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									Membership Classifications

      “Make Our Club
                 Your Club”
Dear Prospective Member:

Thank you for your interest in our club. Celebrating more than 28 years
of service to our members, The Country Club at Muirfield Village has
been committed to providing our membership with a superior club
experience complementing the lifestyle of the Dublin area. We are a
family oriented country club offering social, athletic, and recreational
programs to all age groups.

Please review the materials in this brochure at your leisure. I would be
happy to meet with you to answer any questions you have and give you
a tour of our facility.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will
“Make Our Club Your Club!”


Michael W. Graney
General Manager

               Golf Membership Information
      Full Golf Membership                                               Affinity Golf Membership
The Full Golf membership includes the use of all facilities            The Affinity Golf membership includes the use of all
and unlimited golf for the member and the member’s                     facilities and unlimited golf for the member and the
immediate family, providing each dependent is a resident               member’s immediate family, providing each dependent
of the household. Children must be 22 years of age or                  is a resident of the household. Children must be 22
younger to participate in the membership privileges.                   years of age or younger to participate in the membership
Initiation Fee                                 $5,000**
Dues                                   $450 per month**                Initiation Fee*
                                              (includes fitness)       Primary Member       $22,500***       (50% Refundable)
Minimum***                               $800 per year**                                    $15,000           (0% Refundable)

                                                                       Optional Initiation Fee**
                                                                                      First Designee                $   5,000***
                                                                                      Second Designee               $   5,000***
Additional Golf Fees                                                                  Third Designee                $   5,000***
                                                                                      Fourth Designee               $   5,000***
1. Carts – $20.00 for 18 holes.
2. Guest fees – $80.00 for 18 holes.                                   Transfer Fee     $1,500*** per transfer of primary
3. Club bag storage and care – $65.00/bag per year.                                     and/or designee member.
4. To participate in Club golf tournaments, you must
   belong to TCC’s Ladies’ or Men’s Golf Association.                  Recall
5. Lessons are available.                                              The Primary Affinity membership is not callable. The
6. Locker rentals are $160.00 per year,                                Club may not call designees until after five years from
   billed in October.                                                  the date of acceptance of original designee.
7. Family Driving Range membership – $250 per year
   for Full Golf member.                                               Dues                                 $450 per month***
                                                                       Minimum****                            $800 per year***

                                                                       Additional Golf Fees
                                                                       Same as Full Golf membership

                                                                       * The $22,500 Primary Affinity membership fee is
                                                                         50% refundable, upon resignation of the Affinity
                                                                         membership provided that all of the follow occur:

                                                                         1) The Primary Affinity Golf member
                                                                            must resign as a member in good standing;
                                                                         2) The Primary Affinity Golf initiation fee
                                                                            of $22,500 has been paid in full;
                                                                         3) The Primary Affinity Golf membership is replaced
                                                                            by two (2) new Full Golf memberships;
                                                                         4) The Club’s Full Golf membership category must be

                                                                       **      The Optional Initiation Fee(s) of the designees
**       Plus Sales Tax                                                        are not refundable
***      For additional information, please refer to                    ***    Plus Sales Tax
         page 7, Minimum Structure                                     ****    For additional information, please refer to
                                                                               page 7, Minimum Structure.

                Golf Membership Information
Executive Weekday Membership                                            Junior Golf Membership
 The Country Club at Muirfield Village is offering a new                   Available to persons under the age of 35.
 membership classification to provide an alternative to
 those of you who are not available to play golf on the           The Country Club at Muirfield Village is offering
 weekends or would like to take advantage of a limited            its Junior Golf membership to young families. This
 playing schedule at lower initiation and dues rates.             category is designed to assist younger couples and
                                                                  their families in attaining full membership privileges
 This position can be upgraded to Full Golf if at any time        while establishing a family, home and career. With this
 you would like to take advantage of full access to the           category, The Country Club at Muirfield Village looks
 golf course by paying the difference in initiation fee and       to build its future and traditions.
 increasing to Full Golf dues.
                                                                  The Junior Golf membership includes the use of all
 The Executive Weekday Membership includes the                    facilities and unlimited golf for the member and the
 use of all club facilities during operating hours with the       member’s immediate family, providing each dependent
 exception of access to the golf course on Saturdays,             is a resident of the household. Children must be 22
 Sundays and Holidays. Club usage is available to the             years of age or younger to participate in the membership
 member and the member’s immediate family, providing              privileges.
 each dependent is a resident of the household. Children
 must be 22 years of age or younger to participate in the         Initiation Fee                                   $3,500**
 membership privileges.
                                                                  Dues Age 23-28                         $260 per month**
 Initiation Fee                                  $3,500**
                                                                  Dues Age 29-34                         $310 per month**
 Dues                                    $310 per month**
                                                                  Minimum                                    $800 per year**
 Minimum                                  $800 per year**
                                                                  • Full Golf privileges are extended with this
 Additional Fees          Same as a Full Golf Membership,         membership.
                                    please refer to page 3.

