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									 Fresh Fire Prayer & Fasting Guide                            Destiny Begins Now!
          As we embark upon this Second An-
nual Conference for Kimberly Moore Minis-
tries, we are in much prayer about everything        D ~ Deep intimate worship & praise (Psalm
that shall take place. We earnestly believe that     103:1-22)
“the fervent and effectual prayers of a righteous
man/woman avails much.” (James 5:16b) So                                                               Kimberly Moore
now we purpose to enter into a season of             E ~ Expressions of appreciation for the things
prayer and fasting concerning the life changing      God has done & what he will do. (Psalm            Ministries, Inc.
events that are about to take place throughout       145:1-21)
the days of this conference. We are believing
that God is going to show himself mighty dur-
ing these three power packed days of prophetic       S ~ Sincere prayer & meditation (Philippians
preaching and anointing singing in a life chang-     4:6-8)
ing atmosphere that will be sure to catapult
those in attendance into their divine destinies.
                                                     T ~ Trust in God for all things (Psalm 37:3-7)
                                                                                                          rd Annua
          This will be a time of rejuvenation for
the saints. The theme for this conference is
                                                     I ~ Increase of souls to the body of Christ       Thi
                                                                                                        Fresh Fir
“Fresh Fire” because at various times in our
lives we become stagnant and comfortable.            (Acts 2:41-27)
And this conference will be the event that re-
                                                                                                         ference 20
kindles the flames of destiny in the lives of the
                                                     N ~ New Lives & New Destinies (Isaiah
believer. We are believing God for a Fresh
Word that will be imparted into the life of each     43:19)                                           Con
attendee; a Fresh Anointing that will settle
upon each person that will step through the          Y ~ You + God + KMM Yielding to the Spirit
doors of Emmanuel; and Fresh Oil to flow
freely upon every ministry gift represented. We
                                                     and the move of God.
decree and declare that this will not be just an-
other conference or church service, but we de-
clare that this will be a life changing experience
where souls will be saved and rededicated back
unto God, healing miracles will take place, and               Fresh Fire 2009
                                                                                                        Prayer & Fasting
the bound will be set free.
         Jesus said in Mark 9:29 that “this kind
can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and         Kimberly Moore Ministries, Inc.
fasting.” Hence, we call upon all believers to
join us in prayer during this time as we seek
                                                                 Post Office Box 6617                  July 12—25, 2009
God concerning our Destinies! It is during this
time that we believe God is going to reveal His                  Greenville, SC 29606
Will to us concerning our ministries as well as
our personal lives. We ask that you join us in          
prayer and fasting July 12-25, 2009 for a Fresh     
Fire from God to overtake Kimberly Moore
Ministries and every person and ministry
that is connected!
                                                                                                                                           Day 11 – Wednesday, July 22nd
Guidelines for the Fast ~ July 12—25, 2009                       Day 5 – Thursday, July 16th (Scripture: James 5:13-16)
                                                                                                                                           Scripture: Acts 2:1-19; I Corinthians 14:40
                                                                 Today we pray for the healing of those who are sick in mind and
                                                                                                                                           Today we pray for the overall conference. We pray for
                                                                 body. We pray that God will heal them completely, never to return
    July 12th—18th We will fast from 12:00 midnight                                                                                        each program participant, praise leader, musician,
                                                                 to their former state again. Today we pray for a complete release of
    until 12:00 noon. During these hours we will eat NO                                                                                    psalmist and every adjutant. We pray for anybody and
                                                                 the mind and body.
    food and drink only water. This is a complete denying                                                                                  everybody that will play a part in the conference. We
    of the flesh. In doing so you are saying “Lord, not my       Day 6 – Friday, July 17th (Scripture: Proverbs 22:1-6)                    pray that everything will be done decently and in order
    will but thy will be done”. After the fasting hours, you     Today we pray for our youth. We pray that God will cover them,            that the service will flow as one pleasing to God. We
    may eat and drink what you desire.                           then lead and guide them in all their ways. We dispatch angels of         pray that everything done will give glory to no one but
                                                                 protection to be with them during their daily activities. We pray for     God.
