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                                                                                             SPIDER COSTUME
This Halloween make an eerie appearance on the trick-or-treat scene as a Spider!

   •   black long sleeve shirt                                         •    black sticky foam
   •   black pants or leggings                                         •    velcro
   •   black foam board                                                •    black marker
   •   foil                                                            •    glue
   •   scissors                                                        •    gold glitter paint
   •   ruler                                                           •    silver glitter
   •   grey foam board                                                 •    utility knife
   •   headband                                                        •    2 silver pipe cleaners
   •   white felt                                                      •    plastic plate
   •   foam self adhesive letters                                      •    duct tape

   1. Blow up 4 balloons and put them inside your garbage bag. Gather the bag and tie it so it forms the shape of a
      spider’s body. Tie one corner to one drawstring and one drawstring to the other corner. Tie the two drawstrings
      together if they can reach.

   2. Cut a bunch of circles from red felt and glue them to the bag.

   3. Safety pin your legs to the back of your red shirt. These will be the spider’s legs. Put top legs over the shoulders
      and safety pin them on the shoulders. Secure the lower leg underneath the arm.

   4. Attach garbage bag to spider legs with safety pins and secure with safety pins to shirt if and where necessary.

   5. Wear black pants and a black long sleeve shirt underneath and you’re ready to trick or treat!

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