                                                                  Additional Golf Fees
                                                                  Same as Full Golf membership, please refer to page 3

                                                                  **      Plus Sales Tax
                                                                  ***     For additional information, please refer to
                                                                          page 7, Minimum Structure

                               Golf Course Privileges
 Golf Member Course Access                                                        Playing Privileges
Playing Times:                                                                for Non – Golf Members
Full Members
      Sat & Sun         from 7:30 AM                                       • The golf season is defined as April 15 – October 15
      Monday            Closed
      Tuesday           from 12:00 noon                                    • May play 5 complimentary rounds of golf (per family,
      Weds – Fri        from 8:00 AM                                         not person) during the golf season. A round of golf is
      Holidays          from 7:30 AM                                         considered 9 or 18 holes.

Spousal Member                                                             • May sponsor guests with payment of greens fees.
      Sunday            after 11:00 AM
      Monday            Closed                                             • May schedule tee times no earlier than 5 days prior
      Tuesday           Ladies (full member or spouse of                     to the day of play.
                        full member) – from 8:00 AM
      Weds – Fri        from 8:00 AM                                       • Off season, October 16 – April 14, no restrictions,
      Saturday          after 11:00 AM                                       however, must pay usual greens fees. Unused
      Holidays          after 11:00 AM                                       complimentary rounds may be used in off-season.

Young Adults (18 to 22)                                                    • All play subject to the availability of the course as
      Sunday            after 11:00 AM                                       determined by the golf professional.
      Monday            Closed
      Tuesday           after 12:00 noon                                   • All play will be subject to normal rules and regulations
      Weds – Fri        from 8:00 AM                                         as established by Club by –laws.
      Saturday          after 11:00 AM
      Holidays          after 11:00 AM                                     • Yearly Driving Range membership is available for $350
                                                                             per family.
Juniors (13 and over)
      Sunday            after 11:00 AM                                     • If, as a Social member, you are playing as a guest, all
      Monday            Closed                                               guest policies and restrictions will be enforced.
      Tuesday           after 1:00 PM
      Weds – Fri        8:00 – 11:00 & after 2:00 PM
      Saturday          after 11:00 AM
                                                                           Social Membership Privileges
      Holidays          after 11:00 AM
(12 and under) Must play with an Adult (18 or older).                           Sunday          after 3:00 PM
Unattended play at discretion of pro shop.                                      Monday          Closed
                                                                                Tuesday         after 3:00 PM
Sunday                  after 2:00 PM                                           Weds – Fri      8:00 – 11:00 & after 3:00 PM
Monday                  Closed                                                  Saturday        after 3:00 PM
Tuesday                 after 1:00 PM
Weds, Thurs, Fri        8:00 –11:00 AM & after 2:00 PM
Saturday                after 2:00 PM
Holidays                after 2:00 PM
The Country Club at Muirfield Village will sponsor a wide variety
of golfing events for the enjoyment of all golf members. TCC
reserves the right to limit participation in these events to the men
or the women of TCC and where appropriate their guests. Full
members, spouses of full members and the young adults (18 to
22) may fill open tee times, where they might not have course
access, if on the prior day, the tee times are not filled by the
designated category of membership.

             Social Membership Information
        Social Membership                                               Clubhouse Membership
The Full Social membership privileges include the use of          The Social Clubhouse membership privileges include
the tennis, pool, athletic and clubhouse facilities for the       the use of clubhouse dining facilities and athletic facility
member and their immediate family.                                for the member and their immediate family.

Initiation Fee                                   $1,500**
Dues                                        $202/month**          Initiation Fee                                    $500**
Minimum***                                    $800/year**         Dues                                        $113/month**
Limited Golfing Privileges****                                    Minimum***                                   $800/year**
                                                                  Limited Golfing Privileges****
1. Team tennis is available at TCC. Please indicate at
   the time of application if you are interested so that
   we may inform you of tryouts and registration
2. Guest fees – $10.00.
3. Lessons are available.

1. Guest fees – $6.00/person.
2. Lessons are available.

1. Guest fees – $10.00/person                                     **        Plus Sales Tax
2. Hours: 5:30 AM – 9:00 PM, Monday through Friday                ***       For additional information, please refer to
           7 AM – 5 PM Saturday                                             page 7, Minimum Structure
           8 AM – 5 PM Sunday                                     ****      For additional information, please refer to
3. Class and personal training schedules available.                         page 5, Golf Privileges

                   Youth Program Information
                 Philosophy                                                           Programs
Although The Country Club at Muirfield Village                    •   Junior Golf Clinics with playing lessons
offers an array of services, which include business               •   Junior Golf Team (compete with other local clubs)
entertainment and adult activities, we have historically          •   Swim Team (5 meets and league championships)
been a regional leader in the development of young                •   Diving Team
individuals with our junior programming. Numerous top             •   Group and Individual Swim Lessons
–level swimmers, golfers and tennis players have begun            •   Junior Tennis Clinics
their athletic endeavors at TCC. We provide high level            •   Junior Tennis Team (compete with other local clubs)
instruction in all of these areas in both individual and
group settings.

