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									                                  er 2053
              Dateline 1st Septemb

                                                               row their legs
                               ll amphibia   ns. They can g
              Newts are sma                             en removed.
                               s whe   n they have be
              back in 40 day                     a on humans.
              Scientists hav  e used this ide
                                                                     e some of
                                                    at humans hav
                                 long known th              However, these
              Scientists have               w new limbs.
                                ed to gro                       uring stages of
              the genes need                  nborn babies d
                                 active in u             ctive can be
               genes are only           s that are not a
               rapid growth.                        Scientists have
               described as 's  leeping genes'.              these sleeping
                                   to 'swit ch' on some of
               discovered how                                  bs by using
                                   who hav   e lost their lim
                genes in people          newts.
                DNA   extracted from                              mb has been
                                  is delivered    to where the li
                The newt DNA                                        of Newt'.
                                  evolutionary     cream called 'I
                removed in a r                               ir condition
                                    es can  be cured of the
                 Human ampute                                    ey will be able
                                   ing a false  limb fitted. Th
                 rather like hav                                   ey lost their
                                   n just as th  ey did before th
                 to walk and ru
                 limbs.                                     will answer
                                    nfere nce, a scientist
                  At the press co            as of science:
                  questio ns on three are
                                   s can grow bac
                  I How limb                                  l creams can
                                    omes fo  und in medica
                  I How lipos
                       deliver DNA
                                                         on sleeping
                                     D NA can switch
                   I How newt
                        human genes

Gene dreams                                                         Miracle cream workshop

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