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									PAGE 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PRESS & DAKOTAN ■ SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2011

                                                                                       The 2011 United Way Campaign,                                                                          MidAmerican Energy Employees
                                                                                                                                                                                              Tommy Allen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Linda Merkwan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Candace Miller
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              *Lee Hoerth
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              *Jerry & Kathy Hoffman
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ***Mike & Darcie Briggs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Yankton Insurance Agency
                                                                                                                                                                                              Rick Kroon                       Judy Miller                    Gail Houfek                   Donald Veldhouse
                                                                                      “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” is                                                                       Daniel & Joan Lammers
                                                                                                                                                                                              Lance & Kristi Palecek
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ronald Mraz
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Laurie Muller
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Julie Huber
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              *Todd & Lisa Huber
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ****Yankton Medical Clinic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                & Employees
                                                                                                                                                                                              Joseph Rhode                     **Cory & Kim Nelson            **Mike & Jackie Husman        Donna Albrecht
                                                                                      reaching out in the greater Yankton                                                                     **Midcontinent
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Laurence Nooney
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               **Julie O’Brien
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Bev Inouge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Brian & Becky Jensen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Loretta Albrecht
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ***Chuck & Barb Aman

                                                                                     community every day because of the                                                                       Midwest Market Solution
                                                                                                                                                                                              *Howard & Kelly Kathol
                                                                                                                                                                                              **Mount Marty College Staff
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Amu Orr
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Rebecca Parish
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lisa Perk
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jennifer Johnson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Janel Jonas
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Donna Jones
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Amy Anderson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ****Dr. James &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Linda Appelwick
                                                                                     generosity of the donors listed below.                                                                   Mary Abbott
                                                                                                                                                                                              Sr. Carol Baumert
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Barb Peschl
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Kristin Pegney
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Angela Jual
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Donna Juran
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Margaret Behl
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jean Binder
                                                                                                                                                                                              Sr. Cynthia Binder               Laurie Richardson              Denise Kaddatz                *John Brady
  To those who gave anonymously, we honor your request and take this opportunity to express                                                                                                   Sr. Aidan Bourke
                                                                                                                                                                                              Sr. Kathy Burt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Barbara Ruffinott
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Angie Sayler
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Shirley Kaiser
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Todd Kasuske
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Barbara Brandon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Julie Burbach
  our appreciation for your part in helping so many lives.                                                                                                                                    Sr. Candyce Chrystal
                                                                                                                                                                                              *Carla & Glen Eng
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               *Kaylynn & Matt Sayler
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ron Schieffer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pat Kauth
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ella Kocmich
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Judy Christensen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Paulette Dreensen
             Individual Giving Levels:                                                                         Business Giving Levels:                                                        ***Lisa & Anthony Erickson
                                                                                                                                                                                              Alan Ferris
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Karen Schmidt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mary Schnider
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Diane Kortan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kyle Kosmatka
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Syndee Droppers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sandy Dvoracek
               *****Titanium $5,000+                                                                           *****Titanium $25,000+                                                         Sr. Joyce Feterl                 Sheryl & Roger Schroeder       Kristi Kosmatka               ***Joan & Gary Dybsetter
                                                                                                                                                                                              Sr. Marielle Frigge              Rhonda Sherman                 Gloria Kostel                 Dr. Amy Eickfeld
