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					                                                Mount Allison’s Planned Giving Campaign

Gift Confirmation

A gift in your will is a simple, thoughtful way to reflect your lifetime supp ort for an education

and to allow future students to benefit from Mou nt Allison University. If you have made a

gift in you r will, or inten d to do so, it wou ld be h elpful for u s if you w ould com plete th is

form .

                 I have a lready includ ed M oun t Allison Un iversity in my will

                 I intend to inclu de M oun t Allison Un iversity in my will

                 I have made alternate provisions for Mount Allison (eg. Life insurance,

                 annu ities)

                 I would like to meet to discuss planned giving options

Information About You

Full Nam e (Mr./Mrs./Ms./M iss/Dr.)

Your Graduation Year (if applicable)

Birthdate (dd/mm/yy)

Sp ous e (M r./Mrs./M s./M iss/D r.)

Graduation Year (if applicable)

Birthdate (dd/mm/yy)

Ad dress (Street a nd Nu m ber)

City                                     Province                        Postal Code

Telephon e (H)                           ( W)                            E-m ail

Sig nature of Do nor                                                     Date

Sig nature of Join t Do nor                                              Date
Thank You

The confidential details of your plans will assist Mount Allison, if you wish to share them,

and will also help us plan for the future.

               A p ercen tag e of m y esta te,           %

               The residue of my estate after other bequests are made.

               A specific item of value. D etails
               A specific amount, $


Thank you for your future support of Mount Allison. With your approval, your name, or

family’s nam e, will be listed in a special m em bership insert in the A nnu al Report an d those

who qu ailfy will be recog nized on a dono r wall in a prom inen t location o n M ou nt Allison ’s

cam pus.

               The nam e(s) which should appear in the Annu al Report and, if applicable on

               the Don or Wall is:

               I wish to remain anonymous

Determining Future use of your Gift

By Giving to the University Enhancement Fun d, you allow Mount Allison to make needed
strategic investm ents in program s and bu ildings.

               The U niversity Enha ncem ent Fun d : W herever the need is greatest

W e w ould be plea se to d esig nate your gift, if you prefer:

               Scholarships                                      Student Research Scholarships

               Fina ncial A id for Stu den ts                    Faculty Research Scholarships

               Expanding Faculty Program                         Library and Art Initiatives

               Technological Change                              Building for Tomorrow

               Athletic Programs and Awards                      Student Leadership Development

               International Initiatives Program                 Other

Thank you from Mount Allison University