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                                     Michigan Doll Makers Guild
                               Oldest Doll Club in Michigan, Chartered in 1978
   http://michigandollmakersguild.com/         FEBRUARY 2009

        Michigan Doll Makers Guild will meet at 6:30 PM, February, 2009, at the Flower Factory, 45160
Utica Park Blvd, Utica, MI 48315. Directions are included on page 2. This initial meeting of the new year
will be for the purpose of planning the year’s schedule including programs. Once again, each active member
will be responsible for one doll related program (demo, hands-on, or guest speaker). Come prepared to
schedule your program.
        Also bring ideas for workshops or other doll related activities.

                                              There are varying opinions as
 FEBRUARY 5, 2009                     to the origin of Valentine's Day. Some
     6:30 P.M.                        experts state that it originated from
                                      St. Valentine, a Roman who was mar-
      Flower Factory                  tyred for refusing to give up Christi-
   45160 Utica Park Blvd,             anity. He died on February 14, 269
      Utica, MI 48315                 A.D., the same day that had been
      (586) 254-8182                  devoted to love lotteries. Legend also
        Directions, p 2               says that St. Valentine left a farewell
                                      note for the jailer's daughter, who
    Future Meeting Dates              had become his friend, and signed it
             2009                     "From Your Valentine". In 496 A.D.
             TBA                      Pope Gelasius set aside February 14
                                      to honor St. Valentine.
                                              Gradually, February 14 be-
                                      came the date for exchanging love
                                      messages and St. Valentine became
      2008 Executive Board
                                      the patron saint of lovers. The date
Diane Boatman—President               was marked by sending poems and
Linda McArthur—Vice President         simple gifts such as flowers. There
Rita Paulus —Secretary                was often a social gathering or a ball.
Ila Hoetger—Treasurer                         In the United States, Miss
Lorrie Cross—Membership               Esther Howland is given credit for
Barb Tornow—
                                      sending the first valentine cards. Commercial valentines were intro-
Jane Covington—Newsletter
                                      duced in the 1800's and now the date is very commercialized. The
                                      spirit of good continues as valentines are sent out with sentimental
                                      verses and children exchange valentine cards at school.
   DIRECTIONS for February Meeting                                                                              N

 Flower Factory Incorporated
 45160 Utica Park Blvd.. Utica, MI 48315
 (586) 254-8182      http://www.flowerfactory.com/
                                                                                              FLOWER FACTORY
   The Flower Factory is located approximately 3
   miles WEST (on Hall Rd.) of our previous meeting
   place, the Macomb Library. Turn right onto UTICA                 UTICA
   PARK PLACE BLVD. (just before the bridge over
   Hwy 53). The Flower Factory is on the right about
   0.2 mi.                                                                     Heights
   For those coming from other directions, check out
   the map to the right or go to website above.

Young Manhattan-based designer Jason Wu got the shock of his life around 8 pm
EST on Inaugural Day while watching television. On the screen, Michelle Obama
was wearing his one-shoulder, flowing, ivory-colored evening dress,. Wu says he
did not know Mrs. Obama was planning to wear his dress. Ikram Goldman, owner
of Chicago’s top boutique Ikram, sells Wu’s clothes and is Mrs. O’s fashion con-

                                    At the age of 26, Jason Wu has accomplished
                                    more than most have in the toy and fashion
                                    industries. In a few short years, Wu has
                                    turned Integrity Toys Inc. from a producer of
                                    mass market toys to a producer of high end
                                    collectible dolls. His Fashion Royalty® line
                                    had soared in sales over most of its competi-
                                    tors in its first 2 years, and now 7 years since its creation, sports a loyal fan base
                                    which rapidly increases every day.

                                    Born and raised in Taipei, Wu has traveled the world from early on in life. He
                                    spent a portion of his life living and studying in Canada, France and different
                                    parts of the United States before establishing himself in New York City where he
                                    attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design.

                                    Always an avid fan of fashion, Wu started designing on dolls as a creative outlet
                                    for his budding interest in fashion design as a child. In 1998 after entering and
                                    winning a fashion doll design contest, Mr. Percy Newsum (president of Integrity
                                    Toys Inc.), noticed the young man’s potential and recruited him as a freelance
                                    designer. Within 2 years at the ripe young age of 17, Wu proved to be such an
  Wu’s Dynamite Doll, “Jett”
                                    important part of the company that he was brought on as the full time creative
                                    director, only to be made partner soon after
                                        This page is available for members to share

Look What We Did !                      Photos, Stories, etc. Items may be mailed to me
                                        or e-mailed. Both addresses (snail & e-mail)
                                        are available on page 4. Photos will be
                                        returned, if requested.
                                                 SHOW US WHAT YOU ARE
                                                        WORKING ON!

        These ladies are the ones who help make the show
        successful— From top, clockwise, working the
        Competition room on Saturday: Linda McArthur, displaying the dolls as they are
        judged; Beverly Loftis, setting the room up for judging; Linda, Diane Boatman,
        and Jane Covington, judging a doll; Rita Paulus and Michelle Hodges, getting
        Michelle’s reborn baby ready for display.

        Lorrie Cross and Karen Tracz man the ticket sales at the entrance on Sunday.
                       These are among the ladies who make the show look great—even
                     though the dolls get all of the attention!! Thanks, ladies!!
                                                             Actually the birdhouse is a welcome change

 From the Editor...                                          moving from my old computer to my new one—
                                                             I’ve done this at least eight times since I first
                                                             began computing. It’s like moving from one
                                                             house to another—you have to load it up, move
                                                             it and install it (where you have a good chance
   It has been sooooo cold ...                               of finding it again). The difference—the house
                                                             has big rooms and you can see all the boxes, etc.
                                                             The computer is a cold box that is capable of
   This is what I’ve been looking at out the back for the    hiding it all from under your eyes and defying
   last eon….         ...the little house is a suet feeder   you to locate it, Sometimes it never surfaces.
   and attracts 3 species of woodpeckers and quite a
   few other hungry little birds as well as several angry    So I’m doing this newsletter half on one com-
   black squirrels who cannot access the feeder since        puter and half on another.
   RB put a plastic disc around the chain above the
   house and they simply fall to the ground without          I am in the process of cleaning greenware to
   even a bite of the expensive suet. They are well          Lorna Yates’ original doll, Lady Esther—
                                                             sculpted from a picture of her great aunt dressed
                                                             from 1905. I have just the thing to dress her for
                                                             a night at the opera—she is a real beauty. I have
                                                             both the 24” and 18” molds. I hope to make
                                                             both of them.

                                                             I’m looking forward to this year in dollmaking,
                                                             And I hope you are, too.

                                                              See you at the meeting!
                                                              Jane Covington, Editor
   aware of what they are missing since they ate at least
   two squares of suet before we caught them. They’ll
   just have to make do with the sunflower seed and the
   leftover nuts we pitchout to them.

Michigan Doll Makers Guild
Jane Covington
707 Covington Lane
Marysville, MI 48040

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