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The couples shower is similar to the baby shower and the wedding showers except the guests are both males and females. The guests are the female
friends of the bride in the traditional wedding shower. It is usually given by the maid of honor or by the best friend of the bride. Usually, the party is held
at someones house or at a designated place. Of course there are also the theme bridal party or the more elaborate showers. The invitation then
generally complement the party. If the party is a theme party, say a 60s theme party, the invitation is 60s designed or inspired.
Now with the evolving role of the men and women in our society and the changing family structure, the traditional bridal shower has also evolved. And
so we now have the couples shower. The couples shower in fact is becoming more and more the norm as part of the wedding event. More couples are
now having couples shower party instead even though we still see the traditional shower occasionally. Then of course the couples are now more and
more sharing the responsibility and role in the family. So the gifts from the bridal shower are not just for the women anymore.
Now since the couples shower is for both the female and the male, the themes are also different from the traditional bridal shower. For instance, it is
no longer quite appropriate to give out lingerie theme bridal shower. The male and the female guests would then be uncomfortable with this party.
Therfore choosing the theme that is right for both the sexes is important. When choosing the theme one must also consider the games for the party.
Also, the right place for the event must be taken into consideration if the party will be a night out in the town.
Needless to say, the invitation is something that must be for the male and for the female. Even though the male are invited they might feel out of place
if the invitation is a traditional bridal shower invitation. Also, the host must make sure that the groom receives the same attention as the bride. As for
the party, it should be interesting to the males and the groom as well. The first thing that can really make them interested with the party of course is the
invitation. The host should therefore choose the right couples shower invitation for the couple. The couples shower invitation should therefore be
something that will pique the interest of the males not just the females.

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