           ****Platinum $2,000-$4,999                                                                      ****Platinum $10,000-$24,999                                                       Sr. Bonita Gacnik                Peggy Sieben                   Donna Kozak                   ***Dr. Will & Hilary Eidsness
                                                                                                                                                                                              **Charlie & Joan Gross           Jody Smith                     Karen Kuchta                  *John & Peggy Frank
              ***Gold $1,000-$1,999                                                                            ***Gold $5,000-$9,999                                                          Sr. Sharon Ann Haas              *Ramesh & Sarala Somepalli     Lila Kuehler                  Brenda Gobel
   **Silver $500-$999       *Bronze $250-$499                                                       **Silver $1,000-$4,999    *Bronze $500-$999                                               Sr. Thecla Holzbauer
                                                                                                                                                                                              *Sandi Isburg
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Rachel Sprakel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Arleen Steffen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Janis Leeper
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Linda Lunn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Julie Grosshuesch
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jerri Haberman
                                                                                                                                                                                              Sr. Corinne Lemmer               Shawna Taggart                 Charlene McCoy                Dee Hames
INDIVIDUALS                        ****Applied Engineering       Jill Perk                       Steph Rockne                    April Potts                  Abby Koller                     Lori Lincoln                     Susan Tanner                   Regina Medeck                 *DiAnn Honomichl
George & Connie Adam                    & Employees              Ron & Mary Pesek                *Diane & Dob Steckelberg        Jamie Purzol                 Connie McPhillips               Sr. Barbara McTague              Kari Termansen                 Greg Meier                    Jason & Christina Howe
****Jim & Shirley Ahrendt          Donna Adam                    Cathy Peterson                  Jeremy Syrovatka                Al & Claudia Schumacher      **Hubbs Agency                  Jennifer McGinnis                Brook Thurman                  Jen Miller                    *Dr. Will & Joan Hurley
Gene Alexander                     Bridget Benson                ****Drs. Michael                Heather Vierguto                ***Joleen & Randy Smith      Jodi Dixon                      Sr. Eileen O’Connor              Alisa Tielke                   Janet Mines                   Linette Lash
Dores Allan                        *Brad Bohnet                       & Judith Peterson          Wendy Zimmerman                 Mary Smith                   Justin & Jenna Hans             Sr. Mary Jo Polak                Lois Tindle                    Kathleen Moore                *John Lichter
Myrtle Andersen                    Kathy Braunesreither          Rick Pittenger Jr.              **Crist Orthodontics            *David Thomas                ***Davin & Bonnie Hubbs         Pam & Ken Schaefer               **Pam VanMeeteren              Kelli Morales                 ***Mark & Tamara Mabee
Loren & Cleo Anderson              *Wayne Buss                   Connie Potts                    ***Ross & Lisa Crist            *Justin Wagner               Rhonda Schenkel                 Darcie Sees                      Angela Wermers                 Denise Morrow                 Mike & Jama Mathison
Mardell Antes                      Patrick Carroll               *Jean Prater                    Dakota Trailers                 Peg Wittmeier                HyVee                           Jonna Supurgeci                  Betty Woehl                    Tim Morrow                    **Dan & Dana Megard
Helen Baily                        *Danielle Davis               Kelli Prater                    **Ear, Nose & Throat            Amanda Zobel                 **Mike & Laurie Pieper          *Paula & Bill Tacke              Dawn Zavadil                   Lois Mueller                  Earla Mehlhaf
Ione Balentine                     *Julie Derby                  *Kathy Quinlivan                    Associates                  ****First National Service   JC Penny Company & Employees    Sr. Patricia Ann Toscano            Dept. of Labor              Carol Myers                   *Drs. Mary Milroy &
Carol Becker                       Kevin Douglas                 Kim Rempfer—Varlek              ***David & Gina Abbott               Center & Employees      Diane Baker                     Sr. Matthew Wehri                Valerie Bradwisch              Yvonne Navarro                    Dan Johnson
William & Mary Ann Bergman         **Rick & Cheryl Duimstra      Sandra Rennolet                 **Dr. Todd Farnham              Twyla Andrus                 Judi Cowman                     Sr. Maribeth Wentzlaff           Janet Dahlerup                 Lisa Nelson                   Deanna Nelson
Daryl Bernard                      Joe Eickhoff                  ***Pamela & Bob Rezac           *Edward Jones                   Donna Arens                  Lonnie & Connie Herrboldt       **Mtron PTI & Employees          Dee Healy                      Karla Novotny                 Rebecca Neuhalfen
Marilyn Bertsch                    **Roy & Tosha Hamilton        *Dallas Risling                 *Wayne & Lori Ibarolle          Lorna Arens                  Pam Kappel                      Leann Johnson                    Linda & Roger Hora             Darlene Nysven                *Dr. Michael & Beth Pietila
Cyrus & Ruth Beye                  Jenni Hauger                  Brittany Sage                   *Cal & Deb Riesgaard            Amanda Baldwin               Lisa Lucht                      **David Olson                    Kerrill Morrison               Joyce Olson                   Jean Pinkelman
Don Boyd                           Gary Hawerlander              Cindy Sage                      ***Eisenbraun & Associates      Jennifer Barry               Gary Munyer                     Randy Steffen                       Parole Services             Anette Osborn                 Tricia Prouty
Hildegard Bradley                  *Greg Husman                  Jill Sage                           Employees                   Norma Bartikowsky            Adele Shudak                    Reid Sorensen                    *Mark Katterhagen & Lois       *Kelly Padrnos                Nancy Rempfer
Alan & Marsha Brevik, MD           Roxanne Johnson               Mike Sanow                      Janna Almeda                    Barb Becker                  Kay Sinkler                     **Dick Thompson                       Halbur Family             Jodi Payer                    Ann Ryken
**Mike & Arlene Brim               *William Johnson              **Jamie Schaefer                Lois & Don Bottolfsen           Karen Bock                   JJ Benji’s                      ***Gerald Wolff                     Department of Revenue       Kristi Peterka                Kathleen Ryken
Lloyd & Julie Brunick              *Debra Johnson                Linda Schenkel                  Keith & Denise DeJong           Mary Born                    Jeff & Jaci Benjamin            Murdo’s Aten Resort              *Randy & Wendy Eichacker       Jason Petheram                Susan Schavee
Nadine Burow                       *Todd Jorgensen               Liane Schoenberger              ***Dan & Patti Eisenbraun       Sheri Bovero                 Johnson Engineering Company     *Don Edwards & Dianne Larson     *Lynn & John Thieman           *Lexy Plantenburg             Janet Sedlacek
