Spare Bedroom by DetoxRetox


									             BEFORE                                               AFTER

                        Client needs & desires:
•   Add dining area, Master Suite with “hers and his”/guest bathrooms
                          and spare bedroom
               • Increase ceiling heights where possible.

           • Create a good traffic flow within the floor plan

      • Change traditional design to a more contemporary style

 Patio door and wall were removed and a 13’x17’
        dining room addition was built.


         A field stone                 DURING
 natural fireplace with raised
  hearth was rebuilt with 12”
black slate facing, a flush slate
    hearth, and natural gas

   The existing firebox was
carved out to center the offset
 fireplace in the living room.

Flat ceiling was converted to
mimic the addition’s vaulted
ceiling, beams and valances.
              BEFORE                                  AFTER VIEW INTO NEW

         Cherry service door was installed leading to kitchen (client’s wish).
   Recessed can lighting was installed for general lighting and for washing accent
 features within the rooms. Under cabinet lights were added in the kitchen for task
A pass through with countertops was built connecting the kitchen to the dining room
                    providing the natural light the owner required.
  Honed granite kitchen countertops were selected to soften the appearance of the
             kitchen and provide a durable surface for food preparation.

 To straighten and soften the steep staircase to the 2nd floor,
      we shortened the stair rise from 8 ¾” to 7 ¾” and
increased the tread depth from 9” to 10”. New fir treads were
            stained to match the dark cherry finish.
     Access to the kitchen and addition was opened with a
       continual hallway from the front foyer to the rear

                   DURING                              AFTER

 Brazilian cherry replaced carpeting in the living room and
 lounge. Existing ash and oak floors were stained to match.
Frosted glass in the lites of the pocket doors provide privacy
    while allowing natural light to flow through the space.


The garage entrance was moved from living room into
the new kitchen and a custom-built printer cabinet was
              installed into the opening.

 24”x24” natural stone tile, in a soft color palette, was
     installed floor to ceiling in both bathrooms.
  On-site built custom cherry framed mirrors with
vanities were installed in both bathrooms to repeat the
       cherry that is found in the rest of the home.
Client requested a soaking tub which also had to double
    as a shower. The Kohler tub was under-mounted
   with 3cm granite ledge and a frameless shower door
                        was added.

 Prior addition incorporated original
     brick through which a doorway
     and alcove had to be integrated.
    We toothed out brick and added
    steel lintels to support balance of
 remaining brick. This balance was
      then covered with wallboard.

  Built-in custom made dresser and
    mirror were installed in newly
       created bedroom alcove.


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