Retail Price:                    $8.99
Toys Direct Price:               $6.99 (Savings of 22%)

Fisher-Price Friendly First Shake & Twist Rattle
It’s easy for little fingers to grasp, with a sparkly frog, spin-and-click ladybug,
                                                                                      Fisher-Price Soothing Water Teether
and textured feet—all ready to entertain baby!
                                                                                      Item #:              FSP-015
Item #:                          FSP-014                                              Age:                 3 months +
Age:                             3-18 months                                          Retail Price:        $5.99
Retail Price:                    $12.99                                               Toys Direct Price:   $4.50 (Savings of 25%)
Toys Direct Price:               $9.99 (Savings of 23%)

Born Free (BPA Free) - 5oz Wide Neck Bottles
with Stage 1 Nipples
BPA Free 5oz Wide Neck Bottle plastic bottles, featuring the innovative
BornFree venting that helps eliminate colic symptoms. Each bottle comes with
handy non-spill travel cover.

Item #:            BNF-001
Retail Price:      $9.99 / each
Toys Direct Price: $6.99 (Savings of 30%)


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