**Mike & Mary Campbell             *Julie Kirchner               Rebecca Schoenfelder            Chris & Jess Gadeken            Vicki Breeman                *Johnson, Miner, Marlow,        Nationwide Insurance Company        Department of               Kay Pokorney                  *Dr. Luke & Stephanie Serck
Garrald & Mildred Cameron          Brian Lackas                  ***Penny & Mark Scholl          *Brian Gustad                   Kathleen Brewer                   Woodward & Huff Law            & Agents                        Vocational Rehabilitation   Stacy Poppenga                Judie Shull
Pal & Patricia Christensen         Lauri Leyden                  Brenda Schroeder                Jason Heiser                    Tom Brinkman                 ***Mike Marlow                  Duane (Butch) & Gloria Becker    Kim Christensen                Felicia Price                 Jennifer Slate
DeLano & Marilyn Christensen       Li Li                         Lisa Schroeder                  Paul Hoebelheinrich             Sharon Broz                  **Sheila Woodward               Ryan Elwood                      *Randy Christensen             James Rembold                 Linda Slowey
John & Barbara Christensen         Donna Osborn                  Sally Schroeder                 *Brett & Luann Kennedy          Susan Buchanan                    & Chris Sonne              Northtown Automotive             Peg Hamberger                  Vickie Rose                   Jo Stanage
Maxine Clem                        Justin Ploof                  *Calvin & Deanna Schulte        *Joe & Tina Mueller             Jeff Burling                 Kaiser Heating & Plumbing       **North Western Energy           Jill Nash Hoxeng               Steve Rukas                   Tamera Tacke
*Howard & Joyce Combs              Malicha Pravecek              Lisa Schulz                     Joe Ruhland                     Lisa Burling                      Employee                       Employees                    Joseph Rehurek                 Nick Schade                   Michele Termanson
Forrest & Barbara Conrad           Kathleen Schieffer            Emily Schurman                  Mike Severson                   Mona Buschelman              *Duke & Peg Ellingson           Tom Holmstrom                    Jennifer Trenhaile             LeAnn Schieffer               *Marchell & Josh Thurow
**Jim Cope                         Kathy Schmidt                 **Tim & Patty Schwasinger       **Todd & Michelle VanMaanen     Mary Clausen                 *Kennedy, Pier, & Knoff Law     ****Mark & Penny Scholl          *South Dakota Magazine         Crystal Schneider             Tammy Wieseler
Mae Crawford                       *Trent Schmidt                Linda Schweitzer                Ian Vik                         Ivy Covell                   Kline’s Jewelry                 ***Randy & Joleen Smith          **Bernie & Myrna Hunhoff       Judy Schroeder                ***Jim & Bonnie Young
Lula Mae Cressy                    Justin Schramm                **Carla Scott—Schmidt           *Brad & Jessica Woerner         Jenny Day                    Bernie & Geraine Kline          *Brad & Nancy Wenande            Southeast Family Education     Tammie Schurman               ***Yankton Public School
*Don & Donna DeJean                Matt Schramm                  *Jenna Sechser                  Family Education & Counseling   Elizabeth Dean               *****Kolberg-Pioneer &          ****NuStar & Employees           & Counseling Center Board      Janette Sivertson             *Rich & Jackie Andre
* Lawerence & Anna DeJong          Gordon Schulte                Lynn Skokan                         Center                      Ruth Deffenbaugh                  Employees                  *Opsahl Kostel Funeral Home      Member‡                        Ronalee Smith                 *Charles & Victoria Barron
Edna Dendinger                     Kay Tramp                     Karla Smith                     Becky Frank                     Joan Dendinger               *Eric Anderson                  **Kevin & Lisa Opsahl            Teresa Gall‡                   Jessica Stark                 Bob Beard
Donavan & Del Rae Dickes           **Gary & Helen Vawser         ***Scot & Mary Sorensen         ***Farm Credit Services of      Nichole Denton               Michael Bame                    Paul’s Kwik Stop                 Steckler Eye Care Center       Cathy Stemper                 Lynn Becker
**Roger & Donna Dietrich           Joyce Vlahakis                *Dob & Diane Steckelberg            America & Employees         Denver Dodge                 Rodney Beaudette                Payless Shoe Source Employees    Steiner Locker Service         Joan Stocking                 *Marsha & Ken Bertsch
*Phil & Evie Dohn                  Mike & Janet Wieseler         Sharon Stratman                 *Dennis & Sue Burbach           Linda Donner                 Jeffrey Bergeson                Kim Janssen                      Stepping Stones Day Care       Brenda Stockman               *Marc & Susan Bies
***Brad & Sheryl Dykes             Donald Woehl                  Connie Stuen                    **Neil & Lori Connot            Coral Eberly                 *Larry & Colette Broekemeier    *Craig & Cheryl Sommer           *Hollie & Jason Pearson        Kevin Stucker                 Jason Bietz
****Clark & Agnes Eide             AT&T Employees                Shawna Suurmeier                Roxanne Frick                   Jon Economy                  *Jessica Brouwer                Photography by Jerry             Stewart Carpet Center          Patricia Suing                Robin Brooks
Marv & Marilyn Ekeren              Rachel Lake                   Marie Syring                    Marie Goeden                    Deb Enfield                  Marcella Brown                  Plains Marketing Employees       *Gregg & Mary Lee Stewart      Larry Svanda                  Kelley Casey
*Bob & Deb Ellingson               Jill Lindstrom                *Kyle & Kristi Tacke            Mary Hejna-Schaefer             Nancy Engebretson            *Andrew & Lara Bryan            Kendra Bakke                     Syngenta Employee              Kenny Swanson                 *Michelle & Denny Fleer
Vern & June Ellingson              *Melanie Novak                ***Gregory Taylor               Rich & Lanette Hinckley         Anna Mae Engstrom            Arnie Burton                    *Milissa Wuebben                 ***Scot & Mary Sorensen        Bonnie Taggart                Connie Frohreich
***Odilia Ellis                    Kriss Thury                   Amber Teichroew                 Dorothea Hoebelheinrich         Lorraine Erdmann             Donald Cameron                  *Planning & Development          The Center Employees &         Angie Talcott                 Deanna Garvey
*Larry Engel                       Avera Health & Employees      *Renee & Matt Tereshinski       Mike Houska                     Beth Feilmeier               *David & Sarah Carda                District III Employees            Board Member‡             Penny Thiele                  Joseph Gertsema
Phyllis Erickson                   *Matt & Karen Michels         Kris Tilly                      ****Don & Pam Kettering         Amy & Brian Fox              ***Kelly & Lisa Carson Kneifl   *Fred & Janna Binder             *Doug & Tammy Matuska          Connie Thranum                Cynthia & Mike Gorman
Sharon Fiedler                     *Chris & Stephanie Specht     Jessica Tjeerdsma               Susan Kirchner                  Pat Fuks                     Laverne Christopherson          John Clem                        Sharon Fiedler‡                Carol Tweedy                  Carrie Haas
Maxine Fischer                     *****Avera Sacred Heart       Mary Tow                        Allen Krcil                     Janet Gaetze                 Marc Crawford                   Lori Cowman                      Celia Schaefer                 Charlotte Vitek               Sandra Haro
*Ethel Fournier                         Health Services          Bernice Tramp                   **Steven & Lori LaFave          Sandra Glass                 *Michael Diede                  Pat Hansen                       The Collision Center           Bonnie Voagen                 Kellie & Tom Holmstrom
Dan & Wanda Fox                         & Employees              Beverly Ulmer                   Matt Lindgren                   Melinda Glover               *Dean Daniels                   Greg Henderson                   **TransCanada                  Justin Vrengdenhil            Ron & Eileen Honner