          General Membership Information
        Food and Beverage                                      2009 Social Calendar
Your food and beverage minimum of $800 per year is              6         Jazz and Rib Fest
calculated from your actual food and beverage purchases         7         Tennis Breakfast Kickoff
                                                                17        St. Patrick’s Dinner
excluding service charge and sales tax. A 17.5% service       April
charge is charged on all food and beverage purchases.           3         Lobster Night
                                                                9         MGA Mixer
                                                                11        Kids’ Bunny Party
                                                                12        Easter Brunch
       Food and Beverage                                        14
                                                                          Adult Cooking Class
                                                                          ABCD Men’s Kickoff

       Minimum Structure                                        18
                                                                          Caddy Shack
                                                                          Wine Dinner
                                                                26        Kids Bread Baking Class
                                                                28        Ladies Golf Opening Day Dinner
                     $800/year                                May
       A-F March 1st through February 28th                      3         Mother’s Day Present Making
       G-P April 1st through March 31st                         10        Mother’s Day Brunch
       Q-Z May 1st through April 30th                           15        Patio Buffet-Couples Golf
                                                                25        Memorial Day Cookout with Bingo
To determine your minimum period, please find which             1-7       Memorial Golf T ournament
category your last name falls under and follow across.          12        Patio Buffet-Couples Golf
                                                                14        Father’s Day Present Making
                                                                14        Tennis Mixed Social
**Only food and beverage purchases are applied to your          17-20     Men’s 3-Day Member Guest
  minimum; service charge and sales tax are excluded.           21        Father’s Day Brunch
                                                                26        Patio Buffet-Couples Golf
Reservations are needed for all Club functions and              3         Independence Day Pool Party
social events. If you need to cancel a reservation,             4         Tennis Wimbledon Brunch
please call the Club. We are limited to the number              4         4th of July Couples Golf
                                                                17        Patio Buffet-Couples Golf
of people we can serve and often have a waiting list            26        Couples Member Guest
for special functions.                                          27        Bass Master Classic
                                                                31        Patio Buffet-Couples Golf
                                                                1         Tennis Ladies Member Guest/Member
    Banquets and Meetings                                       7
                                                                          Crab Crack
                                                                          Patio Buffet/Couples Golf
                                                                15        Tennis International
1. Facilities are available for banquets, business              28        Patio Buffet/Couples Golf
   meetings, private luncheons, etc. Prices vary with           6         Tennis Mixed Doubles Social
   each event. Whether you are hosting a wedding for            6         End of Season Party at the Pool
   200 or a private dinner for 12 we will accommodate           7         Labor Day Cookout
   your needs and exceed your expectations. Please              8         Dog Days at the Pool
                                                                11        TCC Foundation Gala
   contact the Food and Beverage Director for details.          27        Couples Club Championships
2. December is a very busy time of year for the Club.           6         Ladies Golf Round-up
                                                                27        Kids Halloween Party
   Please make reservations for December early. In the          30        Adult Halloween Party
   past we have reserved December parties to capacity         November
   as early as one year in advance.                             8         Turkey Shoot
                                                                15        Holiday Craft Show
                                                                16        Pie Making Class
                                                                26        Thanksgiving Carryout
                                                                5         Kids Holiday Party
                                                                12        Golf Shop Sale
                                                                19        Glogg Open
                                                                19        Kids Cookie and Candy Making Class
                                                                20        Holiday Brunch
                                                                23        Candlelight Dinner
                                                                31        New Year’s Eve Dinner
                        We have two first class restaurants
                            for your dining pleasure.

                                The Grille Room
                  A casual dining experience to meet your busy
       schedule, featuring soups, sandwiches, appetizers and entrée salads.

                             The Courtyard Café
                   A sophisticated dining experience Thursday,
        Friday and Saturday night, as well as, a la carte brunch on Sundays.
                  We offer a monthly menu and nightly specials.

                Hours of Operation
         The Country Club at Muirfield Village
                               Tel: (614) 764 – 1714

GRILLE ROOM:                11:00 AM – 9:30 PM             Tuesday through Sunday
                                                           (in season)
Dinner:                     5:00 PM – 9:30 PM              Thursday through Saturday
Brunch:                     8:00 AM – 2:00 PM              Sunday

GOLF PRO SHOP:              7:00 AM – 7:30 PM              Golf Season Hours
Phone: 764 –7705            9:00 AM – 5:00 PM              Off Season Hours

TENNIS PRO SHOP:            9:00 AM – Close
Phone: 764 –7723

Tennis Courts: Court times available seven days a week. Courts close at midnight.

SWIMMING POOL:            12:00 Noon – 9:00 PM             Monday through Thursday
Phone: 764 –7720            10:00 AM – 9:00 PM             Friday through Sunday

FITNESS FACILITY:           5:30 AM – 9:00 PM              Monday through Friday
Phone: 764 –7724            7:00 AM – 5:00 PM              Saturday
                            8:00 AM – 5:00 PM              Sunday

          Department Directors and Extensions

      Craigen Pappas                        Director of Golf              130
      Josh Manning                          Head Golf Professional        132
      Bonni Holmes                          Food & Beverage Director      115
      Lee Morris                            Executive Chef                118
      Jeff Deville                          Pool Director                 151
      Marcus Humble                         Tennis Director               149
      Todd Schulze                          Director of Fitness           137


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