Go Duster by DetoxRetox


									Go Duster

  GoDuster is the revolutionary motorized duster that makes dusting faster, easier and more fun
than you ever imagined! It's battery operated, just push the button and the duster head starts to
spin, picking up dust in a fraction of the time. Designed for comfort, the handle is ergonomic and
balanced to make dusting feel almost effortless. Even seniors and children will love it.

Great for all sorts of dusting jobs in every area of your home. Go Duster reaches dust in every
nook and cranny – between books, shelving, plants, blinds, electronics and delicate collectibles.
Go Duster comes with a bottle of Multi-Surface Dusting Spray that will enhance its dusting
performance by grabbing and holding dust. When you’re done simply rinse the dusting head
under a faucet and let dry to use again.


   - Conforms to all shapes and sizes, lets you dust without having to move anything
   - Makes it very easy to clean items such as blinds, furniture, electronics, glass ware and
delicate ornaments,  plants, ceiling fans and hard to reach places
   - It is lightweight and perfectly balanced
   - Has 3 different sized heads:
   - Extra-long for reaching those hard to get at places
   - Medium head for general cleaning
   - Mini-Head, great for the car, computer keyboards, and smaller item

   - When you’re finished simply rinse it under running water and it dries as good as new
   - The Go Duster can be used with normal cleaning surface sprays to increase its
   - Go Duster cuts down your cleaning time, reduces effort needed, makes dusting fun
   - FREE extension handle and wall caddy designed to hold your Go Duster and all


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