*Jim & Shari Frerk                 Tammi Adam                    *Lisa & Dale VanHeek            Scott Nusz                      Wendy Goeden                 Greg Daschel                    Mike & Sue Stoll                 Trinity Lutheran Church        Ellen Walz                    *Mary Ellen Hornstra
*Jack & Pam Frick                  Verlin & Sharon Ailts         Anessa VanOsdel                 *Marvin & Marcia Olnes, Jr.     Jennifer Green               Kevin Dinger                    Prairie Hearth Publishing             Employee                  Debra Welch                   Deb Howell
*Dan & Julie Gergen                Heather Anderson              Janet Vargas                    Cheryl Oster                    Jill Gregg                   *Anthony Eckert                 *Loretta & Alan Sorensen         *David & Stephanie Lund        Rovelyn Whisler               Jackie Jerke
*Dr. Tom & Jane Gilmore            Jan & Brad Arens              Melinda Vogt                    *Ron Rucker                     Sheryl Gullikson             *Larry & Shelly Eilers          **Raymond James Advisor          Truck-Trailer Sales            Claudette Wiepen              Tom & Beth Kaltsulas
Ethel Goeden                       Kim Auch                      Erin Walter                     Muriel Stark                    Diane Haas                   Perry Ford                      ***Randy & Linda Johnson              and Services              Lois Wieseler                 *Wayne & Marge Kindle
Lynette Goehring                   Rober Bader                   Jeremy Wampol                   *April & Todd Winters           Monica Haas                  Alan Frazier                    Retired & Senior Volunteer       *Steve & Linda Frick           Karon Wilson                  *Jerome & Nancy Klimisch
Dixie Griffith                     Lori Bame                     **Steven Weinandt               Jeani Zavadil                   Sheila Haas                  *Kevin & Amy Gokie                  Program Employee & Board     ***Truxedo & Employees         Jerald Wirth                  Cathy Kuhl
Duane & Carol Grimme               Cheryl Battin                 Duane & Donna Wenzlaff          Renee Zimmerman                 Katrina Halley               *Dan & Della Haas                   Member‡                      Jolene Arens                   Cindy Wood                    Lisa Kuipers
**Cy & Pauline Groetken            John Bazemore                 Ann Wiedmeier                   First Chiropractic Center       Wanda Hamburg                *John & Lisa Hansen             Deb & Terry Overseth             Sharon Bell                    Daisy Zimmerman               Ginger Larsen
*Marge Gross                       *David & Mandy Bell           Cody Wieman                         Employees                   Geraldine Harris             Keith Herrboldt                 Bonnie Pinkelman‡                Thomas Beltran                 Susan Zrust                   Jackie LaCroix
Kathy Grow                         Kary Beltz                    Maxine Willman                  Lea Chaussen                    Judy Hauger                  *Randal Heying                  Riverfront Broadcasting          Tiffany Bergeson               ***Wal-Mart & Employees       **Lori & Steven LaFave
*Kenneth & Mary Alice              Molly Bergendahl              Nancy Wollman                   Nancy Hauck                     Debra Havrilek               Travis Hinnerichs               Roadrunner Shell Employees       Jesse Blakey                   **Chad & Vicki Bent           *Mary & Glen Malchow
     Halverson                     Jean Beringer                 *Douglas & Milissa Wuebben      Laura Munkvold                  Cherie Hoffman               Mary Hladky                     Rockwell Automation Employee     Arlene Brandt                  **Charlie & Joan Gross        **Sue & Jeff May
Eldora Hansen                      *Robin & Charlene Berke       Randa Wuebben                   Emily Sayler                    Brittanie Ierden             *Richard Hladky                 Chris Eggen                      Dawn Braunesreither            *Marvin Lockwood              *Karen & Matt Michels
Marjorie Hansen                    Sally Beste                   Jenny Yaggie                    *Tom & Julie Stotz              Stephanie Janssen            *Eugene & Mary Ellen Hornstra   **Roger’s Family Pharmacy        Howard Brewer                  *Edwena & CharlesTurner       Carey Mitzel
Claris Harm                        *Susan & Marc Bies            Marlene Zamora                  *****First Dakota National      Kathy Jensen                 Bruce Huber                     **Rupiper Travel & Tours         Joel Carlson                   **Al & Chrissie Wieseler      Lynn Moser
Inez Harris                        Marcene Bohlmann              Susan Zavadil                       Bank & Employees            Jeanine Johnson              *Richard & Jamie Hutmacher      ***Larry & Jane Rupiper          Roxie Clark                    *Welfl Construction           Tim & Lorie Mulhair
***Mike & Gerrie Healy             Joel Borders                  Janet Zimmerman                 Erin Barnard                    Lois Johnson                 Ashley Johnson                  Rural Offices of Community       *Aaron Clements                     Company                  Laura Nedved
Irma Helgeland                     *JoEllen Bowers               Avon                            *Paula & Larry Benson           Kelli Jones                  *John Johnson                       Services Employee            Jesse Elliott                  **Charles & Alberta Bender    Sandi Pierce
*W.L. & Mary Heubaum               Kathy Bradley                 Lori & Mike Salonen             *Hilary Bergebdahl              Kari Kielty                  *Kurt & Dianne Johnson          John Conkling                    Traci Engle                    ****Wells Fargo Bank &        *Sheryl & Dave Rehurek
**Dan & Paula Hicks                Sara Braxton                  ****Baldwin Filters             *Gloria Bohn                    **Chris & Lesa King          **Mike & Laurie Johnson         **Sacred Heart Monastery         **Pamela & Warren Erickson          Employees                *Mark & Melanie Ryken
Larry & Kathleen Hintgen           *Lynette & Clayton Bruening        Foundation & Employees     Mary Brandt                     Angie Kleinschmit            *Steven & Mary King                 Sacred Heart School          Tammy Ernster                  **Annette Backer              Ken & Pam Schaefer
Helmuth & Ona Holmgren             Susan Bruening                *Justin Anderson                Marilynn Broker                 Jan Klimisch                 James Kirkendall                    Employee                     Rachel Fernandez               Anna Bakley                   Brooks & Joan Schild
David & Marilyn Holzwarth          Linda Brunsvig                Chol Atem                       Stephanie Brom                  Adrianne Kotalik             Rhonda Kocer                    *Marcia & Marvin Olnes           Barbara Goeden                 *Sara Dubbe                   Cindy Somer
Francis & Dolores Horacek          Joy Budde                     Jackie Backer                   Dave A. Brown                   Heather Kruse                *Raymond Koerner                Schaap, Sternhagen & Co.         Diane Gray                     *Aaron & Tessa Hansen         *Paul & Nan Struck
Carol Houtkooper                   *Sue & Dennis Burbach         Maria Baus                      Mary Burbach                    Ann Kuchta                   Jeffrey Kopejtka                Shindler Foot Clinic             Bill & Rachel Guenther         Shawna Hatch                  Patty Stuelpnagel
Dagmar Hoxsie                      Daniel Buschkamp              *Brian Beach                    Karen Byrkeland                 Janet Lammers                **Daniel Kramer                 *Dr. Scott Shindler              Rosario Gutierrez              *Susan Kneifl                 Kerry Svatos
****Dr. Jay & Joyce Hubner         *Randy Bylander               *Deanna Beach                   Joan Coulson                    Katie Langley                *Donald & Sandra Kruse          **Shur Co & Employees            Michelle Haas                  Sara Larson                   Judy Tereshinski
Roger & Marilyn Huntley            Kim Byrkeland                 Charlie Beckmann                Susan Dangel                    Margaret Larson              Joe & Laurie LaBarge            John Adam                        Susan Heese                    Miranda Leusink               *Charles & Edwena Turner
