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Figaro's Pizza


									Figaros Pizza
Pizza is a world popular dish from Italy. It is oven-baked, generally flat and round bread that is often covered with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes or
tomato sauce. The rest of the toppings are added depending on each individual.

Originating as a Italian cuisine, the dish has become very popular all over the world. A restaurant where pizzas are made and sold is commonly
known as "pizzeria". In the United States, the phrases "pizza place", "pizza shop", and "pizza parlor" are used.

When looking for opportunities in the food business, the most important thing to consider is the product's future. With pizza, there is certainly no
doubt about it. I don't believe I know anyone who doesn't eat pizza or anyone who doesn't want to eat pizza ever again.

With almost everybody eating pizza, it's no wonder why a lot of people are trying to make money out of it. If you drive to any destination, you are
likely to find a pizza shop before too long. The fact is, profits from pizza businesses are huge, and anyone with passion and desire can easily make
it. Tossing dough, while making dough.

At Figaro's the cornerstone of their menu is their delicious pizza. They start with a choice of Original , Thin or Sicilian Pan crusts. They offer several
sauces including traditional tomato, creamy garlic, tangy BBQ and zesty picante. Then they top it off with a wide range of choice meats, fresh
vegetables and 100% REAL Mozzarella cheese. Order your pizza baked and ready to eat or as take-and-bake, ready to pop into your oven at home.
They feature other tasty menu items, too, such as calzone, fresh salads, chicken wings, breadsticks and Pepsi products.

A dining concept breakthrough, Figaro's Pizza gives you the best of casual dining, offering you the chance to enjoy the greatest Italian-American food
along with first class service and relaxing ambience.

Figaro's Pizza is continuing to spread all across the country. Freshness is the first thing you'll notice about Figaro's. They boast of having the freshest
ingredients, and they really live up to it. The dough is freshly made each day and the restaurants make use of local ingredients every time it is
available. Naturally, the price is a little bit higher than competitors, but the taste and everything else is worth paying for.

Figaro's Pizza is the Best Pizza You Can Have at Home! Dough made fresh every day. Special blend of 100% REAL Cheese. The choicest meats
and the freshest produce. It's the closest you can get to classic italian pizza without calling your travel agent.

Figaro's is locally owned and operated. Visit them now at 7846 Pine Forest Road Pensacola, FL 32526. They are open on Monday - Sunday, 10 to
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