    July 19th—25th Continue the NO food fast from 12:00          ministering angels to minister to them when they feel less than they
    midnight until 12:00 noon. However, after the fasting        should. Then we pray that the gifts of the spirit will be stirred up in   Day 12–Thursday, July 23rd (Scripture: Acts 2:16-21)
    hours, you will eat only fruit and vegetables (no meats      them that they may begin to walk into the destinies that God has set      Today we pray especially for the Woman of God that
    and no sweets). You will drink only water 24/7. Also         up for them. We pray that they will be daughter of virtue and young       will bring forth the Word of God tonight (Pastor Wanda
    during this week, you will not watch any secular televi-     men of valor. They will not just be the leaders of tomorrow, but they     Parker). We pray for her safe travels. We pray that her
    sion or listen to secular music. We ask that you also        will be the leaders of today!                                             mind will be clear that she may receive and the deliver
    limit your phone time. Only make calls for busi-                                                                                       the Word that has be preordained for the house of be-
    ness/ministry purposes. This week we are careful about       Day 7 – Saturday, July 18th (Scripture: II Timothy 1:6-12)
                                                                                                                                           lievers. We pray that she will be strengthened to preach
    what feeds our spirits. We want to prepare our ground        Today we pray that the gifts of the spirit will be stirred up in the
                                                                                                                                           the Word like she has never preached before. We pray
    to receive the pure seed of the Word. We want to keep        lives of the believer and a fresh anointing will be loosed and over-
                                                                                                                                           for the spirit of discernment that she will be able to dis-
    our minds and our bodies clean of any toxins that may        take every willing vessel who makes themselves available to be used
                                                                                                                                           cern those in need of healing and deliverance meeting
    want to clutter our minds and destroy the seed of the        by God.
                                                                                                                                           them at the point of their need through the Word.
    Word of God before it has a chance to be planted and
                                                                 Day 8 – Sunday, July 19th (Psalm 85:4-9; Isaiah 43:8-19)
    take root.                                                                                                                             Day 13 – Friday, July 24th (Scripture: Acts 2:16-21)
                                                                 Today we pray for revival to take place in the Body of Christ. We
           Daily Prayer & Scriptures for Meditation              pray today that there will be rejuvenation and a rekindling to take       Today we pray especially for the Man of God that shall
    Each day will begin the day in prayer and with the           place in the lives of the believers. We speak life to that which was      bring forth the Word of God tonight (Dr. Stephen Hall).
    Word. Everyone is asked to be in prayer at 6:00 a.m.,        lying dormant. And we pray that God will do a new thing within the        We pray for his safe travels. We pray that his mind will
    then read and meditate on the daily scripture before         Body of Christ.                                                           be clear that he may understand the Will of God for
    starting your day. Just as God spoke to Elijah, “the jour-             Today we will also begin to pray for all of those that will     himself and for those that he will deliver the Word of
    ney is great” and we need to be spiritually fed and          come from the North, South, East and West to attend the conference.       God to. We pray that he will preach and prophesy the
    strengthened for the task at hand.                           We pray that God will begin to work supernaturally upon the hearts        mysteries of God like he has never spoken before. We
                                                                 of those that have no intentions of coming. But they will be present      pray for his health and his strength that he may stand
    Days 1 & 2 – July 13 & 14th (Romans 10; II Peter 3:9)        because God has ordained them to be there. And when they come,            strong and deliver the uncompromised Word of God
    Today we pray that God will begin to work upon the           we pray they will receive spiritual blessings that they are not expect-   with power and demonstration
    hearts and the minds of those that need to receive him       ing to receive.
    as Lord and Savior of their lives. We pray that God will                                                                               Day 14 – Saturday, July 25th (Not a day of fasting,
    direct them to the conference that they may hear the         Day 9 – Monday, July 20th (Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-6)                    but a day of prayer) (Scripture: Psalm 63)
    Word of the Lord and find Jesus as their personal Savior     Today we will pray for all volunteers and conference workers. We          Today we pray a special prayer for Pastor Moore that
    and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost                    pray for the spirit of unity to rest, rule, and abide among this circle   God will speak to her like she has never heard him speak
                                                                 of vessels who will work together to host a spirit filled, well organ-    before. We pray that she will speak only what God
    Day 3 – Tuesday, July 15th (Psalm 34)                        ized worship experience. We bind the spirit of confusion and contro-
    Today we pray for believers that need deliverance in                                                                                   speaks. We pray that God will give her insight and reve-
                                                                 versy. Even in the midst of serving and working, each person will         lation that the needs of God’s people will be met. We
    any shape, form, or fashion of any stronghold that hin-      receive what they need from God. We thank God in advance for the
    ders them from living wholly and Holy for God. We                                                                                      pray that God will strengthen her mind and her body that
                                                                 spirit of excellence prevailing.                                          she may be able to stand strong, boldly, and with confi-
    pray that strongholds will be broken and yokes will be
    Destroy.                                                     Day 10 – Tuesday, July 21st (Eph 4:1-20; II Corinthians 9:8)              dence as she delivers the uncompromised Word of God.
                                                                 Today we pray for the finances and the business matters of the con-       We pray for everyone that will rise early to receive the
    Day 4 – Wednesday, July 16th (Isaiah 54:15-17)                                                                                         Word of the Lord today will be blessed beyond measure
                                                                 ference. We pray that the budget will be more than sufficiently met.
    Today we pray that God will cancel the plans, plots, and                                                                               and receive the answers that they need for their lives.
                                                                 We pray that all outside entities will give us favor beyond measure.
    assignments that the enemy has devised to cause confu-
                                                                 We pray that there will be no lack and that we will have sufficiency
    sion, delay or hinder the purpose that God has preor-
                                                                 in all things.
    dained for this conference.

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