**Dr. Mal Jameson                  Chris Callaghan               **Nellie Bierwagen              *Eric DeWaard                   Dorene Leise                 Calvin Lanphear                 **Pauline & Ordell Akland        Karen Heida                    Deanna Mueller                Nikki Vondracek
Gretchen Johnson                   Julie Cap                     **Randy Brandon                 Julie Eickhoff                  Nancy Leonard                Mike & Jane Lemay               Victoria Alonso                  *Jennifer Herrboldt            Rita Mueller                  **Kathleen &
LaVerne Johnson                    *Carolyn & Bob Cappel         *Pat Bruning                    *Shelly & Larry Eilers          Denise Lewison               Jodi & Brad List                Terry Bitsos                     Bryan Highland                 **Melissa & Josh Pavlish          Warren Wagner
LeAnn Johnson                      Lila Casper                   Deborah Cooke                   ***Karen & Doug Ekeren          Nancy Livingston             Mark Livermont                  Susan Bitsos                     ***Kelly & Lisa Kneifl         Jill Robinson                 *Steve & Joyce Wentworth
Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Jorgensen        Lorri Clark                   *Carlos & Julie Cornay          *Denny & Janet Everson          Darlene Lloyd                *Josephine & John Lucht         **Carla & Dave Ewald             Danny Koletzky                 Karla Soukup                  *Bob & Carol Winter
Bill & Delores Kafka               Shirlee Copper                David Crandall                  **Denis & Mary Beth Fokken      Rod Loecker                  William Lucht                   Dave Farrar                      Kellie Koletzky                ***Larry & Tina Young         Denise Wubben
Lee & Marilee Kanago               *Catherine Crandall           Scott Depledge                  **Nate & Michelle Franzen       Blanca Lopez                 *Mark & Shellee Luchtel         Jim Grimme                       Julie Kramer                   ***Willcockson Eye            Yankton Transit Employee
Paula Keehr                        *LouAnn Creekmore             *Cameo Diede                    Susie Frick                     Betty Maruska                *Shawn & Angela Mann            Katherine Gunderson              Brad Kruthoff                       Associates Employees     Velda Benson
Pat Keller                         Mary & Gary Cwach             *Denny & Michele Fleer          *Danny Geditz                   Karlie McNally               **Jeff & Sue May                *John W. Gunderson               Betty Kuchta                   Lageane Daum
Bill & Lois Kerr                   *Kimberly DeWaard             **Lydia & Mark Giziewski        Janet & Jack Gehlsen            **Scarlett & Kraig McNeely   Charles McCoy                   Christine Hanzlik                Chuck Mackey                   ***Lee & Suzan Gass           IN KIND
Carolyn Kissel                     David DeWitt                  *Monte & Laura Gulick           Gwen Gevens                     Judy Medeck                  Rodney Merchen                  Guy Hendrickson                  Matilda Martin                 Mary Gross                    CONTRIBUTIONS
Ray & Nelva Kooistra               *****Dr. Mark & Yvonne        Chris Haas                      *Kathy & Dave Greeneway         Doreen Meyers                Russell Myers                   Philip Hershman                  Lynn Meredith                  Laurie Johnson                American Family Insurance
Ernest & Marilyn Kratz             Doohen                        *Mary & Robert Hahn             Becky Gregoire                  Michael Miller               Elizabeth Nedved                Kathy Heydlauff                  *Joel Mohlenhoff               Marlys & Rod Kaiser               Agent Mike Lemon
Edward & Phillis Krempges          Tracie Dvorak                 Jamie Hames                     Rachel Guenther                 Sherry Miller                Virgil Paltz                    Brenda Heydon                    Joann Munkvold                 ****Dr. Patrick &             Erickson Ventures
Florence Kribell                   Terence Eaves                 James Hausman                   *Mary Haberman                  Sharon Munsch                *Corey Peterson                 *Randy & Carla Hummel            **Kristi Palecek                    Mary Ann King            First Dakota National Bank
John & Marcella Kudrna             Linda Eckstrom                *Travis Hawkinson               *LaVonne Halverson              Lorri Nooney                 *Gregory Purzol                 Jason Kerley                     Cindy Peterson                 ****Dr. Greg & Jill Kouri     Hansen Locksmith
LeRoy & Delaine Kuestermeyer        Katie Feimer                 Crystal Hochstein               ****Newt & Carol Hicks          Kayla Novak                  Michael Rhorer                  Joyce Kleinschmit                Lloyd Peterson                 ***Williams & Company &       Harold Diede
Alta Kussman                       Sarah Eisenbraun              *Paul & Carol Hohenthaner       *Jill Hunhoff                   Shelley Novak                Gary Rittel                     Gail Livingston                  **Laurie & Mike Pieper              Employees                HyVee
Gladys Larsen                      ***Doug & Karen Ekeren        Chet Huber                      Cassie Iverson                  Bob Novotny                  Leita Roberts                   *Carl Lloyd                      Amy Raysby                     Joel and Rebecca Corlew       KYNT/KKYA
Clifford Larson                    ***Anthony & Lisa Erickson    Steven Joseph                   Stephanie Jensen                Nikki O’Donnell              *Dan Rogan                      Bryan Macias                     Sandra Raysby                  Ryan & Heather Goehner        KVHT/KVTK
Eileen Lesher                      *Warren & Pam Erickson        Kristina Kopejtka               *Dianne & Kurt Johnson          Sean O’Grady                 Joseph Rust                     Dennis Macias                    Randy Reynolds                 **Gail & Deb Gubbels          Mount Marty College
*Charles & Leta Levinger           Dawn Ferris                   Rhonda Lande                    Julie Johnson                   Marlis Overla                Nancy Schaeffer                 Gale Marquardt                   Ryan Rusher                    Randy and Karen Hanson        Schaap, Sternhagen & Co.
Donovan & Marlys List              Linda Folkers                 Kathy Lassiter                  Michael Karstens                Brian Paulsen                **Edward Seaver                 Douglas Matzke                   Jolyn Ryken                    **Shauna & Travis Kauth       Yankton Chamber
Sharon List                        Andrea Franks                 Michelle Marcotte               Judy Keck                       Rita Pedersen                Noleen Skillingstad             Eladio Melgoza                   James Sees                     Sheri Kimm                        of Commerce
Reynold Loecker                    Teresa Gall                   Mandy Marshall                  **Gail & Craig Kennedy          Lisa Pibal                   *Roger Stahlecker               Elena Morales                    Raymond Shape                  Rita Nelson                   Yankton County Observer
Mary Ellen Lowe                    Andrea Gates                  *Pat & Beth Mines               *Mary & Steve King              Tracy Pinkelman              Dawn Steffes                    Kris Naber                       Keith Simpson                  *Jason & Hollie Pearson       Yankton Daily Press
Beverly Lowe                       Karen Gaulke                  Sarah Mines                     *Jim & Karen Kirk               Debra Pokorny                Shane Stevens                   Roger Nino                       Tasha Snoozy                   ***Kyle & Susan Repp              & Dakotan
Skip Ludwigs                       Sandy Gehl                    *Darla Pasch                    Mary Kuchta                     Karen Prickett               ***Terry Stull                  Laddie Novak Jr.                 Mike Spencer                   Danielle Ward                 Campaign Advisors & Heart
