Inexpensive Decorating by DetoxRetox


									          When It Comes To Kids, Let There Be Color
 Easy, Inexpensive Decorating Projects To Light Up Their Lives
   (NAPSA) —Ask a child his
favorite color and he’ll say blue.
A second later he’ll say no, it’s
red. Yellow. Purple. Orange.
Green. In fact, kids love color, all
col ors . T hat al on e s h ou l d b e
inspiration when thinking about
decorating your children’s bed-
rooms or playrooms.
   That they love color—the more
the better—also makes do-it-your-
self decorating projects with your
kids easy and fun. The key is to
relax, keep things simple and inex-
pensive, and don’t sweat the small
stuff (like big messes). Use your        all, a family or self-portrait drawn
creativity with your kids and watch      by their own hands is often more
theirs spring to life.                   precious than a professional one.
   1. Let kids add color to              With the money you save on art-
unexpected places and have it            work, invest in a nice frame to
be OK. If color is what a room           give your children’s masterpieces
lacks, kids can use GelGems™ on          a finished look that blends with
any non-porous surface such as           your room’s decor.
windows, refrigerators, computer             4. Press some style and fun
monitors and bathroom tile. Flexi-       onto stale-looking walls. Have
ble, stickable and reusable, the         children dip their hands into an
colorful gels come in virtually any      accent paint color. Help them
shape and color—hearts, letters,         press their hands onto the walls to
paisley, dots, fish, flowers or sea-     create a room boarder around the
sonal shapes—and can match any           middle of the wall. Vary the posi-
room theme or help create a new          tion of the handprints, switching
one around special holidays.             45-degree angles to the right and
   2. Playtime with pillows.             left to create a pattern.
Purchase fabric crayons or paint             5. Boot out the old, in with
at the craft store, along with cot-      the new. Here is a use for the
ton material. Cut two matching           cute little rain boots they no
squares out of material, tape one        longer wear, but you cannot bear
piece securely to a work area,           to give away—planters. Pound a
such as a thick piece of cardboard,      few holes in the bottom of the boot
and have children design the front       with a nail then pour a thin layer
of a pillow. After they’re done, sew     of gravel in the bottom of the boot
the pieces together leaving a hole       for proper drainage. Fill with pot-
on one side big enough to put a          ting soil and Gerbera daisy or
hand through, stuff with filling         other small flower.
and stitch the hole shut.                    For more colorful decorating
   3. Modern art has never               ideas, or to learn more about Gel-
been so inexpensive. Children’s          Gems and where you can find
artwork can be priceless—after           them, visit

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