Jack & Margaret Lyons              Elaine Gereaux                Laura Peters                    Darcie Kurtenbach               Jason Rempfer                Michael Suhr                    Dauna Ogden                      Linda Steinberg                Nicholas Welter               Club Committee
*Leon & Joyce Maggied              Faye Gilles                   **John Pochop                   Linda Kussman                   Shirley Rempp                *Kristi & Kyle Tacke            *Terry & Deb Overseth            Lois Stock                     **Wilson Trailer &            Carla Addy
Don Marbach                        Sara Gilmore                  **Joesph Pochop                 Fonda Lacey                     Ellen Rodenberg              *Tom Teply                      Deb Privett                      Amy Sylvester                       Employees                Fred Binder
**Dr. Michael & Ellen McVay        **Marc Glade                  Neil Promes                     Ashley Lambertz                 Lisa Rokusek                 *Larry Thomas                   Anayele Salgado Perez            Brian Thornton                 Gerald Bahn                   Lois Bottolfsen
Margo Mehrman                      Abby Goeken                   *Lindsey Rechnagel              *Larry Leet                     Mike Rolfes                  Darren Tuch                     Jose Angel Sanchez               Craig Tokarick                 Stacy Barta                   Jeannine Economy
Duane & Ann Metz                   Rita & Leonard Gollnick       Jerry Reining                   Darlene Lucas                   Rita Rolston                 **Bruce & Betty Viau            Josefina Sanchez                 Steve Willcuts                 Chad Barth                    Shelly Eilers
Tom & Sandra Milroy                **Barry & Vicki Graham        *Ian Steckelberg                Holly Madsen Rowland            Mary Roper                   **Joe & Patti Vig               Todd Sheldon                     *United Church of Christ       Ted Bartz                     Peg Ellingson
Jim & Celia Miner                  *Jay Gravholt                 **Robyn Stucky                  Laurie Maibaum                  Christine Rose               **Warren & Kathy Wagner         **Bill & Marcie Shorma                Employees                 James Beringer                Denny Fleer
Iro & Suzanne Mogen                Tessa Grutsch                 Amanda Vottero                  *Jim Means & Roberta Ambur      Jim Sawatzke                 ***Mark & Christy Westerman     Melissa Sundleaf                 *Paul & Marley Opsahl          Richard Billings              Michelle Franzen
Don & Julie Munson                 Kay Gubbels                   *Doug Walsh                     *Anne & Daryl Mello             Darla Schwartz               *Kathryn Wieseler               Maricela Tapia                   *Rev. Joe Schulte & Beth       Barry Burgher                 Tara Gill
Paul Nadenicek                     Dorothy Guenther              Sharon Westergaard              Julie Moderegger                Susan Showers                Michael Wieseler                Eric Turner                           Miller                    Christopher Cortez            Kami Guthmiller
Robert & Janet Neibergall          Larry Guenther                *Joe Wuestewald                 *Marc & Julie Mooney            Connie Smith                 Larry Wieseler                  Howard Waggoner                  United Parcel Service          Monte Countryman              Aaron Hansen
Alton & Margaret Nelson            Frances Gullikson             *Bank of the West Employee      *Marcy & Darren Moser           Clare Smith                  *Bill Yeager                    Robin Wherry                          Employee                  Don Cuka                      Aggie Heine
Hazel Nelson                       *Michael & Darla Gullikson    **Dan & Karen Swanda            *Aaron & Jaime Ness             *Cheryl & Craig Sommer       *Josef Zdenek                   JoAnn Woockman                   Dustin Koletzky                *Lisa Davis                   Renee Henja
Wayne & Barbara Nielsen            **Dr. Steve & Linda Gutnick   *Baumann Dental Office          *****Larry & Diane Ness         Denise Stevens               Koletzky Implement              *Smith Insurance                 *United Way & Volunteer        Theresa Delozier              Marlene Johnson
*Jim & Marilyn Nyberg              Ann Hacecky                   **Jon & Michelle Baumann        **Rob Ness                      Lorna Stotz                  Kopetsky’s Ace Hardware         **Roger & Ann Smith                   Services Employees &      Ronald Diede                  Barb Kabeiseman
DuWayne & Marillyn Obr             Lisa Hamm                     BeRing Sales                    Dawn Newman                     Andrea Sudbeck               L&S Electric                    Somsen Agency                         Board Members‡            Chuck Engen                   Shauna Kauth
Dorothy O’Connell                  Maxine Hanson                 Jerry & Ann Clough              *Barb Olson                     Mary Svarstad                **Lewis & Clark Behavioral      *Leon Somsen                     Kendra Bakke                   Ron Eskens                    Skip Ludwigs
Karen Olson                        Christy Hauer                 Bob’s Candy Service             *Jodi Payer                     Geraldine Teply                   Health Employees           *South Central Safety            **Dave Becker‡                 David Eslick                  Jane Miller
*Larry, Betty, &                   Kristi Hauger                 Body Guard                      Jen Petersen                    April Thranum                Margaret Anderson               **Richard & Theresa Kulbel       **Chad Bent‡                   *Karen Habeck                 Rob Ness
     Mary Ann O’Malley             Debra Hawk                    Bon Homme Yankton Electric      **Jane Pugh                     Jennifer Townsend            Lori Brunick                    State Farm Insurance Employees   *Bob Cappel‡                   **Philip Hackworth            Barb Olson
*Paul & Marley Opsahl              Arlette Heinen                Boston Shoe Shop                Lara Russell                    Jean Turner                  Catherine Flum                  State of South Dakota &          **Rick Duimstra‡               *Rober Haigh                  Jane Pugh
Lucille Palmer                     Vickie Helland                Boys & Girls Club of Yankton    Sheila Schieffer                Melva VanGerpen              *Pat Goeden                         Employees                    ***Gary Dybsetter‡             Gregory Hill                  Brenda Rueb
*Ellann Peterson                   Jay Henseler                  JD O’Grady                      Evelyn Schindler                Jay Wherry                   *Sherri Herrboldt                   Court Services               ***Brad Dykes‡                 Tom Huether                   Susan Schavee
****Dave & Sean Potas              Tweeter Henseler              Mary Sathe                      Sharon Scissons                 Bonnie Whipple               Mary Beth Kafka                 *Glen & Carla Eng                ***Will Eidsness‡              Ronald Humpal                 Nancy Sternquist
*Janice Powell                     Ann Hilson                    Roberta Warren                  Casidy Siedschlag               Margaret Wieseler            Krystal Lohff                       ****Human Service Center     ***Patti Eisenbraun‡           Ann Jared                     Terry Stull
*Frank & Brandi Pravecek           Lanette Hinckley              Century 21 Real Estate Agents   *Lois Steenhoven                Keith Wieseler               *Stephanie Lund                 Denise Aguirre                   *Denny Fleer‡                  Michael R Johnson             Matt Tereshinski
Lois Quatier                       Mary Hochstein                Charlotte Herrlein              April Steinberg                 *Debra & Mark Winckler       Glen Mechtenberg                Brenda Aman                      *Jay Gravholt‡                 Randy Kirchner                Betty & Bruce Viau
Morris & Marcene Radack            Angie Hoebelheinrich          Emma Laird                      *Jack Steiner                   Mary Wurth                   Shirley Moody                   Angie Andal                      *Lauren & Tanner Hanson        Gary Kozak                    Sr. Mary Beth Wentzlaff
Russell Rahn                       Laurie Holan                  Dianne Sejnoha                  ***Rob & Lori Stephenson        Tom Zoss                     *Angie Nash-Beaudette           Diane Anderson                   ***Linda Johnson‡              Kevin Lammers                 Sandy Williams
Dr. Duane & Kathryn Reaney         Elena Hoye                    Stan Thompson                   *Sandra Swensen                 First United Methodist       Jodi Paulsen                    Valerie Axness                   ****Pam & Don Kettering        Don Lange                     Nancy Willert
Earl & Diane Reese                 *Lisa Huber                   Harvey & Kathy Youngberg        *Matt & Renee Tereshinski            Church Employee         *Elizabeth Rembold              Dianne Bahn                      **Jeff May‡                    Larry Larson                  Jessica Woerner
Harold & Else Reinschmidt          *Carla & Randy Hummel         Cimpl Packing Company           *Shannon &                      *Bob & Carolyn Cappel        *Pat & Patricia Riibe           Joyce Becker                     *Terry Steichen‡               Tom Meyers                    Larry Young
Vernon & Linda Schaa               **Jean Hunhoff                     Employees                      Sarah Torsney Goeden        Fox Hospitality Service      Connie Schupbach                Betty Berglund                   **Pam VanMeeteren‡             Steve Morrison                Campaign Thermometers
Jean Schaecher                     Jeff & Meredith Hunhoff       Robert Braunsesreither          Sherry VanGerpen                Frances Fox                  **Mark Steil                    Robert Berglund                  **Kathy Wagner‡                Brian Mutchler                David Abbott, Sr. – volunteer
Victor & Darlene Schaeffer         Kendra Hurst                  Jim Bulian                      Bobby & Beth Wallis             *Freeman Company             *Steve & Joan Tammen            Karen Bisson                     ***Larry Young‡                Marty Nickolite               Avera Sacred Heart Hospital
Bud & Mary Jo Schneider            Darlene Ireland               Steven Gross                    *Kevin Watt                          Employee                **Betty & Bruce Viau            Kathie Block                     Vangen Lutheran Church         Timothy Oien                  City of Yankton
Lloyd Seger                        Karla Iverson                 Regina Rothschadl               **Debra & James Weddingfeld     *Pat Mines                   Thomas Walsh                    *Holly & Steve Bodenstedt        ****Vishay Dale Electronics    Glen Olson                    CorTrust Bank
Jeff & Jolene Steffen              Jan Jans                      Jean Schwader                   Laurie Wiedmeier                ***Bonnie & Jim Young        *Lewis & Clark Realty &         Kelly Boese                           & Employees               James Olson Jr                Jay Erickson
Jerry Shade                        Jean Janssen                  Jason Tweedy                    **Al & Chrissie Wieseler        Fred Haar Company                 Employees                  Deanna Branaugh                  *Cliff Aase                    Michael Peck                  Gramps
John & Jacki Smith                 ***Kim & Paul Jensen          Citigroup                       Beth Wilhelms                   **Gehl Power Products &      **Dennis & Carol Breck          Cheryl Breske                    Janet Albrecht                 Dennis Peterson               Yankton County
Larry & Naomi Somer                *Janet Johnson                Susan Johnson                   *Bob & Lisa Willcockson              Employees               LeRoy Bring                     Amanda Brozik                    Michelle Arkfeld               Jeremy Plantenberg            Yankton Medical Clinic
William & Barbara Specht           Mary R. Johnson               Debra Schmitt                   *Wayne & Jolene Williamson      *Linda Anderson              *Kami & Dan Guthmiller          Bridget Campbell                 Cindy Auch                     Mike Pravecek                 Shoot from the Heart
Margie Stengle                     Julie Kafta                   City of Yankton Employees       *Jane Winterringer              Mark Becker                  Connie Somsen                   Bobbi Jo Carr                    Christine Bakke                Dean Ryken                        Fundraiser
****John & Nancy Sternquist        *Kelly & Howard Kathol        *Tracey & James Grotenhuis      *Jeff & Lisa Wolfgram           David Becker                 **Lewis & Clark Specialty       Joyce Christensen                Carlene Barta                  Leslie Sampson                Dan Fox
*Julie Stevens & Dale Everson      Marilyn Kathol                Sue O’Grady                     Sheila Zimmerman                *Tom Bergeson                     Hospital & Employees       Cindy Cihak                      Julie Bartunek                 Elwood Sanders                Fred Haar
Ron & JoAnn Tappe                  Daisy Keiser                  *Allen Viereck                  ****First National Bank         Mary Buckman                 Amanda Adamson                  Susan Coke                       Mary Becker                    Scott Sherman                 Lindsay Hovden
Bruce & Nancy Teachout             **Frani & Jesse Kieffer       *Clark’s Rental                     & Employees                 Quentin Christensen          Jennifer Bierle                 Deborah Cotton                   Jeff Birger                    Chad Smith                    Steve Huff
Darwin & LaVila Tessier            Christine Klug                **Larry & Joan Clark            Amy Beran                       Elmer Engbrecht              Kari Bohlmann                   Colleen Craig-Davis              *Steven & Holly Bodenstedt     Joe Sokolowski                Mike Marlow
Arletta Tisher                     Sheila Knock                  Client Services Inc.            Denise Brown                    **Dave & Carla Ewald         Stacy Brandt                    Rochelle DeBoer                  Lesa Boeckman                  *Randall Sutera               Deb Overseth
Joyce Tupker                       Annette & Jerry Kohoutek      **Todd & Vicki Knodel           Melody Buchmann                 James Gaulke                 Leila Christopher               Cindy Ellefson                   Mary Jo Bonertz                Nels Thorsted                 Pauline Rhoades
*Dick & Dawne Unruh                Ron & Pat Kraft               ***Combined Federal             Debra Burgi                     Aaron Hellmann               Lisa Delvaux                    Tamara Eskens                    Cheryl Bottolfson              *Duane & Carmen Tieszen       Pam VanMeeteren
*Clark & Sandra VanDeWalle         Sandra Kreber                      Campaign Employees         Pam Bye                         Keith Hofer                  Matt Dvorak                     Charles Evander                  Debra Bouck                    *Stephen Wagner               Gifts & Giggles
Don Veldhouse                      Linda Kudera                  ***David & Lynn Becker          Lori Coffman                    *Chad Koch                   Teresa Fairley                  Kent & Pam Folkers               Kristina Bouska                Earl Wilson                   Hy-Vee
Charles & Ruth Walburg             Brad Lakes                    Ray Brende                      Amie Colvin                     Larry Lane                   Kari Gall                       Brandi Gant                      Dianna Bovero                  *WNAX/Saga                    Lewis & Clark
*Mel & Lola Waldner                Tona Larsen                   Richard Fuhrer                  Amber Cranny                    **Merrick & Jamie            Angela Gellerman                Jackie Gilbertson                Laurie Brenner                 Communications Employees          Recreation Area
*Dan & Judy Wallbaum               Shelly Larsen—Corbit          Chip Horton                     Joan Danner                          Monaghan                Trenton Heinz                   Tara Gill                        Duane Brue                     Neil Bowes                    Lily Crest
Bob & Jane Walser                  ***Barbara Larson             Marvin Jensen                   ***Gary & Joan Dybsetter        Donald Munkvold              Heather Herlyn                  Doris Goetz                      **Tim & Rita Butler            Gary Kimm                     Monastery Gift Shop
Leo & Marie Weinandt               Linda Lichter                 *Mary Kapitan Orth              LaVerla Eilers                  *Jimmy & Lori Myers          Michelle Hlavac                 Therese Goodteacher              Kellie Chavis                  Thomas Riter                  Monastery Bakery
Larry & Margaret Weniger           ***Jeffrey & Jean Liudahl     Michele Kunkel                  *Shelly & Larry Eilers          Lyle Parish                  Lori Hochstein                  Erika Haas                       Lisa Christensen               Eric Roozen                   Steiner’s Locker
*Norman & Kathleen West            Mary Loecker                  David Merchen                   Chris Fathke                    Craig Pedersen               Lisa Huber                      Karen Hacecky                    Barb Cobler                    Connie Thiesse                Wells Fargo
*Bob & Carol Winter                Kip & Linda Maddox            Patricia Ebeling                Sheri Gause                     Robert Suing                 Kari Kaiser                     *Lois Halbur & Mark              John Covell                    Xcel Energy                   Shoot from the Heart
Robert & Marilyn Wittmeier         Bill & Mary Lynn Mains        Jean Morck                      Hadley & Carol Gilbertson       Beth Tramp                   Jill Kohl                           Katterhagen Family           James DeBoer                   Yaggie’s Grain & Feed             Sponsors
Lawrence & Irene Wubben            Rev Curtis Matson             *Sherrie Lewis                  Kim Guenther                    Arthur Vaith                 Melissa Kuehn                   ***Mark Hammitt                  Kim Durham                     Mark & Donna Yonke            Applied Engineering
Mark & Donna Jean Yonke            *Laurie McKee                 **Gregory Pavelka               Laura Hagemann                  Hansen Locksmithing          Regan Luken                     Laurie Haukaas                   **Michael & Holly              Yankton Area Literacy         Avera Sacred Heart Hospital
*Arlene Young                      Becky McManus                 Kevin Steckelberg               Larry Hames                     Harms Oil Company            Dave McCloud                    Anne Hofer                            Eisenmenger               Council Board Member‡         CorTrust Bank
Joan & Grace Zweifel               Marianne & Dale Merkel        Vicki Swensen                   Yalaunda Happold                Heartland Psychological      Vicki Nicolaisen                Karl Hosking                     Helen Ekeren                   Deb Overseth‡                 Dakota Archery
Foundation                         Zdenka Miksik                 Contact Center                  Amy Haver                       *Tonja & Erik Koenigs        Nancy Nielson                   Diane Hovden                     Dana Enfield                   Yankton Area Red Cross        Eisenbraun & Associates
****Teget Foundation               Robert Millage Jr.            Jennifer & Steve Adamson        Jacob Hawk                      **Hatch Furniture &          Marge O’Hara                    Donna Huss                       Marta Farkas                   Board Members‡                First National Bank SD
Memorial                           Jane Miller                   Elizabeth Lynch                 Michelle Hirschman                   Employees               Kayla Pavel                     *Jeremy & Rebecca Johnson        Aisley Ferguson                *Catherine Crandall‡          First Dakota National Bank
*Mark & Julie Nielsen              Lisa Miller                   Cork N’ Bottle                  Phyllis Hunhoff                 David Cassanova              *Brandi Pravecek                Pamela Jones                     Debra Flynn                    *Laurie McKee‡                Johnson, Miner, Marlow,
     In memory of Brian Nielsen    *Mark Miller                  **CorTrust Bank &               Amy Johnson                     Jennifer Eickhoff            Robin Rolston                   Amelia Kallhoff                  Kelly Frazee                   Koni Opfer‡                       Woodward & Huff
*Max Larson                        Rhonda Mines                       Employees                  Heather Johnson                 Erica Foxhaven               Lori Smith                      *Chris Kerr                      Brenda Ganschow                Yankton Bone, Joint &         Kolberg-Pioneer Inc.
     In memory of Dorothy Larson   Vickie Montgomery             *James & Tracey Grotenhuis      Christina Kaiser                Josh Gratzfeld               Nicole Sobotka                  *Dr. Brad Kleinsasser            Brian Geary                         Sports Medicine Center   Lewis & Clark Specialty
                                   Jane Mueller                  Diane Guthmiller                Susan Klimisch                  *Ron & Sheane Hatch          *Terry & Elizabeth Steichen     Mary Lou Kostel                  Robin Goeden                        Employees                    Hospital
                                   Chris Nelson                  Marilyn Hejna                   Tammy Koellner                  *Warren & DeLores Hatch      Joan & Steve Tammen             Julie Kuchta                     Marilyn Gorsett                *Jim & Shari Frerk            Slowey Construction
BUSINESSES AND                     Lynne Nelson                  Bev Kafka                       Teresa Kokesh                   Julie Sauberan               Michelle Tieszen                Susan Kudera                     Nicole Haahr                   *Drs. Dan Johnson &           Wal-Mart
EMPLOYEES                          Holli Novak                   Donna Kaiser                    Alison Lange                    Mary Jo Waggoner             Patricia Toben                  Shari Kuehler                    Judith Hackett                      Mary Milroy              Wells Fargo
Affiliates Management Co.          Kyle Olson                    Heather Klug                    Scott Larsen                    *Jolene & Wayne Williamson   Katie Uhall                     Karen Lambert                    Charles Halley                 *Dr. Douglas &                Yankton Medical Clinic
*Lance Kettering                   Sherryl O’Rourke              *Erik & Tonja Koenigs           Janel Loecker                   *Hoffner Flying              *Michelle Weidner-Jordan        ****Josette Lindahl              Janice Hanson                       Dianne Neilson           Yankton Press & Dakotan
Anderson Realty Agents             Penny Owen                    Marilyn Lyngstad                Angela Maibaum                  **Jake & Sandy Hoffner       M.R. Henderson & Company        Vicky Logue                      Carol Hart                     Yankton Daily Press and       Yankton Sertoma Club
Cheryl Battin                      Janis Parker                  Natashia Moser                  **Kimberly & Cory Nelson        Home Federal Bank            ***Lee & Suzan Gass             Barb Mechtenberg                 Nancy Hethrington                   Dakotan                  Delta Dental Smile Mobile
*Merle & Virginia Larson           Patricia Paul                 *Lynn & Shelly Peterson         Koni Opfer                           Employees               Glenn Mannes Architect          Deb Mehrer                       Dody Highland                  *Yankton Drug Company         Drs. Mike & Darcie Briggs
Ted & Nadine Mickelson             Danielle Pearman-Doering      Bonnie Pinkelman                *Victor & Michelle Paltz        Monica Dahl                  *Glenn & Bernita Mannes         Melissa Meis                     Ann Hochstein                  **Dan & Barbara Somsen        Dr. Paige Elwood
*Tom & Lisa Noecker                **Dr. Terry & Lori Pedersen   Nancy Potts                     Delores Pesek                   Jennifer Huber               Meredith’s Jewelry              Jolene Merkwan                   Beth Hoebelheinrich            **Yankton Family Dentistry    Dr. Ben Jensen

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